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tmzVPS is a hosting brand opened by TMZHosting, having been offering VPS solutions and dedicated servers for around 5 years. In the initial days, this company was very active in web hosting forums and gained many positive reviews, but in recent years, they have reduced the social activities.

tmzVPS has been offering unmanaged and managed OpenVZ VPS plans from the very beginning, and in 2014, it started to provide KVM virtual servers. Managed and unmanaged servers are both covered. Earlier this year, the company launched DDoS protection to all managed virtual servers.

The goal of tmzVPS is to offer businesses and developers with affordable managed virtual servers at the price of other companies' unmanaged servers. As tmzVPS provides three data center locations – Los Angeles, Florida and London, the prices are the same for all the locations.

Since there is much controversy on the web over the quality of tmzVPS VPS solutions, this review provides details about the reliability, support and some other vital aspects. Hope it can help you make a decision.
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tmzVPS Technical Support Review 1.00 of 5

For both sales and technical support, tmzVPS provides two ways for you to get in touch with a person that can help. You can submit a ticket by filling out the required form, or post a question in the forum. Support tickets are guaranteed to receive a response in 30 minutes, and the questions in the forum are one day.

In our test period, we opened 4 tickets. 3 of them were responded within 1 hour, and another was about 3 hours, which is not as satisfactory as what the company promises.

Once we noticed an entry for live chat on tmzVPS website, but when we come back to it, it was gone, and there is no clue about where to get live chat support. This experience makes us quite confused.

tmzVPS VPS Hosting Plans 3.00 of 5

Depending on the virtualization technology, tmzVPS offers OpenVZ VPS and KVM VPS. Both types come with 5 managed and unmanaged solutions respectively, and KVM VPS is a little more expensive than OpenVZ VPS. Now tmzVPS is promoting all OpenVZ VPS plans with a 20% discount for any billing cycle.

Below is the basic pricing and resource information about tmzVPS VPS hosting services. Note that those prices for OpenVZ plans are the regular rates.
  • Unmanaged OpenVZ VPS: 8 CPU cores, 100-500 GB disk space, 2-10 GB RAM, 2000 GB-unlimited bandwidth, 1 IP, pricing from $14/mo to $54/mo.
  • Managed OpenVZ VPS: The same amounts of resources as the unmanaged plans, pricing from $33/mo to $77/mo.
  • Unmanaged KVM VPS: 2-6 CPU cores, 100-500 GB disk space, 2-10 GB RAM, 2000 GB-unlimited bandwidth, 1 IP, pricing from $20/mo to $100/mo.
  • Managed KVM VPS: The same amounts of resources as the unmanaged plans, pricing from $39/mo to $119/mo.
The only difference between the managed and unmanaged services is that the managed solutions come with free cPanel/WHM and full server management. The full management covers cPanel/WHM, mail services, MySQL server, name server, FTP server, Apache web server, PHP, ionCube and Zend Optimizer. Advanced plans may also include a free SSL certificate.

tmzVPS Advantages 2.50 of 5

30-day full refund for all VPS plans

tmzVPS promises 30-day full refund for all unmanaged and managed VPS plans. If you request a refund within the first 30 days, you can get 100% of the hosting fee back. Note that the policy is only applicable to first-time accounts, and there is no refund in any circumstance after 30 days.

Free Security Shield for managed VPS

Users of any managed VPS plan have free access to Security Shield, a custom security service offered by tmzVPS. The service is designed to optimize the network configuration to protect servers from common attacks. It provides DNS hardening, firewall protection, malware scanning and anti-virus protection.

tmzVPS Disadvantages 1.00 of 5

Upgrade limitations

tmzVPS allows VPS users to add additional RAM, CPU and bandwidth at any time, but the following limitations apply.
  • Any resource included in OpenVZ VPS cannot be upgraded individually, so you have no choice but to upgrade the entire plan when the storage, CPU, RAM or bandwidth is running out.
  • For KVM VPS, disk storage cannot be upgraded individually, and you need to upgrade the plan in the case of insufficient storage.

Unsatisfactory uptime

tmzVPS guarantees 99.9% uptime for network connectivity, and it maintains an SLA that if the uptime in a single month falls below 99.9%, SLA credits will be issued to your account. A credit of 5% monthly hosting fee is given for each 0.1% uptime below 99.9%, but the credit is no more than 50% of the total fee paid in the month.

Our monitoring shows that tmzVPS seldom does well in uptime. In the past 30 days, there were 2 downtimes, and the total uptime was 99.76% only.

tmzVPS Uptime

Sometimes, it takes a long time for the company to resolve a server problem. For example, in April, a high load issue occurred to an OpenVZ node, and the troubleshooting took 12 hours, which means nearly 12-hour downtime on that day.

Stable but not-fast speed

Besides uptime, we have also been keeping an eye on tmzVPS server response speed. In most months, the response time averages approximately 700ms, which is a little bit bad for virtual servers. The only good thing is the speed is quite stable. Below is the server response speed in the past 24 hours.

tmzVPS Server Response Speed

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