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How to Add Caption to Photo in WordPress Properly

updated on Oct 29, 2017
How to Add Caption to Photo in WordPress Properly There is no need to emphasize how important the graphical component is for your web content. After all, it can better engage and attract your readers, make the content easy-to-read and also improve the SEO. Now, you may know where to find the quality images, where to locate them properly and how to optimize them. However, have you ever noticed the image caption? In the following, we’d like to introduce how to add caption to photo in WordPress properly.

As researched, the image caption is always overlooked by most webmasters. But actually, this is an important part that can benefit your SEO a lot.

Add Caption to Photo in WordPress

Many of you will insert the alt tags to the uploaded images, but only a few of you will enter the photo caption. Here, you have to know that with the caption, your images can be more engaging and convey more information.

In addition, you have to know that most of your readers are less likely to read your words carefully and one by one. They like scanning on your headings, sub-headlines, bullet points and image captions. From these signposts, they can know what you are discussing quickly. In this case, with the photo captions showcased, you can better express your thoughts and ideas.

To upload an image, you can navigate to WordPress Add Media section or just drag and drop the image into the editing area. After that, you can find the image details from a special form in the right hand of the screen. From this section, you can enter the photo title, caption, alt text and description.

Image Details

Here, you just need to enter the caption text into the caption field. And then, your entered content will showcase on the front-end.

Now, the question is what content can be put into the caption field? Just check the following tips.

Tips to Come Out the Good Photo Captions

Adding the photo captions is easy. However, the key is to enter the effective and meaningful caption content. In the following, we have come out some useful points.

Consider about Your Content Headlines

In fact, the photo captions work for the same purpose as your content headlines, aiming to tell people the main content of the whole article or each content part. In this case, when deciding the caption content, you can think about how you will do to your article headlines or the sub-headlines. Even, in some cases, you can use the same words for both the image captions and the headlines.

While image caption is more likely to be noticed, this can help readers who skip the body section easily know what you are talking about.

Explain the Images Simply

Images naturally can catch people’s attention. So to some degree, the image captions may bring your visitors out of the web contents they are checking. In this case, if the images are relevant to the main context, the caption content help you better explain your thoughts. If the images are just the stumbling blocks, the caption can enhance the flow of your article to give people a rest while reading the long paragraphs.

Caption Sample

Fully Complement Your Images

It is important to know that the caption must cover everything that the image cannot. Or, the caption and image should be the complementary part of each other.

To fulfill the goals, you can follow the below guidelines.
  • Use descriptive words - You need to enter the descriptive words to tell people what is happening on your images. Here, you'd better not to add the information that cannot see from the image directly.
  • Enter keywords - There is no need to mention the reasons as why you should enter keywords into the caption. After all, this can benefit the SEO a lot.
  • Add key and important information - For those who are likely to scan the content, you should add the key information. In this case, people can know what is going on without the need to read each word of your content.
  • Generate the intrigue - If your caption is great enough, your readers can feel compelled to look at the image one more time for what they have checked.
  • Simple is the king - Do no enter the lengthy lines. You should always make the caption simple and short.
  • Fit the image tone - You can make the caption happy and interesting. However, if the image is serious, you'd better not to make a joke.