tmzVPS Coupon & Promotion 2018

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If you are planning to purchase a VPS, dedicated server or domain name from tmzVPS, there are some coupon codes available that can get you a discount.

We have collected the best coupons in below, with which the unmanaged and managed VPS plans are discounted 20%, and the dedicated servers are discounted 10%. All of the coupons are valid now. No joking.

tmzVPS Coupons for VPS Plans

Using the following coupon codes, you can buy a VPS at a low price starting from $8/mo only.
  • TWENTY: An official 20% one-time discount for any unmanaged/managed OpenVZ VPS plan. This discount applies to all available billing cycles, including 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month.
  • NEWCUST/NEWCUST1: 20% discount for the initial term of OpenVZ VPS plans, valid for monthly and quarterly terms.
  • kvm: Get 2 additional IPs for free, valid for the annual billing terms of unmanaged/managed KVM VPS plans only.

tmzVPS Coupons for Domain & Dedicated Server

tmzVPS is now offering a 5% lifetime discount for all dedicated servers if you pay the bills quarterly. Both new customers and existing users are qualified for the discount. Besides, you can use the coupon codes below to reduce the cost.
  • TMZ10%OFFDOMAINS: 10% lifetime discount for the purchases of new domains, saving more than $10 per year for each domain.
  • 10%OFFDEDI: 10% one-time discount for the 1-month subscription of any dedicated server, for the first invoice only.

tmzVPS Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret tmzVPS coupon codes and promotions - 20%, from $8.00/mo

  • 20% Off OpenVZ VPS
    Get a 20% discount for unmanaged/managed OpenVZ VPS plans.
  • 2 Free IPs for KVM VPS
    Get 2 additional IPs for free for the annual billing of KVM VPS plans.
  • 10% Lifetime Discount for Domains
    Get a 10% lifetime discount for domain name purchases.
  • 10% Off Any Dedicated Server
    Get a 10% one-time discount for the 1-month subscription of dedicated servers.