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9 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Hosting Company

updated on Feb 16, 2017
9 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Hosting Company When searching for a hosting corporation, there are 9 questions you should ask the web hosting provider to guarantee that your site is up and safe. With these 9 matters settled, you can feel relieved and make good decisions.

1. How frequently do you keep a copy of the files?
The answer you must be looking for is that they back up every evening. You should also make a updated copy of your site on your computer to be on the dependable side.

2. What nature of tackle and software program are in place to make sure that my site is up?
Lots of Web hosting plan Providers use some amalgamation of tackle and software program to make sure that the servicers are up and operating. You would like to guarantee that the server is tied to an UPS (uninterrupted Power Supply). The UPS is solely a big-size electric cell that will furnish the servicer with energy for 30 minutes to some hours. Furthermore lots of Web hosting Providers possess software and gear that checks the servicers and restarts them if they quit serving websites. You'll also hope to identify if this doesn't work, does the provider own a way to restart the servicer manually.

3. What number of domain names can I own every account?
If you host 2 domain names, for example and, and required them to both go to the same web site, would they ask you further for the domains or since it all goes to one site will you be charged merely for one. If you plan on hosing a number of web sites to watch which ones will be nice, you may would like to request a volume discount or inquire if they own a merchant middlemen package.

4. What are their billing guidelines?
You really should find out who to contact if you possess a difficulty with billing and what's the process for figurine out matters.

5. What's the process for uploading files to your account?
You yearn to be knowledgeable if you will offer twenty four hour FTP access. Some web host providers restrict in which way you could upload documents to the servers.

6. Do they provide log documents or Stats?
Web host providers usually do one or the other, either give you the basic logs for you account or supply you a few kind of online data. You'll yearn to make sure that the logs contain information from search engines on the words and phrases used, how much time the visitor stayed at the site, entry page, amount of website visits, broken links and bugs, and exit webpage.

7. Do they give Form to electronic mail processing?
Nearly every hosting corporation will afford no less than a basic form of this. You'll look forward to be knowledgeable if there are any restrictions on the size of the form. Additionally you might yearn to to solicit if there's a way to encrypt the form. In that case you can employ this for an e-commerce solution awaiting you are prepared for a shopping cart.

8. What exactly is included in the month-to-month charge?
You yearn to identify what the characteristics of the account are, but you also would like to know if you require them to do something added whether there'll be a charge for it.

9. How quickly they respond while you have doubts?
Sooner than deciding on a web hosting plan company phone them up or email them with a doubt and observe how speedily they have a respond for you.

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