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10 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Creating a Membership System Easily

updated on Sep 14, 2014
10 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Creating a Membership System Easily Today when e-commerce and online community have gained momentum, membership site has become a necessity. A membership site is basically a site where visitors shell out monthly or annual fee to get access to some or all of your content. This can act as a great source of revenue and popularity for your business. You can transform your WordPress site into an income generating business.

All you need to do is just to install the WordPress membership plugins. Below is a list of best WordPress membership plugins to help you create your easy membership site.


Through this plugin, you can convert your WordPress website into a fully functional membership site. Using WordPress Membership Lite you can create multiple membership sites and add resources, downloads, videos, forums and many more to your site. On the full version, you can get unlimited subscription levels, limit and protect access to your pages, group, blog, private messaging and group creation. You can even control dashboard widgets, menus, sub-menus and available plugins.

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Best WordPress Membership Plugins - Membership

Paid Memberships Pro

Through this plugin, you can set up your unlimited paid or free membership levels and lock your posts, web apps, pages, videos, forums, and support, etc. This plugin comes integrated with Stripe, Braintree Payments, PayPal and, giving you an easy payment gateway and allowing you to work with any theme you want. It has easy to use admin pages. All the codes and add-ons are available for free, and you can even control the user experience from start to end.

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Best WordPress Membership Plugins - Paid Memberships Pro

Membership Simplified

The plugin allows you to form membership lessons/modules with template content. You can add the main media item to your membership content page or upload an image on your site. You can choose between two membership content layouts and two overview layouts. With many customized options, you can apply custom styling to your membership content pages and control font size, colors, border type, font type, link colors and many more.

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Best WordPress Membership Plugins - Membership Simplified


This is an all-in-one plugin that allows you to have your membership and subscription management for event ticketing, event calendar, donations, shopping cart and member directory system. The dashboard enables you to visualize member signups, member renewals, membership metrics, and many more in one place.
You can also export payment, invoices, membership data in spreadsheets. You can also create your own form, sell items, collect flexible or fixed donations, automate notifications, track donations and many more.

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Best WordPress Membership Plugins - MemberFindMe


It is a strong membership plugin for WordPress that integrates with PayPal payment standards. It supports “subscriptions” and “Buy Now” buttons. It also allows you to protect posts, categories, pages, tags, URI word fragments and many more. You can configure each and every setting through s2Member options Panel. You can even control download files with the help of restrictions to control how many downloads can occur.

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Best WordPress Membership Plugins - s2Member


It is a free membership management tool that restricts content to registered users. Ideal for premium content sites and newsletters, it comes with features such as block pages and tags by default. It can automatically create post excerpts and display these excerpts on pages for better SEO. You can even form a custom registration field. Through this plugin, new registration for admin approval can be held and can be notifies to the webmasters.

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Best WordPress Membership Plugins - WP-Members


For group oriented membership and content access control, Groups is an efficient and flexible solution. It provides group based capabilities and group based user membership management. It can support an unlimited number of groups and offers a registered group. With the light-weight and easy user interface, it provides an intuitive Groups menu, quick filters, bulk actions and many more. Through this plugin, access to posts and pages can be confined and only the visitors who belong to that group can access.

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Best WordPress Membership Plugins - Groups

Memberful WP

With restricted access to content, this WordPress plugin comes integrated with Memberful. Through Memberful you can sell subscriptions to your website. It also comprises automated syncing and a single sign-on, that is, when people sign into Memberful, they are automatically signed into WordPress too. You can sell your memberships, create a paywall and quickly safeguard the pages or posts from your WordPress edit screen. There is even a widget that allows you to manages your account.

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Best WordPress Membership Plugins - Memberful WP


It comes with additional functionality for multi-site installations and the capability to immobilize the formation of blogs. Also, this plugin has the latest meta box features that permit the author to set the level of access of a page or post directly from the edit page. With a modern new redirect to “Login required” page, you can ask the readers to login the posts that he want to browse within your site.

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Best WordPress Membership Plugins - Konnichiwa!

Simple Membership

It protects the contents and adds membership functionality to your site. It is compatible with every WordPress theme and provides with the ease of safeguarding photo galleries. Comments on all the posts are also protected automatically. By using this plugin, the login and registration widgets can be responsive. Besides the comfort of easy troubleshooting, it can also hide the admin toolbar that can be translated to any language.

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Best WordPress Membership Plugins - Simple Membership