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How to Add McAfee SECURE Trustmark to WordPress Sites

updated on Oct 26, 2016
How to Add McAfee SECURE Trustmark to WordPress Sites People need to get the sense of being secure before they are willing to trust you and take the actions that you want, such as downloading your free resources, subscribing to the newsletter, and providing their personal information. Only by delivering such a feeling, can you make your website credible. And the website credibility, then, is especially important for eCommerce.

One of the easiest ways of convincing your visitors that their information will be well secured is to display trust seals. McAfee SECURE, fortunately, provides you with a good chance to do so.

About McAfee SECURE

McAfee SECURE is a security service offered by McAfee with the goal to help people visit websites safely and to help the secure sites succeed. It tests websites and detects the viruses, malware, phishing attacks and many other malicious things. Once a website is tested to be secure, it can be certified successfully. And as the website owner, you are able to display a trustmark to tell your visitors that your site is a safe place to stay and give their information.

McAfee SECURE comes with an identity theft protection with which buyers are promised to receive a compensation of $100,000 in the case that their information leaks due to the purchase on a certified website.

If your WordPress site sells, or you collect the personal information of your visitors, adding a McAfee SECURE trustmark can encourage your visitors to take actions.


Add McAfee SECURE Trustmark to WordPress

The process is easy as there is already an official plugin released. Named McAfee SECURE, this plugin is specially designed for displaying the trustmark on certified sites.

To begin with, you should log into your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, search "McAfee SECURE", and then install and activate the plugin immediately.

Install McAfee SECURE

After the installation, you will see a popup which asks you to "Activate Now". Simply click on the button, and you will be redirected to the plugin's page. If your website is already secure, without any security threats, you will see that the "Security" and "Certification Trustmark" options are checked.

McAfee SECURE Certification

Now access the frontend of your WordPress site, and you will see a floating trustmark on the bottom right of the screen. Those visiting your website on mobile devices are also able to see the trustmark.

McAfee SECURE Trustmark

When your visitors click on the trustmark, they will see that your website is certified by McAfee SECURE, and no malware/phishing attacks are detected.

Show Certification

Do You Need the Pro Plan?

McAfee SECURE trustmark is free-to-use. However, you have to note that the free plan only shows the trustmark to the first 500 visits to your website. This is enough for most small sites, but if you have a larger volume of visits or run a large online store, you are suggested to purchase the pro plan.

Besides unlimited visits, the pro plan also comes with many advanced features, such as trustmark configuration, search highlighting, search engine submission, identity protection and website diagnostics. In addition, there is an engagement trustmark feature which allows you to display the trustmark in the billing form, shopping cart or some other places where visitors need reassurance. Most of these features are quite helpful for online stores.