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The 8 Common Blogging Mistakes and Solutions

updated on Nov 19, 2015
The 8 Common Blogging Mistakes and Solutions Blogging is a popular thing that millions of people are doing as either a career or a hobby. It is easy to get started, but most bloggers are making some mistakes which could result in a small readership, low income, poor traffic, etc. If your blog does not convert well, you are probably one of them.

Here, we list and explain the most common blogging mistakes and offer the solutions, hoping to help those who are serious about blogging get some ideas about optimizing blogs and achieving better conversions.

Mistake 1: Not Building Email Lists

A good email list is the basis of an effective email marketing plan. It is essential to every blog because it allows you to send regular updates, promotional offers and anything else you want to those readers who really want to hear from you.

Email list should be given top priority no matter what you blog for. As money, loyal readers and traffic are all in it, it is certainly not brilliant to ignore such a treasure. If you have spent too much time writing, it's time to spare some efforts marketing your blog.

Solution: First of all, you need to choose an email service like MailChimp and Aweber, and then you can start collecting subscribers by:
  • Putting a subscription form in the sidebar of your blog, after a post, or in a popup.
  • Using content upgrades.
Remember only to include the emails collected from the subscription forms into the email list. Any other email address appearing on your site should not be used as those users have not granted you the permissions to send them updates.

Bonus tip: For those who have signed up successfully, you can redirect them to a well-made landing page which comes with valuable information like a free trial, popular posts and product guide. This will generate conversions without annoying the new subscribers.

Building Email Lists

Mistake 2: Not Interacting with Readers

Are you just keeping writing without caring about what your readers think about you and your contents? Stop doing that because you are not going to make any success. Take a look at the famous blogs. All of them have established a good relationship with readers by interacting with them frequently.

Such a relationship brings many benefits. For example, you gain loyal followers; your blog becomes trust-worthy; the engagement generates much traffic, and loyalty boosts sales. Letting readers know who is behind the blog is always a good thing.

Solution: To increase interaction and to build a relationship, you can:
  • Open the comment feature to all readers and encourage them to make comments by saying things like "Have a better solution? Please let me know" and "Do you have a suggestion" at the end of your posts.
  • Respond to as many comments as possible. Also, remember to remove all spam comments as soon as possible.
  • Try storytelling to let readers feel that you are talking to them. This is a writing skill that needs time to learn.

Mistake 3: Not Promoting the Blog

There is a popular saying that content is the king. Yes, fresh and original content is crucial to every blog, but if you do not take time to promote it, it is useless. No audience means nothing, after all. In the case that you want your content to be read and shared, you have to do something.

Solution: Below are some of the methods which are effective in blog promotion.
  • Be engaged in social networks. If you have enough time, get an account for your blog on as many social networks as you can – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more. Also, you need to make regular updates and interact with the followers and potential followers.
  • Establish a connection with other bloggers. Besides the possibility of communicating with successful bloggers, you may also find guest posting opportunities.
  • Answer the questions of the potential audience in popular forums. Find where your target audience is gathered and try to help them with practical solutions. This method not only lets more people know about your blog, but also helps you build a reputation.
Promoting Your Blog

Mistake 4: Not Broadening the Monetization Methods

Many bloggers tend to keep one or two income sources with which they feel comfortable. But if you are just starting out to monetize your blog, you'd better develop diversified sources. Different monetization methods serve different readers, and through more trials, you will eventually find the one that fits your blog best.

Solution: There are many ways you can try, such as selling ads, selling eBooks and using affiliate programs. For a detailed tutorial, read our in-depth post about making money from blogging.

Mistake 5: Not Conducting Any Test Before Making Changes

If there is no testing and measuring, no improvements can be made. Lots of trial and error will certainly help you make your blog better. Therefore, before applying changes, especially the significant ones like site design change, you have to conduct a careful testing to make sure readers like them.

There are many things that need tests, including the blog design, call to action, ad placement, blogging frequency, and even the content type.

Solution: For things related to the design, such as the placements of ads and call-to-action buttons, you can try making an A/B split testing in Google Analytics. And for the content-related changes, you only need to work out several examples, and then keep an eye on the stats. In addition, for email newsletters, services like MailChimp have built-in features for A/B split testing.

Conducting Tests Before Making Changes

Mistake 6: Not Making Visual Contents

Plain words do not work well anymore. People nowadays always want things impressive and easy-to-read, so it's time to diversify your blog content with some visual elements, such as quality and contextual images.

Solution: It is believed that in the next few years, visual content will become more popular. To get yourself prepared for the trend, you should now start:
  • Acquiring some design tools like Canva and PhotoShop.
  • Inserting quality images in your posts.
  • Trying making infographics like big blogs do. You can even offer a download link of an infographic as a content upgrade to grow your email list.

Mistake 7: Not Developing a Blogging Voice in Your Own Personality

There are thousands of other bloggers who are talking about the same topic as you, so how can you make sure that your blog is worth extra attention? If you share tips and explain things in the same way like others do, your blog is nothing but a grain of sand on a beach. Then, how to change the situation and make yourself memorable?

Solution: You have to show your own personality in a tone that can impress readers about who you are. When your blogging voice is established, the readers then come to your blog not only for tutorials and tips, but also for you, a blogger who they know.

Below are some tips that you can try to develop your personality.
  • Share your stories and experiences.
  • Show your unique tone and sense of humor.
  • Investigate a topic with a perspective different from most other bloggers, and find out different approaches.
Show Your Personality

Mistake 8: Not Speeding up Your Blog

Page loading speed is critical not only to the search engine rankings of your site, but also to the user experience. No matter how awesome your content and design are, slow speed can destroy all the efforts you have made, and then the traffic and money are gone.

Solution: The first thing you should do is to analyze why your site loads slowly, so you can take the corresponding measures. Even if your blog is already relatively fast, you can keep optimizing it.

Generally speaking, the following tips could help to make a blog faster.
  • Clean up and optimize the database on a regular basis.
  • Use a cache plugin to store the blog content as static pages. WP Super Cache is a good choice.
  • Optimize the images for performance. Try to resize them and minimize the size. However, you should make sure the quality is not compromised.
  • Use a fast web hosting package, since the speed of the server and network largely decides the speed of your site. Based on our ten years' experience in reviewing web hosting services, we recommend the following web hosts for hosting small and medium-sized blogs.