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How to Add a WordPress Cookie Notification

updated on Mar 06, 2017
How to Add a WordPress Cookie Notification If you run a website targeting users or visitors from the countries within the European Union, it is helpful for you to follow our steps. According to the EU cookie law, you need to obtain EU end users' consent to the storing of their information. Furthermore, Google AdSense also has required that nearly every Google AdSense publisher should adhere to the policy in recent years. Therefore, it is necessary for you to add a WordPress cookie notification in case of a penalty due to the disobedience of the law.

In normal conditions, there are two types of consent including explicit one and implied one. The former one is to keep track of visitors' activities after your users actively clicking on the accept button. The latter one is to inform your visitors that your website will access their information with cookies if they choose to continue browsing. In a word, a cookie notification indicates that you take your users' privacy seriously.

As mentioned before, the best way to avoid penalty is to comply with the EU cookie law regulations. This article is to tell how to add a cookie notification which shows a notice for visitors to accept the cookies in your WordPress posts. For the sake of the ease of use, we take a free plugin named Cookie Notice by dFactory into consideration.

Add a WordPress Cookie Notification with a Plugin

Cookie Notice by dFactory is a leading cookie plugin which has a high customer satisfaction. It allows you to elegantly inform users that your site uses cookies to follow the EU law. To install and activate Cookie Notice by dFactory, you can easily achieve that via Plugins > Add New, or by following this plugin installation guide. Then you can navigate to the page of settings and configure the options that you want.

Cookie Notice by dFactory

The terms come to your sight are the default message and button text. Certainly, you are allowed to use your own words.

Customize Message

By enabling a read more link, you can redirect users to a specified page for your cookie policy. If you have no idea about how to deal with it, this plugin suggests you to generate Iubenda. Scrolling down the page, there is a refuse button for you to decide whether your users have options to refuse the usage of functional cookies.

Customize Policy

The next setting comes to whether to enable cookie acceptance when users scroll. Here, we advise you not to select it if you display a cookie notification with explicit consent. Then you can also set the amount of time that cookie should be stored for. Generally speaking, it is good enough for you to set the number as 1 month.

Customize Date

In the last part, you are free to have your designs by selecting the position of the cookie message box, animating the message box after cookie is accepted, selecting button style, and setting the text & bar background colors. Note that the designs should be consistent with the overall style of your website. Having finished the configuration, remember to save your changes.

Customize Design


So far, we have discussed why you need to add a cookie notification in WordPress posts and recommended Cookie Notice by dFactory as an ideal plugin. We sincerely hope that you have learned this simple method.