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A2Hosting VS SiteGround – Shared Hosting Comparison

updated on Sep 07, 2017
A2Hosting VS SiteGround – Shared Hosting Comparison A2Hosting and SiteGround are fast-growing web hosting providers with an increasing reputation and a user base. Both of them offer more than one shared hosting plans to meet the needs of individuals and small businesses, as well as many more advanced solutions including VPS and dedicated servers for hosting medium and large sized websites. This comparison is carried out between A2Hosting Swift plan and SiteGround GrowBig plan, figuring out which company's shared hosting is more valuable on the analysis of the popular plans' quality.

First of all, we'd like to show the following ratings which are given unbiasedly based on our review and monitoring.

Plan in ComparisonSwiftGrowBig
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How Can A2Hosting and SiteGround Compete with Each Other?

The two web hosts are nearly the same good in web hosting features, reliability, and support. Details are explained in below.

Resources, control panel & advanced features

With either Swift or Growbig, you are able to host as many domains as you want on one account, and create unlimited branded email accounts with your custom domain name. Besides, cPanel is included in both plans to simplify the hosting experience. Softaculous script installer integrated with cPanel offers an automated system for you to install forums, blogs, stores, and many other applications easily.

And some noticeable free extras are also likely to have your attention. Firstly, you will have access to free shared SSL certificate which can improve the security of your sensitive information and website to a new level. Secondly, it is possible to speed up your website with free SSD drives which performs much better than HDDs in read and write speed. Thirdly, the free CDN service can make your content deliver fast across the web. However, A2Hosting is more attractive mainly because it not only optimizes the servers for Node.js in a web host environment but also includes free ad credits with each plan so that you can promote your website on Bing/Yahoo.

For the information about other features in the plans, read the table below.

Plan in ComparisonSwiftGrowBig
Disk SpaceUnlimited20 GB
Hosted DomainsUnlimitedUnlimited
Perl & Python
Shared SSL Certificate
Ad Credits
Free Backup & Restore

Web hosting uptime

A2Hosting and SiteGround use multiple data centers. To ensure the service consistency, they have invested much in the infrastructures and facilities. Now, the data centers of both web hosts feature:
  • Redundant power with UPS, multiple power feeds and backup power generators.
  • Redundant networking system with multiple Tier 1 network providers and smart switching.
  • 24x7 data center monitoring and enhanced physical security with access control.

Thanks to the seriousness about reliability, the two companies have achieved good results in uptime – A2Hosting averaging 99.95% in the past year, and SiteGround 99.91%, according to our expert monitoring. Below are the recent results of A2Hosting.

24x7 support

Using either Swift or GrowBig, you can get the following support services for free. Both web hosts are professional enough in helping customers get out of hosting problems.
  • 24x7 instant support through live chat, phone and tickets, which is powered by real experts.
  • Free website migration & getting-start assistance.
  • Extensive knowledgebase, FAQs & video tutorials.

A2Hosting Advantages over SiteGround

Much cheaper pricing

Regularly, Swift is priced at $9.99/mo, $10.99/mo and $12.99/mo for 24/12/1-month billing cycles. Now A2Hosting is offering a 51% discount for 1-month and 12-month terms, so if you place an order through the promotional link below, you can get the price down to $6.37/mo and $5.39/mo respectively. The company does not charge any setup fee.

The following freebies are included in each account.
  • $50 Bing ads credits and free email marketing trial.
  • A 20% discount for any WordPress theme at TeslaThemes.
A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

Though coming with the similar features, GrowBig is priced much higher than Swift. The regular price of this plan is $14.95/mo, and SiteGround is now promoting it with a special price of $7.95/mo. The cost is the same for all billing cycles, but if you choose the 1-month term, an additional setup fee of $24.95/mo is required. In addition, SiteGround does not accept PayPal payments.

More favorable refund policy

A2Hosting and SiteGround both guarantee a 30-day full refund, which make you feel safe about your money during the first 30 days. The difference is that the former company also offers an anytime pro-rated refund for the unused service, while you cannot get anything back from SiteGround after the first 30 days.

Faster hosting speed

Both companies have server locations in the US, Amsterdam and Singapore, which ensures good connectivity for users on the three continents. To serve even more users, they also utilize CloudFlare CDN to deliver contents with a large group of globally distributed servers.

In addition, A2Hosting offers SSDs for the OS, files, and databases, which boosts the speed to a large extent. This is one of the main reasons why this company has faster server response and page loads than SiteGround. Our monitoring in the past year has carried out the result that A2Hosting is over 30% faster than its competitor in page loads.

Below are A2Hosting server response times in the past 30 days.

Support for Ruby on Rails

SiteGround does not support Ruby on Rails on its shared hosting platform. So if there is a possibility for the use of this programming language, you should consider A2Hosting which always offers the latest versions of this feature.

SiteGround Advantages

Compared with A2Hosting, SiteGround has its own edges, too. The main ones are:
  • Free domain in each hosting plan. The available extensions include .com, .net, .info, .biz, .nl and .us.
  • Free private SSL. This extra is included in GrowBig, but the certificate is free for the first year only.
  • PHP 7.1. The best version of PHP 7.1 is accessible to all SiteGround users.

A2Hosting VS SiteGround – Which Is Recommended for Shared Hosting?

Our answer is A2Hosting. This company is the same reliable and rich-featured as SiteGround, while it is faster, cheaper, and safer. Most importantly, A2Hosting gives support to more development features like Ruby on Rails and Git, which makes it definitely a better option for developers.