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5 Questions When You Upgrade to VPS from Shared Web Hosting

updated on Sep 17, 2014
Most of the websites are started from shared web hosting. With the traffic grown, you have to look for more capable hosting solutions. VPS hosting is the best answer, which is more powerful than shared web hosting, but cheaper than dedicated server. What exact questions and skills you will need to know when migrate your website to VPS from shared web hosting? There are 5 questions for you.

1. Learn the knowledge about the system, environment or infrastructure with VPS
When you host websites with shared web hosting, you may start the websites using a site builder or application hosting easily. But with VPS hosting, you have to consider the application runtime. Take an example. What's the web server, what's the PHP version, or does the application depends on 3rd party components?

2. Have the ability to configure the web server by yourself independently
When you're hosted with shared web hosting, usually the web host has helped you complete the environment configuration and initialization. Most of the VPS are bare, with only OS, Linux or Windows. You need to install the web servers with required features, whatever Windows + IIS + MS SQL Server or Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP (LAMP). Even some VPS providers don't offer domain name server (DNS) that you have to set it up by yourself.

3. Know more about security
Know more about security and risk of the system and platform even you may have been an expert on ASP.NET, PHP, or Ruby on Rails. You shall keep the system up to date; watch through the event logs for potential attacks and adapt timely actions; disable useless ports to reduce the risk; and master the complex permission control of either Windows or Linux server platform. You need to know there are over 10 thousand websites been hacked daily. Now there is no one help your website security but yourself.

4. Back up the website and data
Many shared web hosts have schedules daily or weekly backup solutions for users. Usually the managed backup service is not free for VPS. That means that the backup are your works now. If you don't do it, you have potential to lose data at any time by unpredictable accidents. It's better for you to know Shell script that you can automate the work.

5. Convert to be a manager, but not a blog writer
When you have to upgrade to VPS from shared web hosting, you shall have the reasonable website traffic. In this case, you're not only need to maintain your website and add content as before, but also you shall start to think about the future of your website, make an executable maintenance plan, and have a clear profiting source.

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