RackSpace Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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Established in October 1998, RackSpace is a web hosting company who focuses on technical support and service. This company offers two major lines of business, including dedicated servers and cloud servers. Of course, only managed cloud is included. And it is undeniable that RackSpace has a good fame in the first several years after its establishment, but now things make a small change.

In order to satisfy various users with different hosting demands, RackSpace releases three managed cloud hosting service levels, including Managed Infrastructure, Managed Operations SysOps and Managed Operations DevOps Automation. The prices of them start from $50/mo, $500/mo and $2500/mo, which is much too expensive for the majority of both individuals and companies actually.

As for bandwidth pricing, the first 10 TB asks for the price of $0.12/GB, next 40 TB for $0.1/GB and next 524 TB for $0.06/GB, which indicates that the more you purchase, the lower price you get.

Generally, RackSpace is a good and reputed company, but the service is not affordable for personal and small businesses. Instead, if you're looking for a cost effective hosting plan for the starting phase, these VPS providers are better than RackSpace.

To help readers solve the confusion about the quality of the cloud hosting, we make this RackSpace review mainly from the perspectives of technical support, performance, reliability and features.
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RackSpace Speed Review 3.50 of 5

With several data centers located in US, UK, Australia and Hong Kong, the services of this company can be distributed to many regions and countries around the world. Thus this company claims that they are able to provide the best clouding experience for customers.

With RAID 10 protected SSD storage and redundant 10 Gigabit networks, RackSpace claims that they can ensure the fast loading speed of servers. Five years ago, RackSpace developed OpenStack together with NASA by contributing the source code of its cloud files products to OpenStack project.

RackSpace Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

The virtual private network of clouding hosting provides customers with secure remote access to different resources. And the Brocade Vyatta vRouter is useful and easy for you to establish connectivity between the two isolated networks. Of course, you can enjoy great flexibility in building different applications.

To some extent, the network-based firewall can protect your cloud infrastructure. The IPv4/v6 packet inspection can inspect and intercept network to secure your important statistics. But that's not enough for you to believe this company is still trust-deserving because they are continuously stressing that they will do everything for users but without presenting some convincing evidences.

RackSpace Feature Review 2.00 of 5

Taking the cheapest package General1-1 of Managed Infrastructure as an example, this package involves 1 GB RAM, 1 vCPUs and 20GB SSD storage. The bandwidth of this plan is about 200Mb/s. Apart from the hosting price of $3.65/mo, you need to pay extra $23.36/mo for raw infrastructure.

As is noticed, the service of platform maintenance is not available for the first service level. In other words, if you choose Managed Infrastructure, your cloud servers cannot be kept up to date with the newest patches and cannot ensure a fast operation environment. Even the cloud backup is not included, which is so inconvenient and risky for users when they manage websites. By the way, RackSpace has its proprietary control panel instead of a third-party control panel like cPanel.

RackSpace Technical Support Review 3.50 of 5

RackSpace claims to offer fanatical support via the most popular ways including live chat, efficient phone call, letter and email. Any questions or complaints are accessible for customers to get in touch with the support team of this company. This company announces that technical experts will actively maintain and monitor the health of your cloud and help you fix all kinds of issues anytime.

It seems that this company has to offer the best customer service to match their slogan of providing excellent technical support. As a matter of fact, they perform well, although sometimes when you ask questions about their packages of cloud hosting, they might not get to the point straightly usually.