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Host28 Review

starting at $2.49/mo, 58% discount

Based in Chicago, IL, Host28 is a web host that has been dedicated to Linux web hosting since its inception in 2001. In order to guarantee a good hosting experience for users, the company has made constant efforts in adopting new technologies and optimizing servers for better performance.Recent ...

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MidPhase Review

starting at $1.77/mo, 40% discount

Midphase has grown from no customers to having over 120,000 customers since 2003. Approximately, the staffs of MidPhase are over 75 employees so far. Currently they mainly offer shared web hosting, eCommerce hosting, reseller web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. Midphase is able ...

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CoolHandle Review

starting at $3.16/mo, 20% discount

CoolHandle was first formed by a group of IT experts in 2001 with the goal to set new standards in disordered web hosting industry at that moment. And it was acquired by ProNetHosting in Jan 2010. With the new investment from ProNetHosting, now the best spotlight for CoolHanel is their super fast ...

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Fatcow Review

starting at $3.67/mo, 44% discount

Fatcow was born in 1998 and the rest is history. FatCow has focused the entire company on delivering the best value and customer service experience in web hosting to small to medium-sized businesses and individuals looking for an affordable Web hosting option. Fatcow makes every effort to make ...

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HostMetro Review

starting at $1.96/mo, 20% discount

HostMetro is a new brand of shared web hosting founded by a management team with over 50 years of combined web hosting experience with the mission to provide reliable and high-performance hosting service, responsive customer support, and risk-free purchase experience.In 2012, HostMetro invested ...

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Micfo Review

starting at $5.60/mo, 20% discount

Micfo is a well known sucking web hosting company. They invested a lot of money on advertising, polishing their websites and faking the community but absolutely insufficient for the infrastructure and staff. Eventually they lost a lot of customers in recent 2 years as their insecure, unstable and ...

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247-Host Review

starting at $2.09/mo, 30% discount

Having been in the industry for almost 10 years, 247-Host is said to be serving tens of thousands of websites. The company has a large number of loyal customers, and gains many awards due to excellent uptime and fast growing. Being Canada-based, 247-Host is now extending businesses mainly in the ...

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SeekDotNet Review

starting at $3.97/moNo Discount

SeekDotNet is a Windows web hosting provider with representatives in United Status, offering shared web hosting, dedicated servers and enterprise-grade Windows hosting solutions. The reputation of SeekDotNet in the community looks not good that there are a lot of people have complaints on the hosting ...

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Eleven2 Review

starting at $2.97/mo, 40% discount

Eleven2 is a hosting company that keeps improvement to meet the requirements of the clients, and focuses on how to serve best web hosting solutions to the people around the world. Now they only provide hosts in Linux platform. The hosting plans include shared web hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated ...

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Lunarpages Review

starting at $8.95/mo, $50 discount

Lunarpages state-of-the-art data centers located in California, Arizona and Nevada, with an optimized call center in Anaheim, California, and several satellite locations throughout the United States. Lunarpages 100+ top tier staff members serve and support its ever-expanding client base (150,000 ...