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Arvixe VS GoDaddy – WordPress Hosting Comparison

updated on Jul 17, 2016
Arvixe VS GoDaddy – WordPress Hosting Comparison Have the confusion about which company between Arvixe and GoDaddy provides web hosting services that are more optimized for hosting WordPress sites? We are here to get rid of it.

In this article, we have made a detailed comparison between the 2 companies based on our review on their WordPress hosting price, features, performance, technical support, editorial ratings and customer satisfaction rates.

The details are presented in below.

Editorial Rating & Customer Satisfaction Rate – Arvixe Better

At this time of writing, we have personally hosted a sample WordPress site with the same content in the shared web hosting environment of both Arvixe and GoDaddy for more than 6 months. Based on the first-hand experience and frequent monitoring, we have rated the 2 companies' WordPress hosting overall service, performance, control panel and support as the following table.

Plan in ComparisonPersonal ClassEconomy
Loading Speed
Customer Reviews29622
Customer Rating
Read MoreArvixe ReviewGoDaddy Review

In addition, to help our readers know what their real customers are thinking about their services, we have also collected reviews from Arvixe and GoDaddy customers. According to the statistics in the reviews, Arvixe is recommended by 97.6% of its customers, while GoDaddy only has a customer satisfaction rate of 36.4%.

Read the following chart for the details about Arvixe.

WordPress Compatibility – Both Good

As a database-driven content management system created with PHP, WordPress has its own technical requirements. Only when a server meets the requirements, can the application run well on it.

At present, the lowest requirements for running WordPress is PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0 which are offered by almost all web hosts. However, the official WordPress development team recommends PHP 5.6 (or later) and MySQL 5.6 (or later) in order to guarantee the optimal performance and security of WordPress.

Fortunately, with either Arvixe or GoDaddy, you don't have to worry about the compatibility issue because both web hosts take care of that for you. They have been optimizing their servers with new releases of PHP, MySQL and Apache web server constantly. Their technical teams are quite reliable. If you want to confirm the versions by yourself, you can contact the sales team of the two companies easily.

In addition, Arvixe uses suPHP as an important security measure of WordPress, and it also provides PostgreSQL as an alternative to MySQL.

Price & Features – Arvixe Better

Both Arvixe and Godaddy offer upgradable services for different sized WordPress sites, including shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. And in this article, we mainly compare Arvixe Personal Class package and GoDaddy Economy.

Price and discount

Arvixe Personal Class package is priced from $4.0/mo regularly. Now with the availability of the exclusive coupon code BWH360, subscribers can cut the cost down to $2.8/mo, 30% off. This should be a really low rate in the competitive web hosting market.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

The regular price of GoDaddy Economy is $7.99/mo. Currently, GoDaddy offers a 50% discount for new customers, with which the effective price is $3.99/mo. To be honest, the discount is favorable, but the discounted price is still a little bit high compared with that of Arvixe.

The difference in price is even larger when the free extras included in the two web hosts' shared hosting plans are considered. For example, Arvixe Personal Class plan offers more than $200 than GoDaddy Economy plan in value.
  • Arvixe Personal Class: $200 advertising credits for Yahoo, Bing and Google AdWords, and one free domain available for life.
  • GoDaddy Economy: One free domain for annual plans. The term for free cannot be any longer than the length of the initial hosting term.

Money back guarantee

Nowadays, almost all web hosts offer refund guarantees to tell potential customers that the value of their payments is well promised. If they want to leave for another web host for dissatisfaction or any other reason within the guaranteed money back period, they can simply cancel their accounts and request a refund. Therefore, the money back guarantee, to some extent, provides a trial period for those who are unfamiliar with the service they are going to pay for.

In this case, Arvixe is a more risk-free choice than GoDaddy. For its shared hosting plans, Arvixe allows users to ask for a refund within 60 days, which offers nearly two months for them to try. However, this period is shortened to 30 days for GoDaddy customers.

In terms of the money back guarantee, you should also pay attention to the non-refundable fees such as domain name, SSL certificate and third-party services. All the fees paid for these add-on services are not eligible for refunds. This is true with both Arvixe and GoDaddy, as well as almost all other web hosts on the market.

Shared hosting features

There are many similarities between the features offered by Arvixe and GoDaddy, for example, cPanel control panel, 1-click installers, and multiple programming languages. However, differences are obvious, too.

The most significant difference lies in the available amounts of resources included in Arvixe Personal Class plan and GoDaddy Economy plan. The former includes 6 websites, unlimited disk storage and unlimited databases, while the latter doesn't. For clearer comparison of the two plans' features, read this table.

Plan in ComparisonPersonal ClassEconomy
Disk StorageUnlimited100 GB
Hosted Websites61
MySQL DatabasesUnlimited10
Email AddressesUnlimited100
FTP AccountsUnlimited50
Sub DomainsUnlimited25
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
1-Click WordPress Installation
Custom Cron Jobs
Free Daily Backups
Google AdWords Credits$100
Ruby on Rails
Regular Price$4/mo$7.99/mo
Current Price$2.8/mo$3.99/mo
How to ClaimCoupon BWH360-

WordPress Install & Management – Both Good

As you can see from the feature table above, both of Arvixe and GoDaddy offer 1-click installation of WordPress. The difference is that the installation on Arvixe is automated by Softaculous, a popular installer supporting over 310 scripts, while GoDaddy provides its own tool which covers WordPress and dozens of other applications. Regardless of this difference, the installation processes are the same easy. Besides, the two providers support 1-click WordPress update, which eliminates much trouble.

For the website management, both companies utilize cPanel for a simplified user experience. Besides the standard features built in cPanel, including the database, file and domain management tools, they have also integrated other helpful features with the control panel, for example, the 1-click installers. Arvixe users can also access automated R1Soft backups, PostgreSQL and more in cPanel, which is not an option for those hosting WordPress site with GoDaddy.

Uptime & Speed – Arvixe Better

Arvixe and GoDaddy use several data centers to serve the hosted websites, all of which utilize the first-rate Dell servers, sufficient power redundancy, UPS power backup generators, and well-kept security system to ensure the optimal uptime.

Both companies guarantee 99.9% uptime for shared WordPress hosting customers. According to our monitoring, they have performed better than that, and Arvixe wins its competitor slightly in this aspect. The monitored uptime in the past month is as following.
  • Arvixe: 99.96% on average.
  • GoDaddy: 99.93% on average.

Arvixe and Godaddy are both excellent in reliability, but the situation is quite different when it comes to WordPress hosting speed because GoDaddy far lags behind. There are many complaints about the slow speed of the service offered by Godaddy, and our monitoring statistics show that the server response speed of this company is approximately 100% slower than that of Arvixe.

According to our review and analysis, the fast speed of Arvixe should be the result of the company' purchase and adoption of the best networks, network routing and switching infrastructures, and high performance servers with SSD drives, up to 256 GB RAM and the latest Intel Xeon E5620 processors.

Technical Support – Both Good

Arvixe VS GoDaddy on Technical Support 24x7 technical support is a necessity that should be included in any good WordPress hosting packages because most WordPress sites are owned and managed by normal users who have little professional knowledge and lack of the ability to resolve many sudden or complicated issues.

Fortunately, Arvixe and GoDaddy both offer around-the-clock responsive support operated by a dedicated team with sufficient WordPress knowledge and skills. When a customer sends an assistance request, their support representatives are guaranteed to respond in the shortest time possible.

The difference between the 2 companies' technical support lie in the ways they provide for their customers to contact the support team. Arvixe offers 3 ways: live chat, email and phone, while GoDaddy only allows email and phone, without the support for live chat.

Which Company Is Better for WordPress Hosting

We personally recommend Arvixe for readers who want to purchase a cost-effective WordPress hosting package, as the service offered by this company is more affordable, rich-featured, reliable, fast and satisfactory.

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