ResellerClub Coupon & Promotion 2018

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As a provider of reseller hosting and various other hosting solutions, ResellerClub is now offering attractive discounts for all available services to stimulate sales.

Taking part in the ongoing promotion, you can buy TLDs at extremely low prices starting at $0.49 per year only. Besides, the hosting solutions come with up to 50% discounts with which you are able to purchase a plan at $2.19/mo.

In below, we will detail ResellerClub coupons and discounts for hosting services and domain names respectively, and introduce the ways to activate those discounts.

ResellerClub Discounts for Hosting Solutions

Since ResellerClub offers all of shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, you can enjoy 15% to 50% discounts for the initial term depending on which type of hosting service you purchase. For all the discounts, no coupon code is required, so you can access them simply by clicking our promotional links.

Shared hosting – 50% off

ResellerClub provides 3 shared hosting plans which are priced at $3.49/mo, $4.99/mo and $6.49/mo regularly. Now with the discounts, the prices are lowered to $2.19/mo, $2.49/mo and $3.29/mo respectively.

Reseller hosting – 40% off

ResellerClub reseller hosting plans are priced at $18.99/mo, $20.99/mo, $27.99/mo and $42.49/mo, but when the up to 40% discounts are applied, you can get the special rates of $10.99/mo, $12.99/mo, $16.99/mo and $25.49/mo. Free WHMCS is included in all the plans except for the cheapest one.

VPS hosting – 30% off

There are 6 VPS hosting plans available with ResellerClub among which 2 plans are semi-managed and the other 4 are fully managed. Now, the semi-managed virtual servers are purchasable from $9.49/mo, and managed virtual servers are rated from $17.49/mo. The discounts range from 20% to 30%.

Dedicated servers – 15% off

ResellerClub offers 4 dedicated server plans at $90/mo, $120/mo, $150/mo and $180/mo. At present, all the plans except the cheapest one come with a 15% discount, so that the latter 3 plans are priced at $100/mo, $130/mo and $155/mo. 2 free IPs are included in each dedicated server plan.

ResellerClub Special Offers for Domains

In addition to the hosting services, ResellerClub is also promoting domain registrations by lowering the prices. Below are the special prices of some TLDs. No coupon code is needed.
  • $0.49 per year for .top
  • $1 per year for .us
  • $2.49 per year for .asia
  • $3.99 per year for .website & .me
  • $4.49 per year for .biz
  • $8.99 per year for .co

ResellerClub Money Back Guarantee

A 30-day refund guarantee is available for all of ResellerClub hosting solutions ranging from shared hosting to dedicated servers. Theoretically, you can get all your hosting fees back in the case your account is terminated within 30 days of order placement.

However, ResellerClub does not explain the refund guarantee in detail, and the non-refundable fees are not listed, either. Besides, domain names are not eligible for any refund.

Shared Hosting Alternatives

If you are a shared hosting demander, we do not suggest ResellerClub because of the unfavorable refund guarantee and the low service quality which you can learn in this ResellerClub review. If you are seeking a quality web host in the US, the following providers are far better than ResellerClub.

ResellerClub Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret ResellerClub coupon codes and promotions - 50% discount, from $2.19/mo

  • 50% Off Shared Hosting
    Get up to 50% discounts for shared hosting plans, starting at $2.19/mo
  • 40% Off Reseller Hosting
    Get up to 40% discounts for reseller hosting plans, starting at $10.99/mo.
  • 30 Off VPS Hosting
    Get up to 30% discounts for VPS hosting plans, starting at $9.49/mo.
  • Cheap Domain Names from $0.49
    Buy domain names from ResellerClub at cheap prices starting at $0.49 per year.