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ResellerClub is an Indian hosting provider which is founded in 1998 - mainly focusing on web hosting and domain name reselling business as its name. So far, the company has hosted more than 5 million domains and served customers in over 200 countries worldwide. After years, ResellerClub has grown into a company with over 250 staffs.

For hosting service, ResellerClub offers solutions for shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting and reseller hosting, but this review focuses on its shared web hosting service only.

For shared web hosting, there are three options available, namely Personal, Business and Pro. The company rates them at $3.49/mo, $4.99/mo and $6.49/mo normally. Recently, the company offers up to 50% discount. So, at the price at $2.19/mo, you can have a budget start on shared web hosting if you're a reader from India or other Asian countries. Otherwise, the following US-based companies are the best alternatives.
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Editorial Review

ResellerClub Speed Review 1.50 of 5

The company has invested a lot on its infrastructures. ResellerClub uses dual quad-core Xeon servers which are quite high-equipped for shared web hosting. Besides, each server has 24GB memory so that you can experience quick server response.

However, according to customer feedbacks, the page loading speed is very slow. For example, it takes seconds to loading 30KB webpage, which is apparently terrible for your visitors and thus your business would be influenced.

ResellerClub Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

Reliability is at the core of hosting service. In order to provide reliable hosting service, the company uses multiple network providers. Besides, in their datacenters, servers are powered by two substations so as to keep the outages at the lowest level.

In the industry, 99.9% uptime is quite acceptable. While ResellerClub is bold to promise 99.99% uptime. In fact, it failed. According to tracked data, ResellerClub also had outages in the last years. And also, some serious downtimes happened in the past years. As one customer complains that his websites had downed for days once.

Therefore, there is no such possibility that ResellerClub has kept such a high uptime. In fact, they only perform 99.85% uptime. So, they might as well invest more on research and development before making such high uptime guarantee.

ResellerClub Feature Review 3.50 of 5

Take the primary plan Business for an example for feature display. The company provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth for you. Besides, they also offer 3 domains and unlimited sub-domains. In addition, you can have unlimited FTP accounts, MySQL databases and email accounts. In addition, there is SSH access available in your plan.

Inclusive features are the basis for good hosting service but it is not all. Other factors such as uptime should also be evaluated before you choose the one plan that suits you best.

ResellerClub Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

As for customer support, the company offers four channels. For some basic information such as FAQs, you can browse their knowledgebase. Besides, you can make phone calls to get assistance. Also, you can submit a support ticket or chat online with their support representatives.

However, there are lots of complaints about their ticket system and live chat. Their ticket system is unbelievably slow and low-efficient. Sometimes, it would take days to get a reply. No one can afford such delay when issues happen to their websites.

As for live chat, ResellerClub support team is online only from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM in weekdays. Thus, customers would better check the time and date when you turn to their live chat.

Comparing to other hosting providers who support 24x7 customer support, ResellerClub lags behind a lot. So, they should put much attention to customer service when expanding business.