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How to Add Good Pricing Tables to Your WordPress Site

updated on Aug 07, 2016
How to Add Good Pricing Tables to Your WordPress Site If you sell services or products on your WordPress site, you will need at least one pricing table to show your visitors the price and feature information and encourage them to make a purchase. The design and ease of use of the pricing table, then, can make a big difference to the conversion rates.

WordPress comes with many great built-in features. However, the post editor doesn't include a table generator, which means you have to install a plugin in order to create a table. Besides, as most WordPress table plugins are not good choices for creating pricing tables, you need to be careful with the selection of the plugin you use.

In below, we will show how to add good pricing tables to your WordPress site by using PricingTable, a feature rich and easy-to-use pricing table plugin. Several other popular plugins are also introduced in case that you want more options.

Add Pricing Tables to WordPress Sites by Using PricingTable

PricingTable is not among the most popular plugins, but it is quite easy-to-use, and it comes with a free version that can meet the needs of most websites. Below are the main features included in the free version.
  • You can create unlimited pricing tables and embed them into any WordPress post or page by using shortcodes.
  • You can create unlimited columns and rows for each pricing table.
  • YouTube videos, Vimeo videos and custom images can be displayed on each column.
  • You are able to select custom background colors for the signup buttons.
  • You are able to add featured column, header description, price description, tooltip text and unlimited ribbons.
Add Pricing Tables with PricingTable Plugin

To use PricingTable, you need to install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard, and then get it activated. Then you will see the new PricingTable menu item. Since the plugin doesn't include many settings to deal with, you can start using it by clicking on the "New PricingTable" submenu directly. The new screen includes everything you need to make a pricing table.

Create a New Pricing Table

First of all, you have to enter a title for the new pricing table. You can use anything you like, but make sure the title is easy to identify if you will create multiple tables.

After doing this, scroll the screen down to choose a theme for the new pricing table. The free version includes three pre-made themes including "Flat", "Rounded" and "Sonnet", and the choice is yours. After dealing with the theme, you can decide whether to choose a background image.

Select Theme and Background

Then, you have to enter the number of rows and columns that your pricing table needs.

Select Rows and Columns and Background

Now it's time to fill out the pricing table and input the needed data. You will need to do the following things.
  • Enter the header text, which is usually the service/plan name.
  • Enter the price for each column and the price duration (for example, per year, per month or per hour).
  • Fill in all the table data – the feature information for each service/plan.
  • Enter the custom signup text for each column, and select a background color for the buttons if you need.
  • Fill in the signup URL (the URL of the order page) for each signup button.
Add Needed Data

After completing all the data required in the table, you can publish the table and scroll your screen down to preview it.

Preview Pricing Table

This pricing table is quite basic. To make it better, you can go back to edit it again. On the top of the table, double click the tools icon to expand more options. And then you will be able to make one of the columns featured, add a ribbon to any column, add a header image/video, and enter a description text to the headers. To choose the proper ribbons, you can go to the "Settings" submenu to see all the available ribbon designs.

Customize Pricing Table

By updating the table, you will get a fresh preview of it.

Preview Customized Pricing Table

After making sure the pricing table is good enough, you can embed it in a WordPress page by using the shortcode. The table will look exactly the same as the preview. Of course, you are also able to add the table to your theme.

Pricing Table Shortcode

The free version of PricingTable is great, but if you need any of the following features, you can buy the pro version which is priced from $6.
  • Custom column width and header font size.
  • 8 themes and hover effects.
  • Dozens of more built-in ribbons.

Alternatives to PricingTable

Besides PricingTable, there are many other good pricing table plugins available to choose. If you want to look at more options before making the decision, you can check the demos of the following plugins.
  • Easy Pricing Tables – A premium plugin that enables you to create a pricing table in minutes. It comes with tooltip integration, pre-made templates, email support, and Google Analytics support.
  • CSS3 Responsive Pricing Tables – A premium solution that is popular and easy-to-use. It comes with 2 styles, over 40 color variations, unlimited rows and columns, expandable rows, and 42 tick icons.
  • POWr Price Table – A cloud-based solution that allows you to edit tables on live web pages. It includes custom PayPal support, an awesome highlight feature, and custom colors, fonts and backgrounds.