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Best Ad Management Software for Building Classifieds Websites

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Best Ad Management Software for Building Classifieds Websites In this article, we would like to give you a brief introduction about the best advertising management software which have a great effect and help on the process of building classifieds website. Besides, we collect and sort out these top 5 ad management software for the sake of saving your time wasted on the repeated and endless comparison among so many kinds of items.

What's more, all of those recommended software below are user-friendly and rich-featured with wide acknowledgement and high popularity among the public. Read the following part of this article, and select out your favourite one.


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As a free of charge and open source script to create the listings site and advertisement, OSClass is a good option to quickly and easily set up your classifieds websites. This software is quite easy to get started with just requiring three simple and concise steps including download, upload and install. By adopting BitNami's stack technology, this software enables you to install its newest version on your own computer with access to the admin panel or install themes and plugins.

In addition to it, you are able to customize the website with a lot of available themes and plugins packed with this software. To be specific, there are all kinds of OSClass templates and plugins including modern, country or bender themes and minifyer, ad importer or Htaccess editor plugins. And it enjoys high reputation and many appreciations among webmasters with getting high ratings from the guests and having been downloaded over 65,900 times.
Best Ad Management Software - OSClass

Noah's Classifieds

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The Noah's Classifieds software is an excellent classifieds application which can be used for any niche. It means that you can build one real mobile classifieds with its native iPhone, iPad or Android applications. In details, this software has rich mobile app features in store including the photo post, category and sub-category flow matching, Google maps, additional custom fields, total custom builds or more. Besides, its professional support team will guide you how to get into the iTunes and Android marketplaces.

Additionally, this software supports multiple languages prepared for users to change and select any time they like. Likewise, this software offers plenty of pre-made custom themes for its users including cars, hardware, cottages, and dating themes. It enjoys worldwide trust and popularity with high rankings from the users.
Best Ad Management Software - Noah's Classifieds

Revive Adserver

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As a free open source ad serving system, Revive Adserver is primarily known as OpenX Source. This software can enable ad networks, publishers and advertisers to serve ads in apps, video players, or on websites and to collect statistics about clicks, impressions and conversions. Apart from this, it allows you to form ad networks quickly through an easy-to-use interface and to manage campaigns for multiple advertisers, not to mention that it also permits you to define rules for ads and campaigns.

Besides, as a web application which is written in the PHP programming language, Revive Adserver supports both the PostgreSQL and MySQL database systems. It is backed up by an international team which consists of many dedicated consultants and developers. It also needs to point out that its newest version released by the Revive Adserver Project team is available to download and use with a great number of new features added.
Best Ad Management Software - Revive Adserver


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As a free and open-source script for advertisement, classifieds and listings, OpenClassifieds is designed to be light, fast, SEO friendly and secure enough for users. This software is rather powerful as it can change any domain into a fully customizable classifieds site in a few minutes. What's more, its source code is always ready for any modification and it can be easily installed without requiring any technical knowledge.

This software allows you to browse your own classifieds website through the mobile device and to get your earnings from the classifieds ads website to the built-in PayPal account. In addition, you are capable of customizing your classifieds publishing form and adding fields for jobs, rentals or cars whatever you like. Based on high-quality performance and rich features, OpenClassifieds wins overwhelming praises and appreciations from webmasters.
Best Ad Management Software - OpenClassifieds


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As a powerful and free pixel script, GPixPixel is built on the popular marketing concept. It offers many advanced setting tools and allows you to make use of interlaced images and to enable or disable the blog comments. This software can take your site down temporarily for the maintenance then put the site back online after all of the changes are finished.

There are various payment methods for the pixel purchasing which include Authorize.Net, PayPal, NOCHEX and PSiGates and so on. Besides, it has a considerable number of features including the settings manager which is used to keep database-stored site settings, image library, Newsletter templates and language editors or more.
Best Ad Management Software - GPixPixel


Those mentioned ad management software above are all trustworthy and cost-effective according to what we have discussed above and our hosting experience on all kinds of software, such as educational software, customer support software, and email software. And we also have some valuable recommendations below about the reliable and high-quality web hosts which can give stable and secure environment for successfully running your ad management software.