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Established in 1997, OneWebHosting is a web hosting company that focuses on the needs of small businesses. As most shared web hosts have expanded their services to the high-end hosting solutions like VPS and dedicated server, OneWebHosting is definitely not among them because it offers shared hosting only without any upgrade option.

According to our reviews, OneWebHosting provides a lot of tools in its shared hosting plans which can meet the basic needs of most small businesses. However, if you are looking for a high-performance hosting platform, the company's drawbacks in many other aspects will stop you from choosing it as your hosting provider.

OneWebHosting once offered reliable services, which earned it the accreditation from BBB, a consumer protection agency in the US, but due to the decline of the service quality in the recent years, the company has lost the accreditation. This is one of the most important reasons why we don't recommend OneWebHosting. Other reasons lie in the inefficient support, high costs and poor performance, which will be analyzed in below.
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OneWebHosting Speed Review 2.00 of 5

Although OneWebHosting has been offering web hosting services for almost 20 years, it is believed that the company does not own a data center. Despite this fact, OneWebHosting has made some investments in the servers and networks. Now it claims to serve all customers' websites with Dell PowerEdge servers and network equipment from Cisco.

To find out the real speed of OneWebHosting by ourselves, we have monitored the company's server response speed for quite a long time. During the monitoring, the company performed well sometimes, responding to server requests within 500ms, but at other times, the response time could be over 1000ms which is too long for business sites.

Some of the monitoring records are offered in below.

OneWebHosting Server Response Speed

OneWebHosting Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

To offer reliable services, OneWebHosting has invested in some good hardware and technologies, such as server clustering, Cisco firewalls, RAID protected storage, and daily backups.

Besides, OneWebHosting has maintained full redundancy for the power and HVAC system, as well as the network connections. At present, 5 backbone connections are available to minimize the effect of network failures. That's why the company promises 100% network uptime.

However, we must say good hardware does not mean good service uptime. During the uptime monitoring, OneWebHosting has not achieved excellent results. Its uptime did not reach 99.9% in over half months of the past year. You can get some information about the uptime in below.

OneWebHosting Uptime

OneWebHosting Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

The major way provided by OneWebHosting for customers to seek technical assistance is the online ticket system which can be accessed in the Help Desk. If you are in a rush, you can also make a call with the toll-free number available on the company's official site. These two ways seem quite helpful.

However, you may feel disappointed when you look at the following limitations of OneWebHosting support service.
  • A live chat entry is accessible in the Help Desk, but it is mainly used for sales issues instead of after-sale support.
  • OneWebHosting does not always offer timely replies to support tickets. Sometimes a ticket is not answered within a whole day after the submission.
  • The knowledgebase comes with limited resources. No more than 80 articles are included. On the contrary, the knowledgebases of those top web hosting providers usually cover several hundreds or even thousands of tutorials.

OneWebHosting Web Hosting Pricing 2.00 of 5

OneWebHosting offers 3 web hosting plans named Web Hosting Plan A, Web Hosting Plan B and Web Hosting Plan C.

The company prices the plans at $9.95/mo, $16.95/mo and $24.95/mo regularly. If you are lucky enough, you may find a 10% discount for the hosting fees. But in fact, even if a 10% discount is available, the 3 plans are expensive considering that they are based on shared servers.

In terms of extras, all the plans include a domain which is free for the first year. In the case you don't need one more domain, you can also choose to transfer your current domain to OneWebHosting for free.

If you are unsatisfied with the company's services, you can request a refund after cancelling your account within the first 30 days of signup. Note that no refund is offered after 30 days.

OneWebHosting Web Hosting Features 1.50 of 5

All of OneWebHosting plans come with unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts and MySQL databases. Besides, they include many other features that are usually needed in website building and hosting, such as SSH, PHP, Perl, shared SSL, and website builder. The difference among the plans, however, is the amount of disk storage and bandwidth.
  • Plan A: 25 GB storage and 10 GB bandwidth.
  • Plan B: 50 GB storage and 15 GB bandwidth.
  • Plan C: 100 GB storage and 25 GB bandwidth.
From the feature list, we have found many drawbacks that make the plans not really feature rich.
  • The control panel has not been updated for a couple of years. Currently, OneWebHosting offers Plesk 9 as the control panel, which is somewhat outdated because many newer versions including Plesk 12 are already available.
  • The bandwidth included in the plans is quite limited.
  • Some features like Python, Ruby and PostgreSQL are not available.

Better Hosting Choices for Small Businesses 5.00 of 5

Since OneWebHosting is not a worthy choice, we have some good suggestions of reliable small business hosting providers that offer quality services at low rates. You can check the details of the following web hosts to see whether they provide what you want.