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Rochen was founded in 2003 with the mission to offer innovative and easy-to-use hosting solutions. The company was started in Scotland, while it has now expanded its services to the US to reach out to a larger market.

Rochen confidently claims that they provide premium web hosting solutions which are reliable, secure and affordable. Besides, to gain recognition and reputation, they have made continuous efforts in supporting and contributing to the open source community.

The main products offered by Rochen are premium shared hosting and managed cloud servers, while managed dedicated servers are also available for those who are really in need. All of these services are powered by two facilities – one in the UK, and another in the US.

However, although this web host has had a fairly long history in serving hosting needs, it is not in a large size yet. Having a quick search on Google, you will notice that they have got a decline in the number of users in recent years, and there are some bitter complaints against the support team.

In this Rochen review, we will make clear of the pricing, performance, support and other important aspects of the company's premium web hosting so that you can make a decision more easily.
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Editorial Review

Rochen Speed Review 3.00 of 5

Rochen claims that they operate two data centers by themselves. Located in Dallas, TX and London, England respectively, the data centers are built for performance and security. The server hardware and switches are all claimed to be enterprise-grade, purchased from large brands.

So far, Rochen is able to deliver good speed although it cannot still compete with those leading shared hosting providers. The server responses are OK, and page loads are usually within 5 seconds. These results should attribute much to the following facts.
  • Customers' websites are hosted on Supermicro servers with dual core CPU and a minimum of 192 GB RAM.
  • Solid State Drives are used for files, databases and emails.
  • The utilization of LiteSpeed web server ensures that dynamic websites can load fast.
Even though, Rochen servers can be slow occasionally. But our overall monitoring results are good. You can read the recent stats in below.

Rochen Server Response Speed

Rochen Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

Generally speaking, Rochen premium web hosting is secure as there are many security measures taken. For example, the company offers a custom Web Application Firewall (WAF) to avoid common SQL injections. Besides,
  • Backed by CloudLinux operating system, every website is "caged", protected against the threats and performance issues of other sites on the same server.
  • Automatic updates can be configured for WordPress, Joomla and many other popular scripts.
In terms of uptime, Rochen has a guarantee of 99.9% for all premium web hosting users. For any failure in a single month, there is a certain amount of credit issued to your account. You need to know that such credits are only available for future invoices and cannot be used in the existing billing cycle.

The uptime guarantee excludes scheduled and emergent maintenance, and the downtime can only be determined based on the internal monitoring system of Rochen. In addition, the guarantee does not apply to any other service except for premium web hosting.

Rochen has done well in our over 3 months' monitoring – the actual uptime is a little bit higher than the average in the industry. But still, it is not among the most excellent providers which can ensure over 99.9% uptime in most months. Below are Rochen uptime records of the last 30 days.

Rochen Uptime

Rochen Technical Support Review 1.50 of 5

Currently, the most severe complaint against Rochen is the arrogant and helpless technical support. The company provides 24x7 customer service, but the support team is only reachable through tickets. That's all you can expect. There is indeed a phone number offered, but it is used for sales inquiries instead of technical support.

After trying contacting support for several times, we have no choice but to give negative comments. The main reasons for our judgment are listed in below.
  • Neither live chat nor phone is available for receiving quick solutions to simple but urgent issues.
  • No knowledgebase, FAQs, video tutorials or any other written materials are accessible for self help and learning.
  • The responses to tickets are usually quick, but you may find they have nothing to do with your problem, and the attitude of the support representatives is sometimes rude. Resolving an issue could take more than two days and numerous tickets which are replied by different people.

Rochen Web Hosting Plan & Pricing 3.00 of 5

Rochen provides a single plan for premium web hosting. The price of the plan is $7.95/mo, $8.95/mo, $10.95/mo and $13.95/mo for 36/24/12/1-month term respectively. Note that the monthly billing term requires a one-time $13.95 setup fee. And Rochen only accepts payments through MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

The premium web hosting plan includes 60 GB disk space and 1500 GB bandwidth. Additional storage is priced at $2/mo per GB, and bandwidth is $0.12/mo per GB. Besides, you can host unlimited domains on one account, and a free domain is available.

Despite the slightly expensive price, the premium web hosting plan comes with a large number of tools and features that you may need for website hosting and development. The customer portal is well designed, which allows you to manage application installation, billing information, support and Rochen managed backups easily. And within the portal, you are able to access cPanel.

Besides, you have full access to the following features.
  • Email features: Unlimited POP, IMAP or SMTP accounts, unlimited email forwarders, auto responders, anti-virus protection, and full compatibility with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps.
  • Security features: On-demand malware scanning, daily backups, brute force protection, shared SSL certificate, WAF protection and password strength enforcement.
  • Development features: PHP 5.3/5.4/5.5/5.6, MySQL 5.6, Perl 5.10, Python 2.6, SSH, SSI, Zend Optimizer, Curl, Cron Jobs, .htaccess and ImageMagik.
  • CMS utilities: WP-CLI for WordPress, Drush, and Joomla Utilities.

Other Rochen Drawbacks That Need Notices 1.00 of 5

It seems that Rochen can provide good performance and rich features. But before placing an order, you have to pay attention to the following rules and restrictions to make sure Rochen has really got your needs covered.
  • Ruby is not supported. Although more and more requests for Ruby rise in Rochen forums as time goes by, the company has not yet made the plan to add Ruby as a standard feature in their premium web hosting plan.
  • The refund policy is unclear. On the product page, Rochen says that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. But if you take a minute to read through the Terms of Service, you will find that refund is only allowed for the first 15 days. Also, the refund will exclude the fees paid for the unused services in the current billing cycle. Another thing to note is that Rochen does not list the nonrefundable terms clearly.
  • Chat software is not allowed. With the premium web hosting package, you cannot host any chat software that consumes server resources. Besides, any process that uses over 128 MB memory is not allowed, either.
  • Security scan is banned. Rochen prohibits any kind of direct or indirect security and vulnerability scan as well as load testing. A violation will result in account suspension/termination.

Excellent Alternatives 5.00 of 5

Rochen is good, but it is not among the best since its support service is so helpless and the restrictions are too many. If you are searching for a shared server to host small blogs or business websites, there are far better choices which are affordable, fast, reliable, and do not charge setup fee even for monthly billing customers. More importantly, the refund policy is well crafted.

Below are some of the leading choices that you can take into consideration. For detailed information and stats about them, simply read their reviews.