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Not Recommended, as an innovative hosting service supplier, has been tagged as one of the largest companies in Europe since its first inception in 2002. Being geared to cross-international webmasters, this company spreads its products throughout over 149 countries till now and expands its business with the provision of hosting service and domain names.

For products, has changed the traditional way for web hosting by enabling webmasters to purchase their most expected disk space ranging from 15GB to 2TB. Of course, the price rises along with more disk space and it fluctuates from $18/year to $2183.40/yr.

To lure customers' dollars and attention, offers one-year domain hosting and only charges $18 for site setup in the first year. However, it is proved to be a total cheat. Unlike other trustable hosting providers who cancel the hosting plan for non-payment of renewal fee by default, this web host is poised to renew and charge you for the subsequent year before the expiry of the hosting plan unless you make cancellation ahead of 30 days manually.

In this way, misleads many registered users to renew subscription before the disciplined renewal date. What's worse, after the due renewal date, this company charges extra $12 reminder fee once a month and requests customers to renew at a regular rate.
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Editorial Review Speed Review 3.00 of 5

Generally speaking, server performance from is just mediocre. Note that there is no descriptive introduction about its data centers, which hints that this company probably shares servers and infrastructures from somewhere in the world.

In addition, one of its regular customers puts it that his email sever is ruing far slower than before whenever signing in, checking box and opening emails, etc. According to our investigation, there is still a number of users choosing to terminate its service due to the poor performance. Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

It seems that overvalues its profit-seeking intention, and leaves the network reliability to be a huge pain for most of its users. According to customers' opinions, this company has deceived a large number of clients by its bold claims, and its servers are not reliable at all and sometimes go down for over 12 hours in real world.

Plus, some injured users spell out that they regret having disregarding the negative reviews about and only to find they sacrifice site reliability for the in-sighted "cheap" price. In this case, just as is suggested, stay away from this dreadful organization and free from being joked by its dodgy tricks. Feature Review 2.50 of 5

On the positive side, integrates each plan with one unique and out-of-box Bix solution, which provides clients with automatic site backup, music streaming, file sharing, unlimited mobile access and fast time synchronization. With the provided Bix solution, webmasters are allowed to access their files whenever and wherever they want.

However, when it comes to standard features, is meant for basic web hosting service, which suits for home use instead of online business. For a start, this company applies its self-developed control panel whose user interface and built-in functions can definitely not compare to the easy-to-control cPanel.
On top of that, has limited programming languages except the most common PHP and MySQL. Finally, there is no specific information about its FTP accounts, and the offered one-click auto installer is configured with nothing but one WordPress option, which don't deserve its high price. Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

On its home page, has made an official declaration that there are no phone call support and hotline representatives for clients' enquiries. Instead, this web host only provides live chat and email support with compromise to "competitive" price. However, its explanation turns to be an incentive for its auto renewal subscription and makes customers be tied with its tricky contract in desperation.

For another thing, some users point out that it's hard to get connected with the online support staffs, although there is "live chat" icon available for clicking. It seems that the live chat support remains untouchable and tends to persuade you to ask others or an inefficient email ticket without your consent.