ServerPronto Coupon & Promotion 2018

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ServerPronto is now promoting some of its products. We have carefully selected the best deals for the cloud hosting and dedicated servers. You are certain to benefit a lot.

Coupon Codes for Cloud & Dedicated Servers

Below are the most beneficial coupon codes that have been tried and tested. Before using any of them, please read their restrictions first.
  • NE5530 - A lifetime $30/mo reduction for all dedicated servers running Intel Xeon E5530.
  • SAVE50 - A 50% discount for the first month of dedicated hosting subscriptions.
  • SP2K14MP - 30-day free setup assist service which helps you migrate data from another host to a ServerPronto server. New customers from the company's competitors can also get a $100 credit for dedicated servers and server migration.
  • SP2K13MP - A 33.33% one-time discount & free setup assistance for dedicated servers.
  • SPDB100300 - Two-month free for dedicated hosting.
  • FREECLOUD - One-month free for Public Cloud, saving $14.95.

ServerPronto Special Promotions

Besides the benefits bought by the coupon codes listed above, the company now has some other limited-time offers for new customers. These offers do not require a promotional code, and you can activate them by clicking the promotional links below.
  • $29/mo for a dedicated server with dual core CPU.
  • $12.95/mo for Bare Metal VPS hosting plan.
In ServerPronto TOS, the company claims that all payments are non-refundable. So before making any purchase from ServerPronto, make sure that you have read the Use Policy and TOS carefully.

ServerPronto Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret ServerPronto coupon codes and promotions - 50% discount, from $29.00/mo

  • 50% Discount for Dedicated Servers
    Get 50% off the first-month subscription of dedicated servers.
  • One-Month Free for Cloud Hosting
    Get one-month free for Public Cloud, saving $14.95.
  • $29/mo for Dedicated Server
    Pay $29/mo for a dedicated server with dual core CPU.
  • $12.95/mo for VPS
    Pay $12.95/mo for Bare Metal VPS.