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A2Hosting VS Site5 – Which Is Better for Shared Hosting

updated on Jan 19, 2017
A2Hosting VS Site5 – Which Is Better for Shared Hosting A2Hosting is a hosting provider known for developer-friendly and green web hosting services, and Site5 has been trying to provide a comprehensive solution for all types of hosting users. With such backgrounds, the two companies both offer hosting plans featuring ease of use and good features.

However, knowing the differences is important if you want to make a choice. Considering this, we will present the similar aspects first to help you understand them better, and then show the details of the differences to make the decision easier.

The ratings below, however, reflect our overall reviews of the important things.

Hosting Feature
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The Similar Aspects for You to Know

First of all, you should know that both A2Hosting and Site5 have been doing quite well in the affordability and reliability. Besides, they have released reliable money-back guarantees.

Affordable prices of their plans

The three upgradable plans of A2Hosting are priced from $7.99/mo to $18.99/mo. But as a marketing strategy, the company is providing a 51% discount via the promo link below. As a result, the prices for new customers start at $3.92/mo only.

There are many free things in the plans which make them more worth buying, such as free CDN, free website migrations, free SSL, and $100 Bing/Yahoo ads credits.

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In terms of Site5, its plans are also affordable. As the regular prices start at $5.95/mo, there is a small discount for a little lower rates of $4.95/mo - $11.95/mo. With any of the plans, you can get your site transferred to Site5 for free. But no free ad credits or domain is available.

It is not costly to start hosting with either A2Hosting or Site5, but when they are compared, A2Hosting is still the winner due to the freebies and the large discount.

Reliable refund guarantees

Both A2Hosting and Site5 have reliable refund policies on their website. With the former, you are allowed to ask for full refunds in the first 30 calendar days and pro-rated refunds thereafter. And with the latter, you get a total of 45 days to try because full refunds are available for cancellations during the period.

Outstanding uptime

To offer reliable services, A2Hosting and Site5 rely on multiple data centers which are distributed globally. These data centers are all monitored closely by experts, and they are housed with the latest servers, redundant power, a multi-homed network, and a complete security system.

With such facilities, both companies guarantee 99.9% service uptime, and Site5 even promises compensations for downtime beyond the guarantee. Fortunately, they have done what they say since the average percentage of their monthly uptime is over 99.9%. The figure for Site5 is about 99.92%, and that for A2Hosting is 99.95%, which is a little higher.

Now check A2Hosting recent uptime below.

The Differences to Pay Attention

After knowing the common advantages in uptime and price, you should now learn the differences between A2Hosting and Site5 carefully so as to make the decision. According to our reviews, A2Hosting is better in the feature, speed, and after-sale support.

A2Hosting offers more features

In fact, both A2Hosting and Site5 provide quite rich features in their shared hosting plans. For example, they offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space, and there are a lot of programming features including PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, SSH, SFTP and MySQL.

A difference, however, is that Site5 allows a larger number of email accounts and databases in the starter plan, while A2Hosting provides better developer features. Overall, A2Hosting wins, a little. You can see the differences in the following table.

Disk StorageUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Accounts25Unlimited
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Script InstallerSoftaculousSoftaculous
PHP 7.0
Cron Jobs
Special Price$3.92/mo$4.95/mo
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A2Hosting has faster server and network speed

Since the inception, A2Hosting has been devoted to offering the optimum speed so as to guarantee a good user experience for the hosted websites. At present, the company uses 3 data centers, well-tuned servers with 12 cores and 64 GB RAM, CloudFlare CDN, etc. The US, European and Asian data center locations contribute a lot to quick content delivery. As a result, A2Hosting has achieved quite good results in the hosting speed.

Site5 is not slow, but it is not fast, either. The company's shared hosting service is sometimes criticized for latencies and unexpected connection losses. Averagely, its servers' response time keeps about 600ms, and page loads usually take more than 3 seconds.

A2Hosting does better in technical support

A2Hosting and Site5 provide customer support through the same channels. These include the regular ticket system, as well as the more efficient ways like phone calls and live chats. However, some differences have distinguished the two web hosts from each other.

Firstly, A2Hosting offers 24x7 support via all the available channels. Site5, however, limits the service time of phone calls strictly to the weekdays from 10 AM to 6 PM EST. Secondly, A2Hosting support team responds the support tickets in a quicker manner. You can expect a reply to a ticket submitted at any time within 2 hours. Besides, the company publishes the network status to the public, and offers a well-sorted knowledgebase.

Conclusion – A2Hosting Is Better for Shared Hosting Users

When the two web hosts are compared, A2Hosting wins in the discount, developer features, speed, as well as the technical support. These advantages make it the better choice without any doubt. Besides, the anytime refund policy provides a good chance for you to try A2Hosting. You are faced with no risk for placing an order.