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The Best Affiliate Programs for Small and Medium Sized Websites

updated on Feb 07, 2017
The Best Affiliate Programs for Small and Medium Sized Websites Joining up an affiliate program has become a fashion and popular method for webmasters who want to make money online with their websites coming with good traffic. This is because you don’t need to come out the products or services on your own, consider the shipping and tax issue, and make an analysis about the customers. Your only responsibility is to promote the things offered by your chosen program, and you can get a commission when your readers click on the link directing to that marketed item or even make a purchase.

Due to this popularity, there are many brands and online businesses offering this kind of program on the web. In the following, we’d like to introduce the top five best affiliate programs that are the perfect options for both small blog sites and medium or even large sized websites.


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Best Affiliate Programs - Amazon This is an online retailer that sells both virtual and physical products all over the world, including books, tools, daily necessities, electronic goods, and many more. People can get almost everything they need from this massive platform, meaning that no matter what the main content of your site is, you can have the chance to become one of the affiliates of Amazon easily.

Note that this affiliate program provides you with multiple linking tools, with which you can create product links, advertising widgets, banners, as well as the site strip linking to any webpage you want with ease.

In addition, Amazon promises you up to 10% of the advertising fees. We have listed some common product categories along with the advertising fee rates in the following.

Amazon Advertising Fee


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Best Affiliate Programs - HostGator This is one of the most award-winning hosting providers on the web, offering web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting at the most affordable prices. Its hosting solutions are all of high quality and rich features, which have been trusted and recommended by millions of webmasters all over the world. In this case, if you are interested in selling hosting service, or if you are managing a hosting review site, the affiliate program offered by HostGator is totally worth considering.

With this program, you can earn up to $125 for each signup. In fact, the more orders been purchased from your site, the more commission you can get. According to the commission chart showed as below, you can earn as much as $2,625 every month if you can achieve the monthly purchases of more than 21 signups.

HostGator Commissions


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Best Affiliate Programs - iTunes With the tremendous popularity of Apple products in recent years, working with iTunes has become an amazing option. With it, you can earn money by promoting and selling any apps, songs, videos, books, and many more available on this online store. There is no need to check out its reliability, for this affiliate program is offered by one of the largest electronics corporations worldwide selling phone, tablet, and laptop. To get a commission, you can make use of some advanced linking tools offered by iTunes to create custom widgets, generate links, and create banners easily.


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Best Affiliate Programs - iPage This is another famous and trust-worthy hosting provider that has been in this industry for a long time, achieving a high level of customer satisfaction globally. At present, it has supported for more than one million of customers, and the number still increases unceasingly. Thus, you can feel risk-free to make a long-term partnership with the affiliate program offered by this web host.

This program can generate a special code for you to add to your website containing your unique ID. You simply need to paste the exclusive code to your site, then you can start earning money. Your commission of iPage shared hosting and VPS hosting is $105, and that of dedicated hosting is $150.

iPage Commissions


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Best Affiliate Programs - Freelancer This is a large online platform for outsourcing marketplace, connecting more than 11 millions of freelancers globally from almost 250 countries. From this platform, people can hire freelancers to finish works in multiple niches such as article creation, engineering, designing, product association, marketing, software development, and many more. Honestly speaking, this wide covering gives you loads of chances for money generation by becoming an affiliate.

This program offers ten advertising methods including ad units, text links, banners, RSS feeds, JavaScript, data feeds, affiliate API, and many more. In terms of the commission rate, you can get 90% of the commission for the finished projects and 10% of the commission for some sold items.