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A Small Orange VS InMotion Hosting on Affordable Shared Hosting

updated on Aug 25, 2017
A Small Orange VS InMotion Hosting on Affordable Shared Hosting A Small Orange and InMotion Hosting (InMotion) have been providing hosting services for a long time. However, it does not mean that both web hosts are worthy of your trust. There must be many concerns for you to select a shared hosting solution from them, such as, how much you need to pay, what resources you can get, etc.

Bearing these questions in mind, you are on the way to tell one from the other so that a better choice can be made. Since we cannot rule out the possibility that you may ignore some important information, we decide to help you have a clear idea through the detailed comparison on the shared hosting. An early conclusion is that the limited features and the poor hosting service of A Small Orange are not worthy of the high prices. Below is a rating table on the basis of our investigation.

RatingA Small OrangeInMotion Hosting
Green Hosting
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What Are the Similarities between A Small Orange and InMotion?

90-day money back guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the hosting service, you can submit your request to A Small Orange and InMotion for a full refund within 90 days. That is to say, you are free to check the quality of the hosting service during that time period. In this way, you will shoulder a lower risk to try A Small Orange or InMotion. Since there is a tradition that the domain fee and add-on services are not refundable, however, you still need to think twice before your subscription.

Good control panel

With A Small Orange or InMotion, you can use cPanel to manage your web hosting account through a web interface instead of a console. cPanel is a popular control panel which enables you to accomplish your tasks faster. It gives you rich features which allow you to control every aspect of your website.

What Are the Differences between A Small Orange and InMotion?

InMotion ensures the better hosting environment

It is necessary for you to find a reliable and fast hosting provider to deal with your online properties. Therefore, can A Small Orange and InMotion guarantee high uptime and deliver fast speed? We not only explore whether A Small Orange and InMotion have built a solid hosting infrastructure but also keep a close eye on the hosting environment with a monitoring tool.

A Small Orange utilizes two different top-tier data centers, uses Intel Xeon E5 Dual Hex Core Processors or better, stores all the data on Solid State Drives (SSD), includes daily backup, etc. InMotion is able to do a little better job thanks to the efforts, such as cooperating with ISPs, using BGP4 network smart routing technology, etc. Our monitoring tells that the uptime of A Small Orange (99.91%) is lower than that of InMotion and the server response time of A Small Orange is longer than that of InMotion.

InMotion offers more cost-effective plans

On one hand, InMotion is cheaper than A Small Orange. To make things clear, we would like to show you the below information.
  • A Small Orange charges more than $5.92/mo, $8/mo, $15/mo, and $25/mo for the plans while InMotion sets the prices as low as $3.49/mo for the plans.
  • The month-to-month terms are only available for Medium Plan and the Large Plan of A Small Orange while InMotion includes monthly payment with all the shared hosting plans.
  • The best value of A Small Orange is designed for 3-year contract ONLY while InMotion shortens the time to 2 years.
  • The renewal prices of A Small Orange are non-transparent while those of InMotion start at $7.99/mo.

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On the other hand, InMotion offers much richer resources. A Small Orange not only fails to offer enough server resources but also does not include some important features with the shared hosting plans. However, InMotion allows you to enjoy a free domain name, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, SSH, $250 ad credits, etc. at the low price of $3.49/mo. For the better understanding, you are free to read the below table.

FeatureA Small OrangeInMotion Hosting
Free Domain01
Disk Space500 MBUnlimited
Data Transfer5 GBUnlimited
Email AccountsunlimitedUnlimited
Data BackupsFreeFree
Shared SSL
Ad Credits$250
Renewal PriceUnkown$7.99/mo
Current Price$5.92/mo$3.49/mo
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InMotion provides better customer service

When it comes to customer service, you may take it for granted that you are backed by A Small Orange and InMotion at any time. Since A Small Orange sometimes takes days to answer your email, you'd better use the chat box for quicker responses. However, it is still difficult for you to get your problems solved because the support team lacks professionalism. Therefore, you cannot be fooled by the A Small Orange sweet words.

Things turn totally different when we get hold of InMotion through phone numbers, chat box, and email system. InMotion leaves us a deep impression because it can make quick responses to our problems with professional solutions.

Final Verdict

Considering the 90-day money back guarantee, good control panel, and good hosting environment, we have to admit that A Small Orange is a good hosting provider. However, it is wise for you to give preference to InMotion because it can provide more affordable hosting plans and better customer service at the same time.