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TMZHosting is a privately owned web hosting company founded in October 2007. The company offers shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, but the latter two services are sold and introduced under another independent brand named tmzVPS.

The initial goal of TMZHosting was to offer cheap personal and small business hosting solutions with a high level of quality and customer satisfaction. However, recent years have witnessed a rapid decline of the service quality – both the servers and the customer service.

TMZHosting claims that they use four data centers, two in Los Angeles, one in Florida, and another one in Maidstone, UK. According to our research, none of the data centers is owned or operated by the company itself. The data center 1 in Los Angeles is owned by WebNX, and all other data centers, including the one in the UK, belong to HostDime.

This review is specially made on TMZHosting shared hosting, revealing the company's performance in web hosting pricing, feature, performance and support. The VPS solutions will be reviewed independently.
Editorial Review

TMZHosting Technical Support Review 0.50 of 5

The support methods offered by TMZHosting include live chat and tickets. The company does not provide phone support, even for sales inquiries, so you don't need to bother about finding a phone number to contact the sales or support team.

In terms of live chat, the company does not place a live chat box on the homepage. Instead, you need to go to the "contact sales" or "contact support" page to get information about their support service.

Unfortunately, TMZHosting does not offer any support in recent days because the support system is completely corrupted. Whether you make efforts to submit a sales/support ticket or want to start a live chat, you will get a 404 page not found error. There is no clue about when the problem will be fixed. Is the company really abandoning their shared hosting service just like what is said on the Internet or they are just experiencing a big server issue?

TMZHosting Support Error

TMZHosting Web Hosting Plans 2.00 of 5

TMZHosting only offers Linux based shared web hosting with cPanel included. There are two packages available, named Silver and Platinum. You should make a choice of the server location first before placing an order.

Besides pricing, the only difference between the packages is that Silver comes with only one hosted domain while Platinum allows hosting unlimited domains. Both packages include unlimited disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases and email accounts. Some other features like 1-click installer, cron jobs and multiple programming languages are also supported.

With these features covered, the packages are priced affordably. Below are the prices of all available billing cycles. For the payment, TMZHosting accepts PayPal, 2Checkout, credit cards and Skrill.

TMZHosting Prices

However, there is a serious issue that at this time of writing, July 15, 2015, we cannot place an order with TMZHosting. Once we click on the "Order Now" button, we are redirected back to the homepage, which is non-sense. We cannot even figure out why because the contact system is not available, either. What is happening indeed?

TMZHosting Advantages in Web Hosting 2.00 of 5

Not-bad uptime

TMZHosting has a guarantee of 99.9% uptime. We have conducted a constant monitoring on a test website hosted in the data center 1 in Los Angeles, and the results are quite satisfactory. In most months, the guarantee has been fulfilled. Below is the site's uptime in the past 30 days.

TMZHosting Uptime

Free migration

TMZHosting provides free migration within the first 30 days of signup. If your use cPanel with the previous web host, you can ask the company's transfers team to help migrate your database and files for free. The time required for the transfer varies from one hour to one day depending on how much data is transferred.

If you use other control panels, the company might also migrate your website for you, but additional $10/hour may be charged and the transfer time is much longer. Transfer requests after the first 30 days will also arise a charge.

TMZHosting Complaints 0.50 of 5

Frequent server issues

After reading numerous reviews and statistics on the Internet, we find that there have been an increasing number of complaints about TMZHosting server issues since the end of 2012. Some users experienced horrible uptime; some lost their emails; some suffered from the blocking of IP address, and some others even got their database corrupted. The company has been experiencing a decline of customers.

Unstable server response

Due to the support from over 300 carriers around the world and the utilization of high-end Cisco routers, the WebNX data center can deliver quite fast server response. But the limitation is that unexpected slow-downs occur frequently even within a single day. Below is what we get for the last 24 hours. The other two data centers in the US are even worse in server response speed.

TMZHosting Server Response

30-day money-back guarantee with no pro-rated refund

For shared hosting, TMZHosting offers a full refund if you cancel your account and send a refund request within the first 30 days of purchase. As is explained in the Terms of Service, administrative fees, install fees and domain names are non-refundable. The company does not state clearly how much they charge for the so-called administration fee or install fee.

If you terminate your account beyond the 30-day limitation, no refund will be issued. Credits for the unused services are not available, either. Therefore, choosing the biennial and triennial terms can be risky.

Better Web Hosting Options 5.00 of 5

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