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Arvixe VS JustHost - Which Is Better in Offering Shared Hosting

updated on Oct 07, 2016
Arvixe VS JustHost - Which Is Better in Offering Shared Hosting JustHost is a reputed and renowned shared hosting provider who has won many prizes over past years, and Arvixe has gained some reputation, too. The two web hosts offer a series of hosting services, including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, etc. To be honest, it's not very easy to say which is the better choice for shared hosting if you don't dig into their differences.

Thus, we make this in-depth shared hosting comparison between Arvixe and JustHost on the basis of our real research and monitoring. Some important points are taken in to consideration, such as feature, price, customer service and performance.

Tech Support
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Pricing Policy

Two shared hosting packages are developed by Arvixe which are called Personal Class and Personal Class Pro at the price of $4/mo and $7/mo. In terms of payment method, this company supports credit card of Visa, Discover and American Express as well as PayPal. These methods are convenient for buyers to purchase their services.

Besides, everyone who buys either of Arvixe web hosting packages has completely free access to the following features which bring over $300 value.
  • A domain which is free as long as the hosting account maintains active.
  • $100 credits for Google AdWords and $100 credits for marketing on Bing and Yahoo!.
As for JustHost, three different packages are provided to meet webmasters' different demands, including Basic, Plus and Pro at the price of $7.99/mo, $10.99/mo and $23.99/mo regularly. However, now you can get up to 64% discounts by clicking the following promotion link. That is to say, after the discount, the price of the primary plan is as low as $3.49/mo.

All of JustHost web hosting packages include some attractive freebies, too, such as a premium site builder allowing users to get a blog, store or forum set up within minutes. Hundreds of free templates are also available.

However, the freebies are different from one package to another. More details are in below.
  • Basic: 1 free domain name for the first year of the term.
  • Plus: A free domain for the first year, and $150 marketing credits for popular search engines and social networks.
  • Pro: Free domain, $300 marketing credits, 1 dedicated IP, 1 SSL certificate, free domain privacy, and free SiteBackup Pro.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

When judging from the price of the initial term, both of Arvixe and JustHost are affordable choices. However, if you are serious about the money back guarantee, JustHost should be the better choice as it issues refund anytime you cancel an account.


When it comes to hosting features, Arvixe and JustHost share a lot of things in common. We make this straight and clear comparison between these two shared hosting providers by selecting Personal Class plan from Arvixe and Basic plan from JustHost. Details are listed in below.

PlanPersonal ClassBasic
Disk SpaceUnlimited50 GB
Data TransferUnlimitedUnlimited
Email AddressesUnlimited5
Perl 5
Ruby on Rails
Control PanelcPanelcPanel

Apparently, both of the two companies offer rich resources and features. And they provide rich development tools like MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Perl and Ruby on rails. In addition, the most user-friendly cPanel is adopted.


Locating multiple SAS 70 Type II Certificated data centers in New Jersey, Dallas and Chicago, Arvixe can ensure the security and safety of your information and websites. With the support of uninterrupted power supply and good network connections, this company can provide 99.9% uptime sometimes. But recently, an increasing number of users report that their sites get down suddenly without any previous notification.

JustHost promises to offer 99.9% uptime and spares no effort to satisfy their customers. The data centers of this company are equipped with diesel generator backup power and UPS power backup, thus it's hard to detect obvious power outage. In addition, this company has a team of professional technicians and engineers who can solve the problems you might come across.

Based on our experienced engineers' real-time monitoring in past month, it's obvious that JustHost has faster loading speed and quicker server response. According to the chart below, you can notice that Arvixe server response time is over 650ms which is much longer than JustHost's 350ms on average.

Customer Service

Both Arvixe and JustHost offer 24x7 technical support through live chat, email ticket, phone call and self-serving knowledgebases. What needs to be emphasized is live chat is useful and efficient.

According to the responses from their customers, JustHost does a good job from the perspective of technical support, while Arvixe doesn't. When with the former, you are able to get in touch with a professional support agent within seconds, and all types of server or network issues are resolved quickly.

But with Arvixe, you have to wait days to get a useless response. To be honest, this company provides some of the worst technical support, and as a result, numerous complaints are scattered on the Internet. Below is a simple complaint we found in recent days.

Complaint of Arvixe Technical Support

Refund Guarantee

Both of Arvixe and JustHost offer refund guarantees for their web hosting packages, so when in the case of dissatisfaction, their customers can terminate accounts without any risk of money loss. However, there are still some differences between the two web hosts' refund policies.

Arvixe promises 60-day refund, which means if any customer cancels the service within the first 60 days of signup, he/she is able to receive a refund of all the hosting fees paid in advance, less any fee for domain registrations, SSL certificate, and other add-on services or third-party services. No refund will be available after the specified time.

JustHost guarantees 30-day full refund. The company issues a full refund of hosting fees for all those who leave within 30 days of the service delivery, and offers a pro-rated refund for accounts cancelled after that period.


From all the points we have mentioned before, we can make a conclusion that JustHost is the more trust-deserving and cost-effective shared hosting provider because of its greater performance, much better technical support and more risk-free refund guarantee. No matter what you pay much attention is the loading speed or technical support, we recommend you to go with JustHost.