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Is 1and1 Control Panel Powerful and Easy-to-Use?

updated on Nov 16, 2016
Is 1and1 Control Panel Powerful and Easy-to-Use? Many people want to know whether 1and1 control panel is powerful and easy-to-use, although this company claims that their control panel is very user-friendly. To make it clear, we have worked out a comprehensive review on the company's control panel, which is based on our real experience and a large amount of customer reviews we have browsed on the Internet.

Besides, we have made the ratings of this company on reputation, control panel, price, features, loading speed, reliability and technical support, from which we can learn taht their control panel doesn't enjoy a high score.

1and1 Hosting Review
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The 1and1 control panel is the simple way to manage your domain names, email addresses and websites with one login, one password and no hassle. In addition, because it is browser-based, you have access anytime and anywhere. Below are some of the features of this control panel.
  • User settings. With this control panel, you are able to easily update your personal information, change your password, update your credit cards detail, and subscribe to 1and1 email newsletters and select your format preference.
  • Email management. It is easy for you to manage and get a quick overview of the email addresses in your account by using the control panel 1and1 offers. By using this control panel, you can administer, edit and delete your email accounts, and even use the "catch all" feature to deliver the mail sent to incorrectly spelled addresses. Besides, you are able to set up email forwarding and apply the company's Virus Scanning to your POP3 accounts.
  • Domain management. The control panel provided by 1and1 enables you to configure your domain name, set and edit Mete tags, set security functions or add more domains to your package quickly and easily. Moreover, full domain contact management is supplied, allowing you to redirect address options, set up directions and monitor domain status.
  • Applications. This control panel comes with more applications than ever before, which enables you to activate, configure and calibrate sophisticated communication tools included with your website such as In2Site Live Dialogue for communication with customers and database to organize data stored on your website.
  • Access. With this control panel, you can set up more than 1 FTP account to delegate your website construction workload. Furthermore, you are able to configure VIP password protected areas of your website and view how much web space you have left if you want to use picture galleries.
  • Billing. You are entitled to see an overview of all your billing accounts, manage your invoices and even organize your email alerts if your billing reaches a certain amount. Besides, one of Web Hosting 5.0's new features is an "expense tracker" that keeps you in control of your additional traffic costs.


1and1 Control Panel ReviewFrom the main features we have listed above, we can learn that the control panel 1and1 offers is easy-to-use. However, according to our experience and the feedbacks from real customers, it is a little hard for people who are used to cPanel to get started. What's more, many people who have used both 1and1 control panel and cPanel have mentioned that the former one is not as powerful as the latter.

cPanel is recognized as the most popular control panel, with which users are able to manage every aspect of their account with the least effort being made, such as files, domains and email accounts. In addition, with cPanel, users are capable of getting easy script installation, enhanced security, and detailed statistics and reports.

Due to the benefits cPanel brings, there are lots of reputed web hosting providers adopting cPanel as the control panel. However, when choosing a web host offering cPanel, we need to take the hosting price, features, reliability, performance and technical support into account. In these years, we have reviewed more than 100 web hosts, among which the following three are the best 3 giving full support for cPanel for free and delivering quality hosting service. In below, we have made a table to list the main features the 3 companies provide and the prices of their shared hosting services.