Servage Coupon & Promotion 2018

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Servage is a provider of affordable shared hosting and VPS. For both types of hosting service, the company offers one plan only, and now, there are several coupon codes available for the plans. With those coupon codes, you can gain up to 25% reduction of the hosting fees.

However, the application of the coupons comes with strict limitations, which means you may not be able to use them in the way you want. Below are the details of the coupons and discounts.

15%/20% Discount for Shared Hosting

Servage shared hosting plan is priced at $6.95/mo for 24-month terms and $7.99/mo for 3/6/12-month terms. Currently, two coupon codes are valid, bringing up to 20% discounts.

By validating the coupon code SER13, you will see that a 15% discount is applied to the 6-month term, so that you can buy the plan at $6.8/mo instead of $7.99/mo. Since the discount is exclusive to the semiannual term, you will not see any difference in the prices of other billing cycles.

Another coupon code is RMN24 which reduces the price of the 24-month term by 20%. With the coupon, your costs can decrease to $5.62/mo. Note that this discount, as well as the one introduced above, is applicable to the first invoice only.

25% VPS Hosting Discount for Existing Customers

Servage is now offering a 25% discount for its VPS hosting plan which is priced from $19.95/mo regularly. This means the effective price is as low as $14.96/mo.

What needs attention is that the discount is not available for the first invoice, and instead, it is exclusive to the existing Servage customers who renew or update their accounts through the control panel. As the discount is applied automatically, no coupon code is needed.


The discounts offered by Servage are attractive, but it seems that the company is not generous enough because the use of the coupons is quite limited. Besides, even though the discounts are taken into effect, we don't suggest Servage hosting plans due to the low quality. You can see why in this Servage review.

In fact, many web hosts have been offering much better hosting solutions than Servage – faster, cheaper, and more easy-to-use. Below are several of the good choices that you can consider.

Servage Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret Servage coupon codes and promotions - 20% discount, from $5.62/mo

  • 15% Off 6-Month Term
    Get 15% off the 6-month term of Servage shared hosting plan.
  • 20% Off 24-Month Term
    Get 20% off the 24-month term of Servage shared hosting plan.
  • 25% Off VPS Hosting
    Get 25% off VPS hosting through Servage control panel.