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Arvixe VS ixWebHosting on Shared Hosting Solution

updated on Dec 14, 2015
Arvixe VS ixWebHosting on Shared Hosting Solution Arvixe and ixWebHosting have been competing with each other for over a decade. They have tried a lot to improve the service quality and build up their own personality. As a result, they are very different in pricing and hosting features although there are still some common points.

As the two web hosts offer a full series of hosting products, this comparison deals with their Linux-based shared hosting services only and focuses on the primary plans. Now we would like to show you some honest ratings made based on our personal monitoring and investigations.

Plan in ComparisonPersonalClassExpert Plan
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Shared Hosting Pricing

We have taken the prices, discounts, free extras and refund guarantee into consideration and found that pricing is one of the main Arvixe edges over ixWebHosting.

Pricing & deals – Arvixe offers cheaper plans

Arvixe PersonalClass plan is now priced from $2.8/mo only for new customers applying the coupon code BWH360 during checkout. The price is among the cheapest we have seen. What needs extra attention is that the renewal price is also low, which starts at $4/mo only. For the billing cycles, Arvixe allows monthly, semi-annual, annual and biennial billing. Setup fee is waived completely.

The more advanced PersonalClass Pro plan is still affordable, available from $4.9/mo.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

ixWebHosting shared hosting plans are also on sale. New customers are able to buy the Expert Plan at $3.95/mo. This price seems low, too, but you should note that the renewal costs twice the money - $7.95/mo, which is much higher than that of Arvixe. The more expensive plans named Business Plus and Unlimited Pro are priced from $14.95/mo regularly and now purchasable at $7.95/mo.

ixWebHosting offers multiple billing cycles including 1/3 month(s) and 1/2/3 year(s). However, the company charges $30 one-time setup fee for the monthly and quarterly terms.

Free extras – Both provide many freebies

Besides what included in their shared hosting plans regularly, Arvixe and ixWebHosting also offer free extras to improve users' hosting experience and help them make some savings. Currently, you can get the following freebies from the two web hosts.
  • Arvixe PersonalClass: 1 lifetime free domain name, $100 credits for Google AdWords and $100 credits for Yahoo/Bing search.
  • ixWebHosting Expert Plan: 1 free domain and 1 free dedicated IP.

Money back guarantee – Arvixe allows longer time for refund

Arvixe provides a no-question-asked 60-day full refund guarantee which ensures enough time for users to try services and make a decision. Within the guaranteed period, users are allowed to ask for a refund at any time. All hosting fees will be refunded.

ixWebHosting allows a full refund for the first 30 days. All fees, excluding the free domain registration, are included in the refund. When requested a refund, the company usually asks the user to explain the reasons and offer suggestions.

Shared Hosting Features

Richer features are another edge of Arvixe since we have found that ixWebHosting lacks some important features and uses H-Sphere control panel which is not so easy-to-use.

Control Panel – cPanel is better

Control panel is one of the largest differences between the two companies' shared hosting services. Arvixe adopts cPanel to guarantee an easy way for website and account management, while ixWebHosting offers H-Sphere instead of any of the popular Linux control panels like cPanel and vDeck.

Compared with cPanel, H-Sphere loses its competitiveness because its interface is less attractive, and the features inside it are harder to navigate. The design is somewhat out-dated, too. Below is a screenshot of the control panel demo.

ixWebHosting Control Panel

Other features & resources – Arvixe wins

Arvixe and ixWebHosting have many features in common. To be specific, both PersonalClass and the Expert Plan include the following things.
  • Unlimited disk storage and monthly data transfer.
  • Free website builder.
  • Email features: POP3, IMAP, SMTP, Webmail, and mailing lists.
  • Scripting features: PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rail, SSI, and Zend Optimizer.
  • Website admin features: custom error pages, Cron Jobs, and custom MIME types.
  • Security features: shared SSL, firewall, spam filter, and hotlink protection.
Even though, there are a large number of differences which you can see in the table below.

Plan in ComparisonPersonalClassExpert Plan
OSCentOS 6CentOS 5
Hosted Domains6Unlimited
Email AccountsUnlimited2500
MySQL DatabasesUnlimited50
PostgreSQL DatabasesUnlimited50
1-Click Install Scripts310+30+
Regular Price$4/mo$7.95/mo
Discounted Price$2.8/mo$3.95/mo
How to ClaimCoupon BWH360-

Shared Hosting Performance

Regarding performance, uptime and server response speed are calculated based on our expert monitoring.

Uptime – Both guarantee 99.9% availability

Both web hosts promise 99.9% uptime for servers, network, and web server. However, what they are doing is much more important than what they are saying. So, to find out how they perform in the real world, we have set up our own monitoring and kept collecting the actual stats.

The records tell us that both of them can fulfill their promises while Arvixe does a little better in uptime from an overall perspective. In the past year, Arvixe uptime averages more than 99.95%, and ixWebHosting uptime averages 99.92%.

The excellence of Arvixe relies much on the redundant power supplies, multiple tiers of networks, as well as the company's caring about customers' business. Also, Arvixe has an NOC with Cisco-certified technicians who monitor networks constantly and resolve network issues instantly. Below is the recent uptime of Arvixe.

ixWebHosting has built its own tier 3 data center which features high availability. Inside the data center are quality hardware, redundant routers, and a dedicated support team handling network and system administration. Backed by this facility, ixWebHosting has delivered 99.94% uptime in the past month.

Speed – ixWebHosting lags behind

Speed is what ixWebHosting is not good at. Its shared hosting has been slow, and the servers take almost 1 second for a single response. In comparison, Arvixe is much faster by utilizing effective speeding-up technologies like SSDs and CDN. Besides, Arvixe offers several server locations including Dallas, Amsterdam and Hong Kong to cover the needs of different users in the US, Europe and Asia.

According to the monitoring results, Arvixe takes approximately half the time ixWebHosting consumes for server responses and page loads. Read the comparison in below.

Technical Support for Shared Hosting Users

Arvixe and ixWebHosting have more similarities than differences in terms of technical support. At present, both of them offer the following help resources.
  • Multiple support channels including phone, email, tickets, and live chat.
  • A support center with helpful FAQs, knowledgebase, and video tutorials.
  • A company blog that includes news, hosting resources and SEO tips.
A difference is that Arvixe also offers discussion forums for users to interact with other webmasters and the company's technicians.

The technical support of the two web hosts is quite responsive and professional, according to our trials. However, in recent days, ixWebHosting phone support encountered a big problem which led to several days of unavailability. The issue stays unresolved yet.

ixWebHosting Phone Support Issue

Which Web Host to Choose for Shared Hosting?

You may have had the answer in your mind, but judging from our experience and reviews, we will recommend Arvixe because this company provides cPanel, better speed, and some of the cheapest prices in the industry. In addition, the 60-day refund guarantee offers a good chance for trying out Arvixe shared hosting services.