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Born in 2002, Surpass is a member of HostDime Inc which is a worldwide data center provider dealing with an array of cloud services. Locating two data centers in the downtown of Orlando, Florida in 2003, Surpass embarked on a mission to spread its shared, reseller and dedicated hosting on a worldwide scale. Also, it takes pride in providing resources and tools that people need to succeed with their businesses and projects.

Although Surpass announces that it has hosted more than 500,000 global domains and is accepting 300 new customers per week, its service still remains to be controversial. One of the biggest downside is this company's unreliable servers, which said to be over-running and crash at a dizzy rate. Perhaps due to too-obvious profit-seeking intentions, the once great service is said to slide downhill too quickly.

In terms of shared service, there are two optional hosting solutions named as Shared Hosting USA and Shared Hosting UK. Obviously, the former aims to people living in United States and the latter one serves for UK users. Another difference liying in the two solutions is that the former includes a total of four plans – SH1, SH2, SH3 and Developer, while the latter is made up of three packages- Power UK, Deluxe UK and Pro UK. We're afraid that all plans have one mutual characteristic, and that is unreasonable price ranging from $7/mo to $30/mo.
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Editorial Review

Surpass Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

As is mentioned above, reliability is the most headachy part for Surpass clients. There are a large number of uninitiated webmasters take it for serious that Surpass makes its data centers be bundled with "first-rate" climate control and power protection systems. As a result, they are end up with problematic and lifeless sites.

According to some regular customers' remarks online, Surpass has delivered a very traumatic experience rather than the claimed "peace-of-mind service". In some cases, Surpass customers spell out that their sites go down without any explanation and improvement, and the whole process lasts from 30 minutes to several days. Even worse, some users find their real-time feedbacks published in the "free-talk community forum" area would be erased by a "moderator" in secret.

Surpass Feature Review 2.50 of 5

Features, be basic or advanced, makes a difference in building up an ideal site. As for Surpass, it gives a plain and strict division on resources in each plan. Giving consideration to convenience and simplicity, we focus on the Shared Hosting USA solution and make a list of the significant ones like disk space, bandwidth, SSL certificate, private IPs and hosted domains, etc.
  • SH1 - 100GB disk space, 1000 monthly bandwidth and 5 hosted domains.
  • SH2 - unlimited disk space, unmetered monthly bandwidth and 10 hosted domains.
  • SH3 - unlimited disk space, unmetered monthly data transfer, unlimited hosting, free SSL certificate and private IP address.
  • Developer - 1000GB disk space, unmetered monthly data transfer, 5 hosted domains, free SSL certificate and private IP address.

Surpass Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

Surpass only offers anxious clients email ticket support, which should be claimed from its online helpdesk. What's worse, this web host makes it clear that there is no technical support by all means and they are only liable to sales and directional customer service. Note that this company still insists not to answer any question related to billing for some privacy reasons, which is ridiculous. In this way, Surpass pays back customers with nothing but out-dated and useless "Community Forum".

What makes Surpass customers feel unbearable most is that the company's inefficient and rude service. Firstly, it is so dubious that a company is too afraid to put their phone number for clients to call. Another, only when one email ticket is submitted over 5 times can their busy support staffs deal with it. In the end, their replied answers are proved to be inaccurate and have nothing to do with users' specific issues mostly.