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Synthesis WordPress Hosting
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Synthesis is a managed WordPress hosting brand owned and operated by Copyblogger Media, a company offering software services since 2006. Originally built upon Genesis Framework, Synthesis is quite young, but it has been keeping a good reputation among WordPress users.

All of Synthesis WordPress hosting solutions are powered by managed VPS. Due to the utilization of advanced virtualization technologies and the power of the cloud, the performance of the hosted websites can be well guaranteed. Besides, since the Synthesis team has rich experience in WordPress, the company has configured a secure server environment for WordPress to run.

Synthesis does not mention much about the data center facilities or network infrastructures they use, but according to our research, they have server locations in both the US and Europe. DigitalOcean and Media Temple are the possible collocation providers.

Managed WordPress hosting is not suitable for anyone. So in this review, we will not only analyze the quality of Synthesis services, but also help you decide whether you need a managed WordPress hosting or which plan from this company you should choose for your WordPress site.
Editorial Review

Synthesis WordPress Hosting Technical Support Review 3.00 of 5

Synthesis offers technical support through its Help Desk. You need to submit a support ticket there, and then wait for Synthesis staff to respond. Fortunately, with a team of experts who know WordPress well, you don't need to worry about the accuracy of the solution the company gives you.

Also, website migration, website cleanup and de-hacking can be requested with additional fees. The support team is good at resolving complicated problems.

As nothing is perfect, there are still some improvements that can be applied to Synthesis technical support. Below are 2 of the limitations.
  • Live chat and phone are not supported. These two communication methods are more effective than the ticket system in emergencies.
  • Synthesis does not maintain a learning center or knowledgebase, so there is no self-help material.

Synthesis WordPress Hosting Plans 2.50 of 5

Synthesis has 4 upgradable WordPress hosting plans named Standard, Professional, Advanced and Enterprise. The plans come with fixed monthly hosting fee and server resources. A custom corporate plan is also available. Designed for businesses and corporations with complex demands, the plan is fully customizable and the cost starts at $2500/mo.

Below is the basic information about the 4 fixed plans. Note that the allowed daily traffic is 10000, 20000, 85000 and 300000 respectively.
  • Standard: $47/mo, including 1 hosted domain, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB storage & 2 TB bandwidth.
  • Professional: $97/mo, including 2 hosted domains, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB storage & 3 TB bandwidth.
  • Advanced: $147/mo, including 5 hosted domains, 4 GB RAM, 80 GB storage & 4 TB bandwidth.
  • Enterprise: $300/mo, including 5 hosted domains, 8 GB RAM, 160 GB storage & 6 TB bandwidth.
Considering the resources and features, the plans are quite expensive. The cheapest plan is priced at $47/mo, but it only allows hosting 1 website, and you cannot build a forum with this plan.

For all the plans except Standard, you can add additional domains, but there is an extra charge for each domain. Additional backup storage can also be requested. Again, fees come along. In addition, if you want Synthesis to transfer your websites from another web host, you will need to pay $99 for each.

Synthesis Speed Review 3.00 of 5

Synthesis has been delivering fast server response and page loads. As each user uses a managed VPS, there is nothing to worry except for the configuration of the hosted websites. The company cares about the performance of servers.

Besides selecting good servers, Synthesis also provides the pro version of W3 Total Cache and enables fragment caching to speed up customers' websites. With these technologies combined, normal web pages can be successfully loaded within 2 seconds. The result can be better with managed WordPress hosting, but Synthesis is not bad.

In addition, our monitoring shows that the server response speed is also good. See the recent results in below.

Synthesis Server Response Speed

Synthesis WordPress Hosting Advantages 3.00 of 5

A high level of security

Synthesis can ensure the security of the hosted WordPress sites by applying a large number of security measures.
  • For every 6 hours, Synthesis performs automatic server scanning to detect the vulnerabilities and malware. If any malware is found, it will be removed immediately by the technical team.
  • Synthesis has a brute force attack detection system which shuts down attacks automatically. If your website is under attack, you will get notified and warned.
  • The company backs up all servers on a daily basis, and keeps the copies of the past 7 days.
  • You are allowed to install your own SSL certificate to add a layer to the security of the sensitive data.

Rich optimization tools

Synthesis has developed their own technologies which can help you map out good strategies for on-page optimization. The exclusive data helps you adjust and optimize your content to match the target keywords. Also, there is a keyword research tool integrated, which is useful for launching a business campaign.

Excellent website monitoring with Site Sensor

Site Sensor is a special tool that performs 24x7 site monitoring. It includes the standard uptime monitoring features, and it also performs checks for content keywords, the freshness of RSS feed, and the XML sitemap. If there is any problem, you will get alerted from email, SMS, or iPhone APP.

30-day full refund

Synthesis offers a 30-day full refund guarantee. If you cancel your account within the initial 30 days of signup, you can get all your payment back. Pay attention that the company does not provide any refund after the guaranteed 30 days. Accounts can only be cancelled via the specific "Cancel" link.

Synthesis WordPress Hosting Limitations 1.00 of 5

Although being reliable and secure, the WordPress hosting solutions offered by Synthesis have the following limitations. Some improvements are still in need.
  • Multisite installs are not allowed. Even for a plan which costs several hundred of USD per month, you cannot install WordPress multisite. Most other WordPress hosting providers give support to this feature.
  • Thesis 2.0+ is not supported. Synthesis supports themes built with Genesis framework, WooThemes and Thesis framework with versions prior to 2.0. If you are not sure whether your theme is supported, you can request a review from Synthesis.
  • Synthesis does not offer email services. Instead, they offer suggestions based on your needs.
  • Standard plan does not come with SSH access, so you are not allowed to perform remote command execution or file management.
  • The scalability of plans is not ideal. Nearly each Synthesis plan comes with double resources and costs of the lower-level one, which makes it costly for making an upgrade. When you exceed the limit of Standard which costs $47/mo, you must spend $97/mo for Professional, which means and extra cost of $600 per year. What if there is a plan priced at $70/mo?