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Arvixe VS WinHost – Which Is Better for ASP.NET Hosting

updated on Oct 12, 2016
Arvixe VS WinHost – Which Is Better for ASP.NET Hosting As is known, WinHost is a renowned and reputed hosting providers offering ASP.NET hosting services for webmasters. Arvixe, on the other hand, has many similarities as WinHost in the ASP.NET hosting features. Therefore, there are a considerable number of people finding themselves in a dilemma when making choice between them.

Thus, we would like to give a pertinent and authentic comparison between Arvixe and WinHost based on our in-depth researches for more than one hundred companies and long-standing hosting experience. More other companies' reviews are in this review page.

Editorial Rating

At the first place, by collecting and classifying the real customers' voices, we make out the following rating table of the tow hosting providers and it is focused on the cost, features, uptime, loading speed, technical support or more.

Loading Speed
Technical Support
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Arvixe VS WinHost - Cost Arvixe is founded in 2003 and has been devoting itself to delivering affordable ASP.NET web hosting services. In details, this company offers customers a series of ASP.NET hosting packages which include PersonalClassASP package, BusinessClassASP package and VPSClass ASP.NET hosting package. Taking the price into consideration, users with small budget would be better to use the PersonalClassASP plan.

PersonalClassASP charges $5/mo for a 2-year plan, and the price increase to $8/mo when the billing cycle is 1 month or 3 months. These prices are affordable in the industry, while they are not cheap.

In comparison, as an award-winning and secure web host, WinHost gains a wide range of recognition and appreciation by supplying its customers with three satisfying ASP.NET hosting packages which are named after Basic, Max and Ultimate respectively. Likewise, we recommend webmasters to use the Basic hosting package as it is cost-effective and rich-featured.

To be specific, those three ASP.NET hosting plans start from $4.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $19.95/mo. Furthermore, to everybody's comfort, this company offers 20% discount for visitors clicking the promotional link as follows and the price can be cut down to $3.95/mo, $7.95/mo and $15.95/mo differently. Moreover, WinHost claims 30 days money back guarantee for users who have any dissatisfaction with its service, with free web hosting set-up endowed.

WinHost Promotional Link Activation


To make things straightforward and plain, we make out the following table to give a comprehensive contrast between Arvixe and WinHost. Take a look at the table below and learn more information about those two companies.

Plan in ComparisonPersonalClassASPBasic Plan
Disk StorageUnlimited3 GB
Monthly Data TransferUnlimited50 GB
Windows Server2012 R22012/2008
Control PanelWebSitePanelCustom
Trust LevelFull TrustFull Trust
Email BoxesUnlimited250
Web Deploy
RAID 10 Drives
24/7 Server Monitoring
Regular Price$5/mo$4.95/mo
Discounted Price-$3.95/mo
How to Claim-Link Activation

Besides the features included in this table, the two web hosts also offer the following ones to help customers develop and improve their web presence.
  • Multiple MSSQL choices including 2014/2012/2008 R2/2008 and remote database access.
  • Free website transfer with no downtime.
  • Daily backups which secure the website data.
  • LINQ hosting, ASP hosting, PHP hosting, etc.
Generally speaking, Arvixe provides more server resources in the basic plan, while WinHost has installed many more software on its servers.

Ease of Use

As the table above shows, Arvixe offers all users the WebSitePanel control panel. WebSitePanel is popular among ASP.NET hosting users because it comes with a simple yet rich-featured interface in which there are easy-to-use tools for managing sites, domains, databases, etc.

WinHost once offered WebSitePanel, too, but now it supplies a custom web-based control panel which is designed, developed and constantly optimized by its technical team. This control panel is quite similar to WebSitePanel in the navigation and features, so it can also guarantee the ease of use.

Another good thing with both control panels of Arvixe and WinHost is that they are integrated with a 1-click script installer which supports the simple install and update of dozens of scripts including DNN, Orchard, nopCommerce, Kentico, BlogEngine.NET, etc.

Uptime & Loading Speed

According to our close monitoring on Arvixe and WinHost server in the past six months, we find that the average uptime of Arvixe approximates to 99.75% while comparatively the average uptime of WinHost is close to 100% which defeats that of most of the big hosting companies currently. Check the following chart to know the detailed uptime of WinHost in the past month.

And here is the uptime monitoring of Arvixe. To be honest, such an uptime record is not good at all for online businesses as the hosted sites might be inaccessible now and then.

In regards to the loading speed which is the most concerned issue among a large number of people, WinHost defeats its competitor. In details, according to our accumulated statistics from constantly monitoring on them, we find that the average page loading speed of WinHost is about 320ms which is far faster than that of Arvixe whose average page loading speed is 700ms. The real-time speed of those two companies is showed as follows.

For those running online stores or want good rankings in search engines, WinHost is definitely the better choice due to the much faster speed.

Technical Support

Arvixe VS WinHost - Technical Support Speaking to the customer service, Arvixe enables customers to contact their professional support team via multiple tunnels including live chat, phone and email with technical engineers and professors standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

In the meantime, WinHost allows its customers to get close to its technicians through the provided support portal in the control panel. Besides, there are piles of elaborate articles and technical directions available in the knowledgebase and forum. In addition, WinHost makes webmasters capable of sending emails to their support staffs other than the phone call and live chat ways.

The most significant differences between the technical support offered by Arvixe and WinHost, however, are the efficiency and professionalism. While WinHost deals with each ticket carefully and offers replies in a quick manner, Arvixe is simply the opposite. In the recent year, Arvixe has received numerous complaints about the helpless technical support. It is said that the replies are slow, and many of the answers are useless. Below is one of the common complaints.

Arvixe Technical Support

Conclusion - WinHost Wins the Competition

According to the comparison, both of Arvixe and WinHost provide affordable ASP.NET hosting services. However, WinHost, a one of the best ASP.NET hosting options, has won the competitor due to the much better performance in uptime, speed, and technical support. What's more, it has a cheap plan for beginners which is backed by a 30-day refund guarantee.