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Arvixe VS NameCheap – Comprehensive Hosting Comparison

updated on Aug 02, 2016
Arvixe VS NameCheap – Comprehensive Hosting Comparison There is a long debate on which web host between Arvixe and NameCheap is the better web hosting provider. To get an answer, we have carefully reviewed the two web hosts' hosting services, monitored their server performance, and read hundreds of user reviews.

Based on the adequate information, we find that Arvixe is more experienced in offering the web hosting services that webmasters really need. On the contrary, NameCheap is excellent in offering easy domain registration and management, but it cannot stand out when it comes to website hosting.

This comparison will present both the similarities and differences between Arvixe and NameCheap, from which you can see how the conclusion above is made.

Below are the general ratings of the two companies' hosting services.

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What Are the Similarities Between Arvixe and NameCheap

Arvixe and NameCheap are both good in the ease of use of their services as well as the uptime of their servers and networks.

They use cPanel and Softaculous

The web hosting plans offered by Arvixe and NameCheap are very easy-to-use, because each of them includes cPanel, a great control panel for all types of users. cPanel makes many hosting-related tasks easy, such as the billing management, file editing, database creation and email setup.

Softaculous is one of the best script installers. It supports 300+ scripts, so you can start a website with your favorite application in minutes. For both Arvixe and NameCheap, this installer is integrated with cPanel so you can access it quickly.

They deliver good uptime

For the service uptime, both web hosts provide guarantees. Arvixe guarantees 99.9% uptime, and NameCheap promises 100%. The latter guarantee is backed by an SLA, so if it fails, you will receive account credits for the downtime.

Neither of the two companies has let people down in the reliability of their servers and networks. By utilizing UPS power systems, redundant networks, advanced cooling systems and expert monitoring, they are able to offer over 99.9% uptime although 100% cannot be reached.

Below is Arvixe uptime in recent weeks.

And here is NameCheap uptime.

How About the Differences?

In terms of shared hosting, Arvixe and NameCheap are different in the pricing, refund guarantee, speed, support, and more. All the differences are clearly stated in below.

Web hosting prices – Tie

Both of Arvixe and NameCheap provide affordable web hosting plans, but they differ much in the discounts and renewal rates.

Arvixe offers two plans and rates them from $4/mo and $7/mo. But if you click the promo link below and use the coupon code BWH360, a 30% discount will come into effect, then you can purchase the plans at $2.8/mo and $4.9/mo.

These prices are cheap on the market, while you should be even happier when knowing the following facts.
  • Arvixe provides a domain name and $200 ads credits for free.
  • The company offers full refunds if you are unsatisfied and leave within 60 days.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

NameCheap provides 4 plans whose prices vary from $0.82/mo to $19.88/mo. Surprised by the super-low price of $0.82/mo? You must know that this price is available for the first year only, and then you will be charged $3.24/mo. Besides, the cheap plan comes with really poor features, which is analyzed later.

Also, note that the refund period offered by NameCheap is 14 days, which is only 1/4 of the time allowed by Arvixe.

Features – Arvixe wins

If you want a web hosting plan that is both affordable and rich-featured, Arvixe is undoubtedly the better choice because it provides many unlimited features in its $2.8/mo plan. In comparison, NameCheap marks the limits of email accounts, FTP accounts and more clearly. The table below includes more details.

Disk StorageUnlimited20 GB50 GB
Email AccountsUnlimited50100
FTP AccountsUnlimited50100
MySQL DatabasesUnlimited50100
PostgreSQL DatabasesUnlimited100
IP Deny Manager
Free Domain
Regular Price$4/mo$3.24/mo$6.57/mo
Special Price$2.8/mo$0.82/mo$1.66/mo
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Speed – Arvixe wins

Both Arvixe and NameCheap use CloudFlare CDN and SSD drives to ensure that the data on their servers can be delivered to your visitors' browsers in the shortest time possible. However, we have found obvious differences between their real hosting speed from our monitoring.

Due to the advanced isolation of all accounts on shared servers, the efficient network management and the availability of multiple data center locations, Arvixe is able to guarantee fast page loads for almost all the hosted websites. For NameCheap, however, we haven't found much evidence for the high performance of its servers or networks.

You can see the difference in speed in our monitoring of the server response time.

Technical support – Arvixe wins

To get after-sale support from either Arvixe or NameCheap, you can contact a support agent via live chat or through the ticket system. These two contact methods are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which enables you to seek help at any time. Besides, both web hosts have a knowledgebase with well-written tutorials.

However, our experience and user feedback still say that Arvixe surpasses its competitor in technical support.
  • Arvixe provides 24x7 free support via phone, a convenient and efficient communication channel, but NameCheap doesn't.
  • Arvixe has multiple discussion boards in which you can ask any question no matter it is related to your hosting account or not.
  • This company responds to tickets in a quicker manner – within 3 hours on average.

Final Thoughts

In terms of the service uptime and ease of use, the two web hosts both do well. However, Arvixe wins the competition without any question because it offers much better hosting speed and technical support.

Therefore, if you want to make it easier for your website to rank better in search engines and to gain better conversions, hosting with Arvixe should be the better choice.