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Arvixe VS Site5 – Which Is the Better Choice for Shared Hosting

updated on Dec 02, 2015
Arvixe VS Site5 – Which Is the Better Choice for Shared Hosting Both of Arvixe and Site5 have been offering various hosting solutions for over a decade. Many bloggers, small businesses and groups are relying on them to improve the online presence.

As the two web hosts are growing more popular nowadays, the debate of which one is better begins. Depending on what you need, the answer may vary. They offer so many services, after all. And in this comparison, we only analyze and compare their shared hosting service based on the monitoring of the PersonalClass plan and hostBasic plan.

After comparing the two plans comprehensively, we made the following table of ratings.

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What Can You Get from Arvixe and Site5?

The pricing and features are what we mainly discuss here.

Shared hosting pricing

Arvixe shared hosting plans are much more cost-effective than those of Site5 – cheaper prices, more extras, and more features.

Arvixe has been known for offering affordable services. The PersonalClass plan is priced at $4/mo regularly, and it can be bought at an even lower price of $2.8/mo if the coupon code BWH360 is applied. Considering these prices, PersonalClass is one of the cheapest offerings in the market, not to mention it also comes with generous extras including:
  • A domain free for life, as long as your account stays active.
  • $200 advertising credits for Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo search marketing program.
Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

Site5 has three shared hosting plans, among which hostBasic is the primary one. The regular price of hostBasic is $4.95/mo, $5.95/mo and $6.5/mo for 24/12/6-month billing terms. There is no discount available, so you cannot get any reduction on the hosting fee. Besides, hostBasic does not include any free domain or marketing credits, and it does not support monthly billing.

Money back guarantee

Site5 offers a favorable refund guarantee which is valid for the initial 45 days. While Arvixe allows an even longer time for trial – 60 days. If you feel any dissatisfaction, you can ask for your money back.

Shared hosting features

Both plans are fairly feature rich. They come with the following outstanding features:
  • Unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases, disk space, and bandwidth.
  • SFTP, SSH, shared SSL certificate, and daily automatic backups.
  • PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, SSI, and Cron Jobs.
However, hostBasic cannot still compete with PersonalClass because it allows users to host 1 domain only at a cost of $4.95/mo, while the other allows 6 at $2.8/mo.

You can see more feature information in the table below.

Allowed Domain(s)61
Free Domain1
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Script InstallerSoftaculousSoftaculous
Analytics Software
Regular Price$4/mo$4.95/mo
Effective Price$2.8/mo$4.95/mo
How to ClaimCoupon BWH360-

How Is the Performance of the Two Web Hosts' Shared Hosting?

In this part, the uptime and speed of the servers and networks are taken into consideration. Our judgment is Arvixe does better than Site5.

Arvixe uptime and speed

Arvixe guarantees 99.9% uptime as well as fast hosting speed for all users. To get these guarantees covered, the company has been making constant efforts in enhancing the hardware and upgrading the software. All of the following information is true with Arvixe facilities.
  • Shared hosting accounts are hosted on high-performance servers with dual quad Intel Xeon CPU.
  • A UPS system is used for servers and the cooling, lighting and ventilation systems.
  • Arvixe has server locations in the US, Europe and Asia.
  • SSD drives are used for all services including MySQL, PHP, Apache and mails.
  • Server segregation software is adopted to isolate sites on shared servers to improve security and performance.
  • CloudFlare CDN speeds up the content delivery to be up to 3x faster.
With these hardware and technologies combined, Arvixe has achieved an average of 99.94% uptime in the past year. See the monitoring results of the last 30 days.

Besides, the company's server responses are also good, which you can get a glimpse of in the stats below.

Site5 uptime and speed

Site5 offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, too. To show its confidence in keeping the hosted websites accessible, the company promises that customers can receive service credits when the guarantee fails. In addition, Site5 publishes uptime reports on its official site, from which you can see that the uptime is not excellent all the time, but the company has been trying to make improvements.

Site5 Uptime Reports

As for speed, Site5 does not do well although it claims to provide over 20 server locations on multiple continents. In fact, the default location of shared hosting is Dallas, and if you need any other location, you have to pay an extra fee of $1/mo to $5/mo. Our monitoring tells that Site5 server response time is about 650ms, and page loads take 2.5 seconds on average.

Which Web Host Does Better in Technical Support?

Both are good, but Arvixe is a little bit more responsive. There are many similarities between Arvixe and Site5 when it comes to technical support. Currently, they offer:
  • The same support channels, including email, ticket system, live chat and phone.
  • 24x7 support time for tickets and live chat.
  • An extensive knowledgebase with hundreds of helpful articles.
We have tried every available means to contact the two companies' support team. As a result, we find that the response time of Arvixe is approximately 30% faster than that of Site5 in all of tickets, phone and live chat. With the former, you can always get your phone picked up within 30 seconds.

Another small demerit of Site5 is that phone support is available in work hours only (10AM-6PM EST, Monday to Friday), but not 24x7.

Which Is the Better Choice for Shared Hosting?

The answer, we think, is Arvixe. Site5 is reliable, but it is just not that good as its competitor. Arvixe offers some of the cheapest shared hosting plans in the market, while it can guarantee the quality at the same time, which is appealing to individuals and small businesses.