RimuHosting Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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Founded in December 2012, RimuHosting is a private hosting company registered in New Zealand but operated globally. The company has placed its custom-built servers in multiple data centers which are located in Dallas, Frankfurt, London, Sydney, etc., to serve users around the world.

Since the inception, RimuHosting has been known for the reliable Linux virtual servers which are suitable for web developers and those techies. But some other services, such as dedicated servers, remote FTP backup, website monitoring and email hosting are also available.

This RimuHosting review focuses on analyzing the performance, technical support and cost-effectiveness of the Xen-based virtual servers provided by the company. By reading the details, you will be able to know the pros and cons, as well as who should use the servers and who shouldn't.
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RimuHosting Speed Review 3.00 of 5

RimuHosting claims to own its server hardware instead of reselling. According to the official information, the company builds servers based on Supermicro equipment, and features each of them with Intel Xeon CPUs and 128 GB memory. Besides, the specifications are upgraded constantly to guarantee the server performance.

In addition, RimuHosting puts 8-20 virtual servers per physical server, so that each VPS can get sufficient disk I/O and CPU to process requests. The minimum CPU of a VPS is said to be 480Mhz. Servers are not overloaded, since the CPU usage usually averages 16%.

The server specifications seem great, and they have been proven to work in our testing. Although not being the fastest, the server responses of RimuHosting are quite good, averaging about 500ms only. With such results, RimuHosting cannot compete with those leading VPS hosting providers based in the US, but it is better than many others.

RimuHosting Speed

RimuHosting Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

Each of the data centers RimuHosting uses has redundant power and network, generator backup, physical access control, and redundant air conditioning system. Besides, multiple gigabit connections, and 24x7 monitoring are available, too.

We have heard a lot of compliments for the uptime of RimuHosting VPSs. But at the same time, there are also some complaints. Some say that too much maintenance is performed, which largely affects the accessibility of the virtual servers.

RimuHosting has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and the company can fulfill it in most times, since the monitored uptime averaged over 99.9% in the past 6 months. However, the 99.94% uptime on average is not ideal for medium or large sized business websites which deal with hundreds of orders every day and require a consistent user experience.

RimuHosting Uptime

RimuHosting Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

Since RimuHosting mainly targets at those technical people who have skills in system administration, the default technical support only covers hardware. However, if you have problems regarding the firewall setup, software installation, PCI compliance, server migration or SSL certificate, the company may also provide assistance.

For simple questions, you can get answers from the support team via live chat, but for the more complicated problems such as the ones mentioned below, you are suggested to open a support ticket. A phone number is also offered, but it is mainly for sales inquiries and only available throughout 11 AM – 4 PM NZT from Monday to Friday.

RimuHosting does provide support for all types of problems you may meet, both the simple ones and the complex. If the troubleshooting takes 15 minutes or less, you might not be charged. But you have to note that a $60 hourly fee is going to be required in the case that your problem needs 30 minutes or longer to be resolved. Complex projects may incur a more expensive fee.

The technical support offered by RimuHosting suggests that the company's VPS is more suitable for people experienced in Linux system administration.

RimuHosting VPS Hosting Plans 2.50 of 5

In terms of VPS, RimuHosting provides 3 pre-defined plans with fixed amounts of memory, disk space and bandwidth. You can see the plans' details below.
  • Budget: $25/mo, including 5582 MB memory, 4 GB disk space and 15 GB data transfer.
  • Popular: $35/mo, including 5986 MB memory, 12 GB disk space and 100 GB data transfer.
  • Large: $49/mo, including 7215 MB memory, 20 GB disk space and 200 GB data transfer.
In fact, these plans are not budget-friendly at all, especially for online businesses with a large volume of visits, because the disk space and bandwidth are too limited. For a comparison, you may want to know that InMotion Hosting, a leading VPS hosting provider, offers 4 GB memory, 75 GB disk space, 4 TB bandwidth and 3 free IPs at $14.99/mo only.

Fortunately, the VPS of RimuHosting still comes with some advantages in the features. Below are some.
  • Custom configuration of the server resources if you don't like the pre-made plans.
  • A browser-based control panel that enables you to run snapshots, reinstall VM, select kernel and purchase additional resources.
  • Full SSH/Root access, RESTful server management API & managed DNS.
  • A 30-day money back guarantee.
However, the disadvantages are obvious, too. So you should consider more before making the decision.
  • There is no free cPanel license. Besides, the company doesn't even provide cPanel as a control panel choice. This means you have to purchase the license and install cPanel by yourself if you would like to use this control panel on your VPS.
  • The VPS is not fully managed. If you don't have enough skills and cannot afford to hire a Linux expert either, you'd better consider another host.
  • RimuHosting VPS doesn't come with reseller access. WHM is not available.

VPS Hosting Alternatives 2.50 of 5

If you are a Linux expert yourself who doesn't need much technical support, RimuHosting is quite a good choice. But in the case that you run an eCommerce site or any business online, or you want to start learning some server administration skills, the following reputable VPS hosting providers would be much better choices. You can check their plans and reviews to find the one you need.