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000WebHost VS HostGator on the Paid Shared Web Hosting

updated on Feb 15, 2017
000WebHost VS HostGator on the Paid Shared Web Hosting In this article, we would like to give a detailed and profound comparison between 000WebHost and HostGator, both of which are trustworthy and renowned shared web hosting companies in the industry. Besides, we make the following comparison from the cost and packages, features, speed and uptime as well as customer service aspects.

First of all, we have collected adequate feedbacks and voices from a wide range of webmasters and have hosted our WordPress websites on 000WebHost and HostGator for the last multiple months so as to make out the following ratings on the two web hosting providers. Take a quick scan and know more details.

Plan in ComparisonPremium PlanHatchling Plan
Page Loading Speed
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000WebHost VS HostGator - Cost & Packages

As an industry leader offering top-class web hosting service, 000WebHost claims to provide all customers with cost-effective or free of charge hosting experience by releasing one free shared hosting plan and a premium one. To be more specific, those mentioned free and premium plans are named after Free plan and Premium plan differently. In terms of the price for purchasing the premium one, people need to pay $4.84/mo without any adverts, hidden cost and restrictive term.

000WebHost VS HostGator - Cost & Packages In comparison, as one of the most experienced and faithful web hosts among the countless shared hosting providers, HostGator provides webmasters with three rich-featured and affordable shared hosting plans which are named as Hatchling, Baby and Business plan in obedience to the correspondent hosting features. In details, the three shared hosting packages regularly charge from $6.95/mo.

What's more, to everyone's comfort, this company has a time-limited 45%-discounted sale price of $3.82/mo, $5.47/mo and $8.22/mo for visitors who use the following promo link and apply the unique coupon code HG45PERCENT in this company's checkout. In addition, this web host endows customers purchasing any mentioned shared hosting package above with alternative payment methods including PayPal and credit cards, which means that customers are able to have a secure and free-of-risk trade environment.

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000WebHost VS HostGator – Features

On the one hand, 000WebHost and HostGator share a lot of similarities in regards to hosting features. For example, both 000WebHost and HostGator utilize the most easy-to-navigate and first-rated cPanel, which allows customers to get instant installation of numerous third-party applications with password-protected directories and custom error pages involved.

On the other hand, the two shared hosting providers differ from each other when more items are taken into account, and giving consideration to the price we select out the paid shared hosting plan of 000WebHost to make a comparison with its competitor. More information and details are displayed as follows.

Plan in ComparisonPremium PlanHatchling Plan
Email Aliases
Free Weebly SiteBuilder
Google Advertising Credits$100
Free-of-Risk Money Back Guarantee45 Days
Hosting Price$4.84/mo$3.82/mo
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Speed & Uptime

Although both 000Webhost and HostGator promise to offer their customers with extremely stable hosting experience by making use of the advanced data centers and redundant power supply from diesel generators and UPS. However, according to our real monitoring investigation on the two companies' network, it shows that the average uptime of 000WebHost is much less than that of HostGator which keeps a high level of 99.9% in the past 30 days. Besides, the real-time average uptime of HostGator is displayed as follows.

In addition, as one of world's top ten biggest web hosting provider, HostGator makes its solid promise to bestow all customers fast and insuperable page loading speed by hiring responsible and hot-hearted technicians and developers who are keeping close eyes on the server and system 24 hours a day and 7 days a week all year around.

Furthermore, our authentic monitoring result, which is conducted in the last several months, tells that the average server response time of HostGator approximates to 339ms which is much less than that of 000WebHost. Likewise, there is a real-time average server response time of HostGator as follows.

Customer Support

000WebHost VS HostGator - Customer Support Both as the high-quality web hosting providers, 000WebHost and HostGator proclaim to give their customers thoughtful and perfect customer service with giving support for the most effective and popular phone call and on-site live chat support. Additionally, HostGator gets their customers well-prepared with easy-to-understand and various articles and tutorials in the community and forum.


By making an overall and thorough comparison between 000WebHost and HostGator, we figure out that both the two web hosts are rich-featured and cost-effective. But as the latter offers more stable hosting performance as well as satisfactory customer service, we highly recommend the latter for shared hosting service.

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