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How to Add a Live Chat Option in WordPress

updated on May 09, 2016
How to Add a Live Chat Option in WordPress Customer service is becoming increasingly important for businesses nowadays, and live chat, as a convenient and instant contact method, has found to be more than helpful. If you are considering connecting with your visitors and customers in an efficient yet simple way, then live chat is a good solution.

In fact, in addition to easy communication, adding a live chat option on your site also brings many other benefits regardless of the type of site you are running.
  • Making your website credible. Your site looks more professional and official with a chat option, and you can gain a boost of the authority because even the first-time visitors know that you are real.
  • Increasing the conversion rate. Sites with good customer service through live chat are expected to attain over 50% higher conversion rates, and surveys have shown that more than 30% customers would complete their purchases during a chat.
  • Building your brand. Sites that value customers and their needs can go a long way.
There are a number of plugins that can help you with the process of adding live chat to WordPress. And in this tutorial, we will introduce one of the best choices – Tidio Live chat, a plugin that suits most sites' needs.

Get Started with Tidio Live Chat Plugin

Tidio Live Chat has been keeping a high rating of 4.9 stars in the WordPress plugin directory, which makes it a problem-free choice of live chat plugin. While being light-weight, the plugin comes with many features including:
  • The tracking of site visitors.
  • Apps for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Offline messages which enable visitors to send emails to you when you are offline.
  • Easy customization, with three designs and unlimited color schemes available for use.
  • Integration with MailChimp, Zendesk, etc, which makes your online life even easier.
Tidio Live Chat

To make use of Tidio Live Chat, you first have to install the plugin on your site and get it activated. The activation will generate a menu item named Tidio Chat in your dashboard. Click on the menu to go to the configuration panel.

Go to Tidio Live Chat Panel

The plugin offers an external panel on the official Tidio website instead of in the WordPress dashboard. Before accessing the panel, you are required to finish some basic settings, for example, entering your domain name and the operator name, selecting a color scheme for the live chat box, and selecting an avatar.

Tidio Live Chat Panel

Create an Account

When entering the panel, you will notice that you are in a 7-day trial status. To keep the service active and to unlock all the free features, you need to create an account with Tidio Live Chat which can be done by clicking on the "Create your account" link in the sidebar.

Create an Account

Now a popup will appear asking you to enter your email address and password. After clicking on the "Sign up" button, your account will be active.

By default, you are put in a trial of a paid version. To downgrade to the free version, click on the "Upgrade now" button on the upper right of the screen and choose "Downgrade to Basic" on the plan page. Also, you can purchase a paid version if you need.

Downgrade to the Free Plan

Manage Your Site Visitors

On the panel, you are located in the Visitors section by default where you can get a list of all the visitors currently on your site. The information available includes the country of the visitor, the device he/she is using, and which page he/she is reading.

Track Visitors

Clicking on any of the visitors, you can start a chat with him/her instantly. This function is great because it allows you to reach visitors actively to know their needs.

Start a Chat with a Visitor

On the chat screen, you get an option to ban visitors that abuse your live chat service.

Ban a Visitor

Configure the Live Chat Settings

After clicking on the Settings menu in the sidebar, you get several options for configuring chats, adding operators, managing notifications and more. Basically, you need to deal with the following parts.

Chat: Under the "Chat" tab, enter your email address so that offline messages can be sent to you. Also, you have to select an appropriate timezone according to the geographical location of your visitors. Besides, if you have banned any visitor, you will see the details there.

Chat Configuration

Operators: You, the owner, are the default operator of the live chat. If you have extra personnel to contribute to the chat, you can add additional operators easily. However, you must know this is an option for the paid plans only.

Operator Management

Notifications: Under this tab, you can enable the sound notifications for new visitors, new chat requests and new chat messages according to your need.


Besides these settings, you can enable chat reports under the "Preference" tab and send them to an email address with a certain frequency. Opening hours can also be defined, but to use this feature, you must have a paid plan.

Customize the Display of the Live Chat Option

In the Appearance menu, Tidio Live Chat gives you three options for the placement of the live chat option – chat widget, sidebar, and chat page. The choice is completely yours, and in below, we will explain the configurations of each of them.


This is the default option. Once the Tidio Live Chat plugin is activated, you will get a floating chat entry on the bottom right of your WordPress site, just like what shown below.

Chat Widget

For the chat box displayed with the widget, you can change the theme, select any color you like, provide a custom message for the online/offline status, and change the position between left and right. When making changes, you get both desktop and mobile previews instantly.

Widget Settings

Besides, you are able to make a choice among displaying the widget on any device, displaying it on mobile devices only, and displaying them on desktop devices only. You can even exclude certain pages from the display.

Display Options

As the plugin has also prepared a mobile widget, you can customize the text, position and size of the chat button.

Mobile Widget

In addition, the plugin provides an option to enable pre-chat survey which helps you collect the email addresses of your visitors.

Pre-Chat Survey


By enabling the sidebar display, you will get a floating chat button on the left/right side of your site. You can choose the position, button color and the text displayed on the button. The sidebar chat button is a popular yet un-annoying strategy to provide live chat.

Sidebar Chat Button

Chat page

This is a separate page you can use to chat with your visitors. However, you must pay attention that it does not exist on your site, and instead, it is a page on the Tidio website. For this page, you can upload you own background image, change the base color, and customize the texts. For most sites, this chat page is unnecessary.

Live Chat Page

Set up Quick Responses

One of the greatest features of Tidio Live Chat is that it allows you to create quick responses to some frequently asked questions so that you can save time in answering the same questions again and again.

To add quick responses, access the Quick Responses menu in the panel and then click on the "Add" button.

Add Quick Responses

In the box that pops up, enter the message you have prepared and then save it. Links are supported in the message.

Add Response Message

After quick responses are added, you can still edit or delete them easily. And to use these quick responses, you only need to type "@" in the chat box and select the response you want.

Integrate Tidio Live Chat with Other Services

Within the Apps menu, Tidio Live Chat provides easy integration with 24 popular social networks, email services, analytics software and other services, including:
  • Google Analytics, for tracking events like "finished chats" and "started chats".
  • Facebook, for adding a live chat tab on the Facebook page.
  • MailChimp, for collecting email addresses from the pre-chat surveys so as to make a better email marketing plan.
  • Zendesk, for opening support tickets from the chat window directly.
For the integration with each service, Tidio provides a step-by-step tutorial so you should not worry about the process.

Integrate Tidio Live Chat with Other Services

Use Tidio Live Chat on Different Devices

As is discussed in the plugin introduction, Tidio Live Chat is convenient enough to be used on multiple devices so that you don't have to stay on your site all the time. To deliver better user experience, the plugin comes with iOS/Android apps, a Google Chrome extension, and a desktop app. An app for Windows phone is coming soon, too.

You can simply download any of the available apps or combine several of them together to offer the best customer service to your visitors and customers.

Use Tidio Live Chat on Multiple Devices