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Arvixe VS SiteGround - Shared Hosting Comparison

updated on Dec 01, 2016
Arvixe VS SiteGround - Shared Hosting Comparison Arvixe, a friendly and experienced web hosting provider, was launched in 2003. Because of its affordable price and advanced technologies, this company has thousands of customers. Established in 2004, SiteGround is a reputed web host who offers shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting and cloud hosting. The company now has about 190 employees and hosts over 320,000 domains.

This Arvixe vs SiteGround comparison aims at disclosing the differences between the two companies on account of several significant aspects, such as price, feature, customer service and loading speed. In this comparison, we will focus on the shared hosting of the two companies.

Loading Speed
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Price & Money Back Guarantee

Arvixe shared hosting packages are affordable with $4/mo and $7/mo for Personal Class and Personal Class Pro. As for SiteGround, three shared hosting plans are involved - StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. Currently, such packages are rated at $3.95/mo, $7.95/mo and $14.95/mo instead of regular $9.95/mo, $14.95/mo and $29.95/mo. You need to pay $2/mo for basic backup service and $1/mo is asked for domain privacy. For money back service, SiteGround offers 30-day full refund.


As for hosting features, we compare the first plans of the two companies. The two web hosts adopt enhanced cPanel, with which customers can enjoy rich features, like one-stop management and detailed usage statistics.

Plan in ComparisonPersonal ClassStartUp
Disk SpaceUnlimited10GB
Hosted Website(s)61
SSH Access
Perl & Python
1-Click InstallerSoftaculousSoftaculous
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Original Price$4/mo$9.95/mo
Sale Price$2.8/mo$3.95/mo

As you can see, Arvixe includes richer features than SiteGround. For example, Arvixe offers unlimited disk space while only 10 GB is offered by the other company. Besides, Arvixe allows customers to host more websites on one account at a cost that is even lower than its competitor. Last, Arvixe includes SSDs, an expensive but effective method for speeding up page loads.

Uptime & Speed

Arvixe equips their data centers with high quality servers, well-kept security system and UPS power backup generators to convince webmasters that they are reliable and trust-deserving. Besides, this web host promises to offer 99.9% uptime. However, our monitoring group has found that the uptime of this company is 99.75% only on average in the past month.

SiteGround has three data centers in Singapore, SG, Chicago, IL and Amsterdam, NL. This company tries to utilize custom-optimized server configuration and top-of the-line hardware to offer fast speed. And the enterprise-class electrical system for redundancy is prepared for electrical outage. But as tested, their uptime record is even worse than Arvixe

Based on our review and monitoring, both of them fail to do a good job on the aspect of hosting speed. Here, you can check how Arvixe performs in the past days.

Support for Popular Scripts

At present, there are massive numbers of useful scripts available to help you set up different kinds of websites with much ease. However, all of these scripts require the rich hosting environment for the proper running. Luckily, both Arvixe and SiteGround have supported all the popular scripts well, such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento and WordPress.
  • 100% compatibility – Firstly, both of them ensure the 100% compatibility for these scripts. As most of these tools are developed based on PHP and MySQL, Arvixe and SiteGround all ensure the latest versions of them. In addition, some other technical requirements of each script are fully met by these two web hosts.
  • Properly adjusted server environment – All of their servers are tuned and adjusted in a proper manner to ensure the excellent hosting environment for these scripts.
  • Easy installation – In order to achieve the easy script installation and the fast website starting, both of these two web hosts include the 1-click script installer into their hosting packages. Arvixe, in particular, offers the branded Softaculous one.
  • Useful articles – After checking the articles available in their knowledge base, we have found a lot of useful contents telling you how to leverage these scripts in the most effective manner.

Technical Support

In terms of technical support, the two companies guarantee to offer 24x7 professional and timely customer service. However, there is no denying that Arvixe does the worse job than ever before, especially when they are inquired by EIG.

As for SiteGround, the support is satisfying in most times. But once a while, if you have questions or problems to fix, you may receive a delayed response or solution. For live chat, sometimes we cannot get the answers as precise as we expected.


Frankly speaking, both Arvixe and SiteGround are not the ideal web hosting providers. Instead, if you are looking for the truly reliable, fast and rich featured hosting providers that ensure the great technical support, we recommend you to consider the following three options.