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How to Add a WhatsApp Share Button to WordPress

updated on Jun 07, 2017
How to Add a WhatsApp Share Button to WordPress In recent years, WhatsApp has rapidly grown into a popular platform for mobile users to share content with others. If you want to increase the engagement with your mobile visitors, you cannot miss the chance to add a WhatsApp share button to your WordPress site. According to a survey, mobile users are more likely to share content when there is a WhatsApp share button on a WordPress site.

When your visitors share content with their friends on a mobile device, they will bring more traffic to your website. With the prevalence of mobile phones, it is possible for you to create a much more popular WordPress site. In this article, we will recommend an exclusive plugin and show you how to configure it so that you can easily add a WhatsApp share button into your WordPress site.

After our exploration, we advise you to give high priority to WhatsApp Share Button. With more than 10,000 installs, this plugin allows you to add a WhatsApp share button automatically and manually. On the Plugins > Add New page, you can quickly find "WhatsApp Share Button" through the search bar.

Automatically Add a WhatsApp Share Button

Upon installation and activation, you can make your own configuration on the Settings > WhatsApp Share Button where you are free to select locations for the button. There are 5 options available for you: homepage, posts, pages, above content, and below content. According to your settings, the WhatsApp Share button will be automatically inserted into your WordPress site.


In addition, you can also enable "Add Tracking" to track visits which you benefit from the WhatsApp share button within Google Analytics. In this way, you will have a better understanding of how many visits are brought by the share button. At last, you can click on the Save Changes button as long as you are satisfied with your settings.

Add Tracking

If you want to test whether you have successfully added a WhatsApp share button, you need to browse your website through a mobile device because the share button is only viewable to mobile users.

Manually Add a WhatsApp Share Button

You can manually place the WhatsApp share button in any post, page, or template with the WhatsApp Share Button plugin. On the settings page, there is also a shortcode [whatsapp] available for you to add the button where you want to display it.

Besides, there are two more ways to use the shortcode.
  • Place it in a text widget to display the WhatsApp share button in the sidebar. But before doing this, you have to enable shortcode support in text widget by following this tutorial.
  • Add it directly into the functions.php file of your current theme by using the code below.

It is possible for you to override the default title and URL which are created by the shortcode [whatsapp]. In this way, you can decide how content is displayed when your visitors share it to their WhatsApp account.

[whatsapp url="" title="Set up Your Blog in Minutes"]


It is useful for you to get more traffic with a WhatsApp share button. If you are not experienced in code, you should allow the plugin to add the share button automatically. In addition, you can also use other social media marketing strategies to drive more traffic to your WordPress site.