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Looking for a saving on ServInt VPS or dedicated servers? We have collected many coupons scattering on the web and tried them one by one. Most of the coupons are expired or simply invalid, but fortunately, some of them still work.

Filling any of the coupon codes introduced below in the "Promotion Code" box of ServInt, you are certain to save dozens or even hundreds of USD immediately. Note that there is no active discount for the company's Flex dedicated servers at present.

ServInt Cloud VPS and Cloud Dedicated Hosting Coupon

The coupon code RMN6X25 is exclusive to Cloud VPS and Cloud Dedicated. It gives new customers a 6-month special of 25% discount. If you choose the 6-month or 12-month billing terms, there will be a direct deduction of a quarter of 6-month hosting fee in the total due.

If you pay monthly, ServInt issues a credit to your account. The value of the credit equals to a quarter of 5-month hosting fee.

ServInt Flex VPS Coupon

FLEXME, exclusive to Flex VPS, brings a 20% discount for 5 months' payments. The usage of this coupon code is similar to the one discussed above – a one-time saving for long terms, and a credit for the 1-month term.

For example, when you purchase the basic Flex VPS monthly at $55/mo, there is an instant saving of $11, and a credit of $44 will be added to your account for future purchases at ServInt.

ServInt Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret ServInt coupon codes and promotions - 25% discount, from $51.75/mo

  • 25% Discount for 6 Months
    Get 25% off Cloud VPS and Cloud Dedicated.
  • 20% Discount for 5 Months
    Get 20% off ServInt VPS.

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