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How to Add Google Slides to Your WordPress Site Easily

updated on Feb 09, 2017
How to Add Google Slides to Your WordPress Site Easily As a useful service, Google Slides allows you to create and share presentations easily with others. For your presentations, you can either share them directly with your team members, or put them on your own website to display them to your entire audience.

If the latter case is what you want, then you may be wondering how you can complete the task in the simplest possible way. Luckily, Google is considerate enough to provide pieces of simple code for you to use. Besides, the highly devoted WordPress developers have also worked out some good-to-use plugins.

For your reference, we will introduce both the code method and the plugin method so you can make a choice on your own.

Option A: Add Google Slides to WordPress Sites with the Embed Code

Google Slides provides unique embed code which enables you to add presentations to your website. By using the embed code, you don't have to install any plugin. However, we only suggest this method when you don't need to display many Google Slides presentations on your site and you know how to deal with the code. If you do have multiple presentations to show, you'd better rely on a plugin.

Assumed that you have created a presentation in Google Slides with a pre-made template or your own design, you can start the embedding by clicking on the "File" button on the upper left page and then "Publish to the web".

Publish to the Web

In the popup, you will be asked to publish the presentation before you can display it anywhere else. What you should do is to click on the "Publish" button.

Publish Presentation

After publishing the slides, you will get two options to share the presentation with others – a link, and a piece of embed code. To add the presentation to your website, you need to open the "Embed" tab where the embed code is displayed. Under this tab, you can also customize the slide size and the auto-advance. When things are done, copy the embed code.

Embed Code

Now, log into your WordPress site, and edit the post or page that you want the presentation to be displayed. In the text editor, paste the embed code to the content. Previewing the post, you will get a presentation like this.

Add Google Slides to WordPress

If you have carefully reviewed the embed code, you should have found that you can customize the slide width and height, and disable the full screen display simply by modifying the parameters.

Option B: Add Google Slides to WordPress Sites with Plugin

As we mentioned before, using the embed code is not the ideal solution if you have too many presentations to be displayed on your site while not hoping to deal with code. In such a case, a plugin named Google Docs oEmbed provides a much better way for the embedding of Google Slides presentations. The plugin is quite easy-to-use, and you don't need to deal with any plugin settings.

After installing the plugin, you can head to your Google Slides account, create a presentation, and then publish it to the web as you did with the previous method. The difference is that you don't need to copy the embed code any longer. Instead, stay under the "Link" tab, and then copy the link of the presentation.

Presentation Link

For the next step, edit a WordPress post or page, and paste the URL either in the visual editor or text editor. The plugin installed before allows the presentation to be displayed with the single URL only. No other code is needed.

However, if you are not satisfied with the default width and height of the container, you should customize them by using the following shortcode.

[embed width="700" height="400"]Slide URL[/embed]

Now you can preview the presentation on your WordPress site and save it for your readers to view.

Google Slides Presentation