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1and1 ASP.NET Hosting Review - Is it a Good Choice for ASP.NET?

updated on Jun 12, 2017
1and1 ASP.NET Hosting Review - Is it a Good Choice for ASP.NET? As one open-source and server-side website application framework, ASP.NET now embraces solid support from 1and1 and other renowned Windows hosting companies with high popularity among a considerable number of webmasters. To help our puzzled readers who are perplexed about the ASP.NET hosting from 1and1, we come out the following well-thought-out and cogitative review on the service from this company's ASP.NET hosting.

Moreover, we make the referred review by using our rich hosting-related knowledge and referring to many real customers' reviews on numerous professional and popular review sites, such as BestHostingforASP.NET, HowsHosting, etc. First of all, we would like to display readers the well-designed and objective ratings on 1and1 ASP.NET hosting service from several aspects including reputation, features, price, performance, reliability and technical support.
1and1 ASP.NET Hosting Review
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  • Reliability
  • Speed
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Packages & Cost

Giving relatively good VPS hosting service for a large business, 1and1 also claims to give reliable support for hosting ASP.NET through its unique Windows hosting packages. To be more specific, the available hosting plans are named as Basic Windows, Unlimited Windows and Performance Windows respectively with different fees and hosting features endowed in the meantime.

1and1 ASP.NET Hosting Review - Packages & Cost Furthermore, in terms of the claimed fees for all ASP.NET hosting plans, they regularly charge for $5.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $14.99mo which are a little bit higher than that of many trustworthy hosting providers. For example, HostGator offers ASP.NET hosting plans by charging for $3.27/mo with coupon code HG45PERCENT. What's more, 1and1 offers visitors who are planning to purchase its products the time-limited and cost-effective price of $0.99/mo, $5.99/mo and $10.99/mo.

Moreover, this company offers users up to $50 Facebook credits and 30-day money back guarantee which greatly ensures the money's safety by allowing people who are not happy or content with the real hosting service to ask for paid fees in the previous 30 days. It is admitted as one of the biggest advantages of this web host.

Compatibility & Hosting Features

To greatly support ASP.NET hosting, this web host owns bountiful and helpful hosting tools, such as ASP.NET Ajax, ASP.NET/.NET framework 4.5, ASP MVC 3 and 4, up to 25 MySQL 5 database and MS SQL 2012 database, SSI server side, MS access database support, dedicated application pools, SQL import, graphic archive and iStockphoto image library. The self-developed and newly-designed website applications, mobile website builder and dynamic content catalogue are also included.

1and1 ASP.NET Hosting Review - Compatibility & Hosting Features Unlike other user-friendly web hosting providers who make use of the free-of-trouble Plesk control panel, 1and1 supplies its customers with its self-developed control panel that is claimed to be easy-to-use. However, the custom built tool makes webmasters who are new to it inadaptable or uncomfortable more or less. Moreover, by providing at least 0.2GB memory and 100 email accounts as well as daily website backups, this company solidifies its service for hosting ASP.NET successfully and smoothly.

Additionally, to relieve troubles and complexity in finding out the relevant useful information, we have listed some other outstanding hosting features which are also endowed in this web hosting company's packages. Move forwards and get more needed details.
  • Content delivery network service which is powered by CloudFlare and basic SiteLock technology support.
  • Up to 100 recipients for email marketing manager and at least 5 mailing lists, 100GB website space and 20 FTP accounts.
  • One free hosted domain and multiple domain types of .net, .info, .com, .org, .biz or more.

Performance & Technical Support

As is mentioned above, by making use of the first-rate hosting technology of the content delivery network service and other advanced facilities such as well-equipped data center and redundant power supply, 1and1 guarantees to deliver fast server response speed and high network uptime. Whereas, from the calculated data in the past several months, we surprisingly find out that the uptime and server response time of this web host average 99.92% and 757ms which is much more than that of many hosting companies like WinHost.

Speaking to the customer support, this company only gives customers the ability to contact with their technical employees through 24x7 on-site phone call and time-consuming email support ways without the popular and effective contact tunnel of live chat. It means that people who are quite anxious about their current hosting problems can't get their issues quickly dealt until the hotline is available.


From what we have reviewed about the ASP.NET hosting service from 1and1, we believe that this web host is not a favourable option for hosting ASP.NET as it is slow in server response speed and excludes the convenient contact tunnel of live chat, not to mention it doesn't offer a popular control panel and charges for relatively high hosting fees.

Moreover, we have the following powerful and cheap ASP.NET web hosting providers for webmasters who have high requirement for hosting features and performance.