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5 Tricks of Cheap Web Hosting

updated on Oct 13, 2016
5 Tricks of Cheap Web Hosting Cheap web hosting is not the evil all the time. They are web hosting companies in business for earning money. There are some experienced, historical and outstanding cheap web hosting providers like BlueHost and JustHost, but there are a larger portion of bad companies sucking their customers by various kinds of tricks. You can know 5 main tricks in cheap web hosting business and learn how to solve them in this article.

Problem One: Unnecessary service charges

Cheap web hosting providers earn money mainly by recommending add-on services and software to their clients. Some of them are truly helpful but most of them are useless and money wasting. Take Godaddy shared web hosting as an example. As you seen in the following screenshot, it recommends a long list of add-on services which are much expensive than the budget web hosting package and no one is valuable in fact. The right way is to uncheck all recommendation. You shall know only the domain name and web hosting are really true in this industry.

Problem Two: Overselling

Right Expectation on Customer Service For Shared Web Hosting Nobody likes to host the websites with a unreliable web server. You shall check the web hosting uptime and read unbiased reviews before signing up a cheap web hosting. If a web hosting company has a lot of complaint in the review about their reliability and speed, it's high possible that this company has oversold their servers and it's best for you to keep away from them. At, you can read both our editorial reviews and customer reviews about most of the popular web hosts from 4 aspects, including speed, reliability, technical support and control panel. Take an example, iPower is a negative example in this topic.

Problem Three: Poor technical support

Some of cheap web hosting providers only have 2 or 3 technical staff that their technical support doesn't exist indeed. As you will have hundreds of neighbors on a shared server in web hosting, it's a disaster when you have a problem about your website. It may take 3 days or a whole week waiting for someone to help you out. So the best thing you shall do is to check with the technical support of your provider when signing up. As most of web hosting companies providing both live chat or telephone, you can ask their technical support staff about related technical questions and judge the quality based on the response. E.G. CPU or memory limits, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Apache etc.

Problem Four: Hidden cancellation fee

Avoid any companies having hidden cancellation fee. I have truly terrible experience with JustHost a few years before. They guaranteed 30 days money back. I signed up their budget web hosting at $2.95/month for 2 years including a free domain name. After 2 weeks, I could not be patient about their extremely slow server and asked for refund. Unfortunately, I was asked for $40 for the "free" domain name for 2 years and $10 hosting account setup fee. Eventually I got $20.8 of 70.8. You shall go to the web host's ticket or Q&A web page and search for cancellation or refund, and make sure how cancellation is going in fact.

Problem Five: Long term subscription period for cheap price

Right Expectation on Customer Service For Shared Web Hosting Some sick web hosts request the customers to subscribe for a very long term contract for the cheaper price. Lunarpages goes in this way. Their advertised $4.95/month is only for 5 years' contract which is unreasonable and unbelievable. You shall not go with such companies unless you're allowed to cancel the subscription at anytime without any hidden fees.

How to Choose Cheap Web Hosting?

It is very normal to search for the affordable web hosting when you want to place your website on the internet where it can be accessed by any one any where in the world. Note the words used here carefully; it is affordable but not cheapest web hosting. Affordable does not mean the cheapest. It means web hosting which you can afford and which comprises other factors which are equally important like 99.99% web hosting uptime guarantee, excellent server monitoring, storage space, spam and virus filtering, bandwidth, firewall protection and daily site backups.


The best affordable web hosting offer 99.99 uptime guarantee; to generate sales your website must be available all the time and must be easily accessible. 99.99% uptime means that your website will be available for 99.99% of the web hosting period which is usually one year. Web hosting which offers this guarantee might not be the cheapest.

Server Monitoring

Right Expectation on Customer Service For Shared Web Hosting Your server of your website should be constantly to ensure that your website is 100% secure and is free of internet hacking or other malpractices. Spam and virus filtering is another very important aspect in choosing affordable web hosting. Spam refers to unsolicited messages which are usually sent in bulk to recipients who have not requested for or who do not need them. Virus is a malicious program which can cause potential harm to your computer. Your website should be fitted with capabilities to filter spam and other malicious files and programs.

Firewall Protection

Firewall protection is a security feature which protects your website from nay unwarranted trespass. You should never compromise the security of your website at anytime. This is the reason why you should search for the affordable but not the cheapest web hosting. Last but not the least is the daily site backups; the content of your website should have a back up such that it can be retrieved in case of anything.

Storage & Bandwidth

The best affordable web hosting companies offers up to 100GB of storage; this ensure that your website loads faster and can be visited by many people at once. Another important factor is bandwidth which refers to the amount of data which can that can be transferred from or to your website. The best affordable web hosting companies offer between 100 to thousands of GBs. The bandwidth ensures that the uploading and downloading of your website is quick.

All the above factors can be summed up in to SECURITY, AVAILABILITY and REALITY of website; these are the core factors of any website. Your website must be secure and available all the time. You should therefore conduct search over the internet for those companies which meet the above most important factors. You can then consider the cost of web hosting for those companies which meet that threshold criteria and then select the most affordable one.