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How to Add Your Business Profile in WordPress in SEO-Friendly Way

updated on Aug 12, 2016
How to Add Your Business Profile in WordPress in SEO-Friendly Way A good business profile with physical address and contact details included is an important factor that makes a website credible. Most webmasters present their business information in plain text on the contact page or in the sidebar, which is fine in most cases.

However, if you run a physical business, for example, a restaurant, and host a website for it, you will want to display your business profile in a more search engine friendly way so that the potential consumers can find your address, contact information, business hours or even the directions more easily.

Fortunately, WordPress comes with a good plugin that helps you do this. By using the Business Profile plugin, your business details are displayed with markup, so search engines can discover your physical address, phone number and more, and present them in the search results.

Below are the detailed tutorials for using the plugin to add and display your business profile in WordPress.

Add Your Business Profile Properly in WordPress

To use Business Profile, you have to install this plugin first. Once it is activated, you will notice the Business Profile menu item. Clicking on the menu item, you will land on the settings page where you have a lot of information to deal with.

First of all, you are faced with the "Schema Type". There is a dropdown for the business types, and you need to select the one that describes your business best. The right Schema type helps search engines understand your WordPress site and display your business information to the right audience.

Schema Type

Next, you need to enter your business name and the physical address in the required fields. After typing the address, click on the link labeled "Retrieve map coordinates", which will fetch the map coordinates of your address automatically.

Business Address

To enable maps for your business address, you will need to get an API key for Google Maps. If you haven't got one, click on the getting API key link.

Get an API Key

After landing on the Google developer site, click on the "Get a Key" button.

Get a Key

Now you will be asked to create a project. In this step, you need to do nothing but clicking on "Continue".

Create a Project

Waiting for a few seconds for the project to be created automatically, you will see the project credentials. You need to give a name to the project, and enter the domain of your WordPress site in the required format.

Project Credentials

After clicking on the "Create" button, you will get a popup in which the API key is included. Simply copy the API key and paste it to the Business Profile settings.


Then, in the plugin settings, you still need to enter your phone number, select a contact page where your contact form is located, and provide your business email address.

Contact Details

In the "Schedule" section, you are able to add your weekly business hours. You can select on which days in a week your business is open, and during which time on these days you serve customers. The business hours are easy to manage.

Business Hours

Now you can save the changes to make the plugin work.

Display Your Business Profile in a Page or Sidebar

There are normally two places to display a business profile – on the contact page, or in the website sidebar.

To add your business details to a WordPress page, create a page or edit an existing contact page, and then add the shortcode [contact-card] to the post editor. Preview the page, and you will find that your business profile is displayed properly.

After the page is published, visitors to it are able to see your business name, address, phone number, email address, opening hours, and your location in Google maps. Also, they will get a "Get Directions" link which is quite user-friendly.

Business Profile

If you want to display the business details in the sidebar, you can use the "Contact Card" widget brought by the Business Profile plugin. The widget allows selecting which pieces of information to be shown, so you can choose the ones you want to use only. The available choices include business name, address, the link to get directions, business hours, phone number, Google map, etc.

Contact Card Widget

Visiting your site after saving the widget, you will see the business information in your sidebar with the selected pieces of information displayed.

Business Profile in Sidebar

Add Multiple Business Locations

Most businesses have only one physical address only, but large companies and restaurants with branches may want to display multiple locations on their websites to help customers find them. If you have multiple locations, Business Profile enables you to display all of them in your business details.

To add multiple business locations, you have to enable the multiple locations support in the plugin settings first.

Enable Multiple Locations

After saving the changes, you will see that the "Business Profile" menu item is replaced by "Locations". Click on the "All Locations" submenu. And in the location list, choose to add a new one.

All Locations

On the creation screen, you need to:
  • Enter a title for the location for future identification.
  • Add the business hours for the location.
  • Select a Schema type.
  • Enter the physical address, email address and phone number.
Create a Location

At last, publish the location. Then you can create more locations as you want.