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1and1 VS iPage on Shared Web Hosting

updated on Oct 13, 2016
1and1 VS iPage on Shared Web Hosting In below, we would like to make an overall and comprehensive comparison between 1and1 and iPage, both of which are renowned and noted as famous Linux web hosting companies all over the world from the aspects of price and packages, features, reliability and performance, customer service.

Moreover, we would like to display a carefully-made table of 1and1 and iPage based on the real customer reviews and our exhausting and effortless monitoring on the two companies for the past several months. More details are available in below.

PlanUnlimitedEssential Plan
Loading Speed
Customer Service
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Price & Packages

1and1 VS iPage - Price & Packages As a big Internet company which is widely trusted by a million of customers all over the world, 1and1 endows three Linux shared web hosting packages among which the basic Unlimited plan is admitted as the most cost-effective one with only charging for $6.99/mo.

Moreover, the other two plans charge for $9.99/mo and $14.99/mo respectively. It needs to point out that customers who are now subscribing to this company's service are capable of getting a sale price of $0.99/mo, $5.99/mo and $10.99/mo for those three mentioned packages above. But these low prices are for the 1st year only.

In comparison, as a budget and insuperable web host which is an excellent option for non-profit and private website as well as small business, iPage just bestows one all-in-one shared web hosting package for webmasters which is named after the Essential plan. To be more specific, this shared plan costs users $11.95/mo regularly.

Note that customers who are now clicking the promotional link as follows are capable of getting a time-limited price of $1.99/mo with any time money back guarantee included in the meantime. What's more, iPage promises to provide users with $100 AdWords offer for Google, $100 search credits for Yahoo and Bing, and $100 value for SiteLock, etc.

iPage Promotional Link Activation


Speaking to the hosting feature which is acknowledged as the top concern of hosting site, we have made out the following detailed comparison table of 1and1 and iPage. In the meantime, it needs to point out that we select out the Basic plan of 1and1 to analysis giving considerations to price. Keep on reading and find out what the disparities existing between them.

PlanUnlimitedEssential Plan
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
MySQL Databases20Unlimited
Control PanelCustomvDeck
Data TransferUnlimitedUnlimited
Ruby on Rails
E-mail Accounts100Unlimited
E-mail Auto-responder
Money back guarantee30 daysAnytime

By comparing the two companies, we can easily find out that iPage endows more advanced features than 1and1 which just supports for the basic and essential features for hosting.

Besides, you may have noticed the difference between the two web hosts' control panels. 1and1 offers a custom one developed by its own in-house technicians, while iPage utilizes vDeck. We'd like to emphasis this difference here because the 1and1 control panel does not receive good ratings from users in features and ease of use. It is slow, and the navigation system takes times to get accustomed to.

Reliability & Performance

Under the support of redundant network and geo-redundancy, 1and1 claims to provide reliable enough environment for users to host their sites. In fact, according to our day-and-night monitoring result, we find that the average uptime of 1and1 is approximate to 99.92% in the past 30 days. To learn more details about the average uptime of 1and1, you can take a close look the following chart.

In comparison, iPage also promises to deliver high uptime to webmasters with two data centers located in Boston where there are more than 800 servers. In addition, its developers and technicians take a close and careful monitoring on the network so as to keep site running away from any interruption. Actually, according to our close monitoring result, we find out that the average uptime of iPage is close to 99.83% in the past 30 days. More details are displayed as follows.

Speaking to the loading speed, we have tried our websites on 1and1 and iPage for the past 30 days and we eventually come out the conclusion that the average server response time of 1and1 is close to 757ms which is much more than that of iPgae whose average time is approximate to 559ms. More information is showed as follows.

Customer Service

1and1 VS iPage - Customer Service When it comes to the customer service or technical support, both of 1and1 and iPage provide 24-hour-a-day and 7-day-a-week support through various contact tunnels including submitting one email ticket and giving a phone call.

But attention should be paid that only iPage allows customers to access their professional and pertinent technical staffs through carrying out one on-site live chat, which is regarded as more convenient and considerate than email and phone support, especially when some urgent problems needed to be addressed instantly.

In fact, besides the absence of live chat, the support service of 1and1 is not good in some other aspects. According to our investigations, there are numerous complaints about the slow support responses, unprofessional answers and phlegmatic attitude of the support representatives.

What Are Their Own Edges in the Comparison?

After reading the details in the comparison above, you should have gained some knowledge about the two web hosts' service quality. And in below, we have summarized their edges over each other so that you can have a clearer idea about which provides what you need.

1and1 edges

  • A low cost of $0.99/mo for the first year.
  • SSH is allowed on shared servers, which establishes secure connections.
  • PHP 7 is available.

iPage edges

  • The web hosting plan is priced at $1.99/mo for the initial term. You can enjoy this low price for up to 3 years.
  • The company provides Weebly site builder to help beginners start a website in minutes.
  • It offers free $200 ads credits for Google and Bing, free SiteLock, and free 1 GB storage from JustCloud.
  • The vDeck control panel is more user-friendly than the custom control panel offered by 1and1.
  • iPage offers much faster hosting speed.
  • The company's technical support is more helpful, and it is available through live chat.

Conclusion – iPage Wins

According to our authentic and unbiased comparison, we recommend iPage more for shared web hosting as it owns richer features, higher performance and better uptime as well as effective customer service than 1and1, not to mention its reasonable hosting price.

However, as iPage does not provide some features like SSH and Ruby on Rails, we will suggest you consider the following web hosts if you need any of these features. Just keep away from 1and1.