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A2Hosting VS Arvixe – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Dec 28, 2017
A2Hosting VS Arvixe – Shared Web Hosting Comparison A2Hosting and Arvixe are not among the most well-known web hosts, but both of them have been offering a wide range of hosting solutions and utilizing the latest technologies. From the perspectives of multiple aspects, this Arvixe vs A2Hosting comparison will benefit our readers who hang between the two web hosts.

The two companies have been providing shared hosting for individuals and small businesses for over 10 years, while their plans are designed with different emphases. A2Hosting attaches more importance to development features, and Arvixe pays more attention to cost-effectiveness.

Brief Introduction to A2Hosting and Arvixe

A2Hosting started its web hosting business in 2001. Now it offers not only shared hosting plans, but also cloud, VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting solutions to meet the growing needs of customers. In terms of shared hosting, there are upgradable options, too, because altogether 3 plans are available. The most appealing point of A2Hosting is that it has developed a high performance SwiftServer platform.

Arvixe, established in 2003, has been a provider of affordable hosting. It also has a wide product range that could satisfy all levels of demands. However, it has been criticized severely for poor technical support since the beginning of this year. Many users rate 1 out of 5 only for the after-sale support service.

This comparison focuses on the basic shared hosting plans – A2Hosting Lite and Arvixe PersonalClass – to reveal the similarities and differences between the two web hosts' offerings.

Comparison of Their Web Hosting Plan

This part includes the details about the pricing, control panel, resources, refund guarantee, etc. You can learn about what A2Hosting and Arvixe offer for shared hosting users.

Price – Tie

As a plan prepared for starters, A2Hosting Lite is priced at $7.99/mo for annual and biennial billing and $9.99/mo for monthly billing. A 51% discount is available for 1/12-month billing, with which the price can be reduced to $3.92/mo. This discount is exclusive to subscriptions made through the promotional link below.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

Arvixe PersonalClass is purchasable at $10/mo, $9/mo, $8/mo and $7/mo respectively for 1/6/12/24-month terms. It is quite affordable if you choose the annual plan. At this moment, no further discount is offered.

Free extras – Tie

For Lite as well as any other shared hosting plan, A2Hosting offers the following extras for free.
  • $50 Bing Ads credits for promoting your business in Bing and Yahoo search.
  • Free email marketing trial of Constant Contact and iContact.
  • A 20% discount when purchasing WordPress themes from TeslaThemes.
  • Free provision of SSD, SSL certificate, and CDN service.
In terms of PersonalClass, Arvixe also offers some freebies to make users' experience easier. The best one is the free domain for life, which means you can register a domain name with Arvixe and then use it for free as long as your hosting account is alive. The other extras include $100 Google AdWords credits and $100 Bing Ads credits.

Hosting resources – Arvixe wins

PersonalClass is better than Lite in resources because Arvixe does not set limits to the number of email accounts, databases, sub-domains and parked domains while A2Hosting does. Besides, you can host more domains on one account when using PersonalClass. See the differences in the table below.

Plan in ComparisonLitePersonalClass
Allowed Domain(s)16
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Accounts25Unlimited
Parked Domains25Unlimited
Regular Price$7.99/mo$10/mo
Current Price$3.92/mo$7/mo
How to ClaimLink Activation-

You must note that A2Hosting also allows you to host unlimited sites and consume unlimited databases and disk storage as long as you buy the Swift plan which is priced at an affordable price of $3.92/mo.

Control panel – Tie

Both A2Hosting and Arvixe adopt the most popular cPanel as their web hosting control panel. This control panel is easy-to-use and comes with a well-designed graphic interface. It should include all the features you may need to manage websites, such as phpMyAdmin, File Manager, and log tools.

Script installation – Tie

Softaculous is offered by both web hosts, with which you can install 310+ scripts with 1 click. Blogs, forums, wikis, image galleries and portals are all covered. In addition, A2Hosting allows you to select an application in the signup process which will be pre-installed on your account. No manual effort is required.

Development features – A2Hosting wins

A2Hosting has been trying hard to offer an attractive feature list for developers. Below are some of the development features you can get.
  • Scripting language: PHP 5.3/5.4/5.5/5.6/7.0/7.1, Perl 5.10, Python 2.6/2.7/3.2, Ruby 1.8 and Node.js.
  • Database: MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 9.4, SQLite 3.3, MongoDB, MariaDB and Adminer.
  • Version control: SVN, CVS, Git and Mercurial.
  • Developer tools: SSH, cURL, Cron, Mantis and Redmine.
Arvixe also provides most of the features, such as PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SSH, but the version options are not as sufficient as A2Hosting.

Security features – Tie

Both web hosts offer a large number of security features to keep servers and the hosted websites safe, including:
  • Shared SSL certificate which secures online data transmission.
  • DDoS Attack Response which can absorb normal attacks without affecting website performance.
  • Brute force detection which secures your logins.
Besides, A2Hosting also provides free HackScan protection, which makes your data safer.

Money back guarantee – A2Hosting Wins

Going with either A2Hosting or Arvixe, you can obtain a risk-free "trial period" when the two web hosts can refund you money if you are not satisfied. However, there are still some differences you should pay attention to.
  • A2Hosting: 30-day full refund and anytime pro-rated refund.
  • Arvixe: 45-day full refund, with no pro-rated refund available.

Being green – A2Hosting wins

A2Hosting is a green hosting provider. It contributes to environment protection mainly by:
  • Partnering with to neutralize the carbon emission.
  • Using green data center which makes no carbon footprint.
  • Recycling old servers and using them as internal servers.

Data Center Facilities, Uptime & Speed

In below, we'd like to offer some information about the two web hosts' data centers and show you the results of our monitoring. Uptime and speed are two elements for a hosting environment. A great number of webmasters will transfer their website even if they suffer a loss of money and traffic. This is the best way to recover losses in the long run. Before the purchase, a monitoring tool like Pingdom should be used to monitor Arvixe and A2Hosting. With the analysis of the detailed statistics, you will learn whether their words are true or not.

Uptime is a measure of how long a server has been up and running. The outage rate should be minimized to 1% for the smooth running of website content. There are various benefits of giving visitors a fast using experience. Speed is crucial for website traffic, conversion rate, and more.

Uptime comparison - A2Hosting wins

A2Hosting data centers
A2Hosting has three data centers, one in Michigan, the US, one in Amsterdam, Europe and another one in Singapore, Asia. When using the Lite plan, you can choose any of the location based on your needs. The primary US data center features:
  • SSAE16 certification and a high level of physical security.
  • Redundant power supply with 300kVA UPS power and 750kVA backup diesel generator.
  • Redundant network with dual fiber entrance and multi-homed network connections.
A2Hosting has been reliable. It can fulfill the promise of 99.9% uptime in most times. Below are the uptime records of the past 30 days.

Arvixe data centers
Arvixe uses multiple data centers each of which features stable network connections. To ensure the performance and security of every single website, the company utilizes segregation software to separate each user in an independent rooted environment.

The highlights of the data center facilities include:
  • Databases, web servers and mail servers are hosted on separate servers.
  • 7 Tier 1 bandwidth providers including AT&T, NTT and Level(3).
  • Redundant network cores and smart routing.
Due to these facilities, Arvixe does well in uptime at most times, you can see in the monitoring below. However, more and more complaints are appearing telling that sites are frequently down due to unknown server errors. The average uptime in the past month is only 99.75%.

Speed comparison - A2Hosting wins

Both of A2Hosting and Arvixe CloudFlare CDN and several other technologies to ensure fast speed and good using experience for each single customer. But it seems that A2Hosting is a little better in this aspect because of the utilization of SSDs and server cache. Read their recent server response records in below. It shows that A2Hosting is 76% faster than Arvixe.

Technical Support – A2Hosting Wins

A2Hosting and Arvixe have some similarities in terms of technical support. They both offer a knowledgebase in which you can quickly search for the answers to frequently asked questions. Besides the self-help materials, the two web hosts offer the same communication channels: live chat, toll-free phone call and emails.

The differences, however, lie in the responsiveness and accuracy. A2Hosting can give quick replies to support requests – no more than 60 seconds for live chat and phone, and 6 hours for emails. Besides, this company's support representatives know what they are doing, so they can answer questions without giving useless information.

On the contrary, Arvixe provides very bad customer support, which is the main reason why many users have chosen to leave for another web host. The waiting time for tickets is usually several days or even weeks, and what's worse, the support agents don't actually help. You may never get any instant help from this company.

What Are Their Edges During the Competition?

According to the side-by-side comparison above, you can see that there are many differences as well similarities between A2Hosting and Arvixe. As a simple conclusion, both web hosts:
  • Provide affordable web hosting plans which come with a lot of free extras.
  • Provide cPanel control panel with an easy-to-use script installer.
  • Offer a number of security features including data backups, shared SSL certificate and brute force protection.
  • Offer favorable money back guarantees.
As for the differences, you can read the information below.

A2Hosting edges

  • 20% discount for WordPress themes.
  • More features prepared for developers, which means more choices for scripting language, database, version control software and some other developer tools.
  • Being green which is backed by green data centers and the neutralization of carbon output.
  • Slightly faster speed.
  • Much more helpful technical support which is reachable 24x7.

Arvixe edges

  • A lifetime free domain name and $200 ads credits.
  • 45 days full refund guarantee.

A2Hosting VS Arvixe – What's the Recommendation?

Concluding from the information above, we do recommend A2Hosting more in the case that you want a reliable hosting solution to run a personal website or a business. This company's services are faster, more easy-to-use, and developer-friendly. Besides, they are highlighted by the green hosting. If you are quite interested now, visit the company's website through this promotional link.