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Arvixe VS HostGator – Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Sep 21, 2017
Arvixe VS HostGator – Web Hosting Comparison Having been in business for over one decade up till now, both of Arvixe and HostGator are widely known providers of web hosting service although the latter has a much larger customer base. They both commit to providing reliable and affordable service to clients from different countries with their dedicated employees.

On top of that, the two companies undertake on the mission to offer webmasters high-grade hosting experience by their professional dedicated servers, VPS, shared and reseller hosting service.

But as a matter of fact, HostGator does better in accomplishing the promise, so that it has been inundated with acknowledgements and applauses from the crowd and big names. As for Arvixe, its reputation has suffered from a damage due to the terrible technical support.

Among all products, the shared service is perhaps the most popular solution as it has the largest user base. At this place, we will explain the details on the shared hosting from Arvixe and HostGator as follows.

Tech Support
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Price - HostGator Wins

Arvixe has Linux and Windows shared web hosting solutions in store for the public. In regards to the cheaper Linux hosting, this company provides two packages, namely Personal Class and Personal Class Pro. Currently, this hosting provider rates the plans at $7/mo and $10/mo. And unfortunately, no discount is applicable.

Comparatively, HostGator is included with three shared plans – Hatchling, Baby and Business. When it comes to pricing policy, this company starts the plans from $6.95/mo, but presently, it offers a 45% discount. With the markdowns, this web host puts the regular price of Hatchling plan down to $3.82/mo which is accessible for readers going through the coupon code as follows.

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Both of Arvixe and HostGator are confident that clients will be happy and relaxed by offering a worry-free money back guarantee, and the former backs 60 days and the latter supports 45 days.

Extras - Both Good

The good news is that both web hosts provide you with some good free extras with which you can not only have a better control over your budget but also make your hosting tasks easier to be done. There is a free cPanel you can get from either of them, which means that you can manage your website in a single interface with graphical icons and powerful features.

Arvixe also includes a 1-year free domain name with the plans. Besides, 100 credit for Google Adwords and $100 credit for Bing are available for you to improve your SEO rankings on the search engines. However, an attention should be paid that Arvixe only provides $100 Google Adwords credit for the US users and $100 Yahoo/Bing credit for the US & CA users. What's more, Arvixe takes a daily care of your data while HostGaor ensures instant backups for the better data security.

Features - Both Good

According to our long-time hosting experiences, many web hosting companies come with unlimited monthly disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, free site builder and other features in their packages. And what makes a difference in the excellence of Arvixe and HostGator is their bountiful and powerful features. In below, we have selected some significant ones from the cheapest plan of the two companies. Move toward and know more details.

Plan in ComparisonPersonal ClassHatchling
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
FTP AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Shared SSL Certificate
cPanel Control Panel
One-Click Script Installer
Weebly Site Builder
Cron Jobs
Ruby on Rails
Advertising Offers$200$200
Green Hosting
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Aside from those points above, both of Arvixe and HostGator include a bucket of secure measures. For example, the former utilizes DDoS attack response and secured entrance technologies, and the latter uses Hotlink protection and SpamAssassin service.

Performance - HostGator Wins

Placing user experience at the first place, HostGator exerts itself on providing stable and reliable environment by using uninterrupted networks. Besides, it uses two data centers, which are featuring 300,000 square feet and deployed with multiple levels of infrastructure redundancy to ensure the flexibility of systems. In below, there is the actual uptime of this company, which is conducted by our monitoring staffs in the past months.

Arvixe usually delivers good uptime, too. But the cruel fact is, the company is now not what it was. In most months before 2016, the uptime of Arvixe shared hosting service averaged over 99.9%. But since this year, many downtime issues have occurred, driving a lot of the company's users away.

Speaking to speed, the two companies have their own strategies. For Arvixe, it turns to the speed-friendly CloudFlare content delivery service, which largely accelerates loading and transferring speed. As for HostGator, it operates high performance servers by using high-grade facilities from CISCO, Arista Networks, Juniper, etc. According to our performance testing result, the former is faster than its rival as follows.

Customer Service - HostGator Wins

As a trustable and responsive hosting provider, HostGator grants customers the anytime access to its support center through email ticket. Furthermore, it is proved that the company responds to any issue and question with efficiency whether on phone call or live chat. Emphasizing on support quality, it has hired a team of knowledgeable technical representatives who are well-trained and selected.

Arvixe also provides rich support resources. The knowledgebase is quite useful as it includes hundreds of written materials for beginners. However, the real-person support is much too disappointing. The responses to tickets are seriously delayed or even ignored, and live chat and phone support seems useless because no one helps. That's why there are numerous complaints about the technical support offered by Arvixe.

Easy Hosting - Both Good

In fact, for most web hosting users, the easy hosting that can make the website building and managing an easy thing is pretty important. After all, if they choose the shared web hosting, it means they are much more likely to start an easy, personal and small-scale website that does not need too many technical skills and advanced knowledge.

In this case, both HostGator and Arvixe ensure the user-friendly hosting solution by offering the below features.
  • They all support a massive number of blog builders, scripts and applications, with which you can run your website easily and publish the web contents effortlessly via the simple user dashboard.
  • The 1-click and automatic script installer is surely available. The one offered by HostGator is called as QuickInstall and the one offered by Arvixe is called as Softaculous. With this special tool, you can make it easy to install and to activate any of their supported applications, without the need to go through the complicated manual steps, such as downloading the ZIP file, creating the database, running the script file and many more.
  • In order to help you achieve the time-saving website management, the cPanel control panel is available from both of them. With its great user interface, you can manage everything of your hosting account and your site without any worry.

In addition to these common features, HostGator also offers their exclusive Weebly Site Builder and around 4,500 free themes to achieve the easy website creation.

Hosting Security - Both Good

In order to achieve the highest level of security, both of these two web hosts offer the daily backup service to give you the latest updated backup file, SSH and SSL certificate to better protect the path for data transfer, as well as the secured data centers for entrance and exit.

Conclusion - HostGator Is the Better Choice

From the Arvixe vs HostGator review above, it is evident that HostGator is the more suitable option both for people who care about the hosting performance and those who need after-sale support now and then in order to get started quickly. Generally speaking, HostGator can guarantee a better user experience.