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Arvixe VS HostMonster – Which Offers Better Shared Hosting?

updated on Oct 07, 2016
Arvixe VS HostMonster – Which Offers Better Shared Hosting? With over 10 years' history in the industry, Arvixe and HostMonster have been under steady growth. Their shared hosting plans are popular, attracting a large number of bloggers and businesses. And to guarantee scalability, the two web hosts also offer VPS and dedicated servers.

Though both being experienced in providing shared hosting, Arvixe and HostMonster still have many differences. For example, the former emphasizes affordability more, while the latter pays more attention to performance and technical support.

This comparison will offer details about both the differences and similarities so that you can get sufficient knowledge for making a choice. For an overall comparison, read the ratings below.

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Brief Introduction to Arvixe and HostMonster

Arvixe, usually known as provider of cheap web hosting, has been in the industry for more than 13 years since its inception in 2003 in San Luis Obispo, California. Besides shared hosting, the company offers VPS hosting and dedicated servers, too. The most important thing that you must pay attention concerning Arvixe is that the company is now compromising the hosting performance and technical support for low cost, according to lots of user reviews.

On the other hand, HostMonster is a sister company of BlueHost, iPage, and other well-known hosting providers of Endurance International Group (EIG). Established in 2005, this company has undergone a fast growth and ranked among the forefront of the industry's fierce competition. As it claims, the company is an ideal choice for both individuals and small to medium sized businesses.

How Are They Different?

When visiting the two web hosts' website, you can find a lot of similar information. That's why we are here to analyze their differences in the very beginning. According to our surveys, Arvixe and HostMonster mainly differ in aspects of the hosting price, allocation of server resources, page loading speed, and technical support.

Price – Arvixe wins a little

Arvixe offers two shared hosting plans named PersonalClass and PersonalClass Pro. The prices of the plans start from $4/mo and $7/mo regularly, and no discount is offered now.

HostMonster Basic plan is originally priced from $9.49/mo, but for subscriptions through the promotional link below, there is an attractive discount available which lowers the cost to $3.95/mo. Besides, the higher-level Plus plan is now purchasable at $5.95/mo instead of the regular $12.49/mo.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

Both companies provide a free domain in all their web hosting plans, and free advertising credits are also included.

Hosting resources – Arvixe wins

Besides the price, PersonalClass is better than Basic in the amount of resources. The former allows hosting up to 6 domains, while the latter supports a single one. The allotted disk space, sub-domains, email accounts, etc are also different. Read the following table for more details.

Hosted Domain(s)61
Disk SpaceUnlimited50 GB
Parked DomainsUnlimited5
Email AccountsUnlimited5

Uptime - HostMonster Wins

Both of Arvixe and HostMonster guarantee 99.9% uptime for shared hosting. To fulfill the guarantee, they equip all of their data centers with redundant power, multiple network connections and 24x7 monitoring to prevent service failure.

The reliability of HostMonster has been proved by our monitoring records. We have not seen any big downtime lasting over 20 minutes in the past year. You can read its recent uptime in below.

As for Arvixe, however, poor uptime has been a big drawback for some time. Due to numerous server errors and other issues, the uptime hardly reaches 99.8%, not even to mention 99.9%.

Refund guarantee – Even

Both web hosts offer a money back guarantee to make their services risk-free. But there are some differences between their policies.
  • Arvixe promises a longer time for full refund – 60 days, while HostMonster guarantees 30 days.
  • HostMonster provides a pro-rated refund for accounts cancelled after the full refund period. Arvixe does not have such a policy.

Hosting speed – HostMonster wins

According to our over 1 year's monitoring, HostMonster is among the fastest web hosts while Arvixe is not. The speeding-up technologies HostMonster uses are mainly:
  • Redundant network connections and redundant routers.
  • Smart switching which ensures a fast route for the delivery of customers' data.
  • CloudFlare CDN which distributes the static content of customers' websites to 60+ server locations around the world.
  • Constant optimization of the servers, Linux kernel and resource protection.
Below are the monitoring results of the two web hosts.

Technical support - HostMonster wins

HostMonster has been good in after-sale support. Its support team is on-site offering help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides, the company:
  • Provides support through live chat, ticket system and phone.
  • Responds to issues and support requests quickly, usually within 1 minute for phone and live chat, and 2 hours for tickets.
  • Maintains an extensive knowledgebase and user forums. Getting-started tutorials are well produced.
Arvixe offers rich support resources on its website, too. However, this web host doesn't provide really helpful real-time technical support. The support team is not responsive at all, replying tickets after days of the submission and offering no help on the live chat. The poor support service has already been the most significant demerit of Arvixe.

Community reputation - HostMonster wins

HostMonster enjoys an excellent reputation in the entire hosting field. Based on our comprehensive investigations, it has reached a tremendous number of users throughout the globe, the majority of which are satisfied with the budget-friendly and quality hosting services.

Arvixe has indeed got some popularity due to the low price of its shared hosting plans, but the user ratings for the technical support are really low - averaging no more than 1 out of 5 stars. Many users complain that the technical support doesn't even exist.

HostMonster has a business plan

Besides Basic and Plus, which are designed for individual use, HostMonster has also tailored a plan for businesses. Available at $13.95/mo, the plan includes unlimited resources, a free domain, as well as many other business features, such as 1 SSL certificate, 1 dedicated IP, 2 SpamExperts, and SiteBackup Pro. It is a good option for businesses and anyone else requiring extra security.

What Is the Same?

After having reviewed their differences, let's move on to see what common points they have in the following sections. Generally speaking, the shared hosting services offered by Arvixe and HostMonster are both excellent in features.

The two web hosts can provide nearly any feature you may need to build, manage and optimize a website. Both of them adopt cPanel, and integrate an auto script installer into the control panel. More available features are presented in the following table.

Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Auto InstallerSoftaculousSimpleScripts
Website Builder
PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby
MySQL, PostgreSQL
Cron Jobs
Regular Price$4/mo$9.49/mo
Discounted Price-$3.95/mo
How to Claim-Link Activation

Conclusion - Which Offers Better Shared Hosting?

The shared hosting plans from both web hosts are affordable and secure, but due to their different advantages, we will recommend HostMonster undoutedly. Especially when you want fast speed or would like to host multiple business sites, purchasing a HostMonster shared hosting plan through this promotional link is the much better solution.