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Nexcess was established in 2000 with the goal to become the right web host for all of small website owners, businesses and enterprises. Over the years, the company has built specially-optimized hosting platforms for multiple popular applications including WordPress, Magento, vBulletin and ExpressEngine.

Based in Miami, Nexcess has expanded its business to the entire world. Now it operates 3 data centers in the US, and has 1 data center facility in the UK and Australia respectively.

At present, Nexcess offers shared hosting solutions, reseller hosting, enterprise hosting, dedicated servers, collocation in Michigan, as well as other hosting related services like Content Delivery Network (CDN), domain registration, SSL certificates, and extended backups.

As the company is proud of their WordPress hosting and Magento hosting, this review will focus on these 2 products, analyzing their quality and figuring out whether they are the proper choices for you.
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Editorial Review

Nexcess Speed Review 3.00 of 5

Nexcess claims that they can deliver 13x better performance than the standard web hosts, but statistics have proved that this is just hype for attracting Magento users. You must know that your website can be indeed fast when it is hosted on a Nexcess dedicated server which costs more than $600/mo, but for the shared platform, there is no big difference between the company and the so-called "standard web hosts".

Nexcess has performed well in speed, both for the server response and page loads. Although not being very excellent, the speed can meet your demand of keeping the blog visitors stay. With the utilization of CDN, static content can be loaded really fast, but dynamic pages are not served that speedily.

Nexcess Server Response Speed

Nexcess Reliability Review 3.50 of 5

Backed by redundant power supply, Dell enterprise server and various security and cooling technologies, the hosting platforms of Nexcess are reliable – highly accessible and secure. No uptime guarantee is offered, but our monitoring shows that the servers are up all the time, and the monthly uptime hardly falls beneath 99.9%.

Below is the recent 30 days' uptime of our WordPress site hosted with Nexcess WP-OBP 200 WordPress hosting plan.

Nexcess Uptime

Nexcess Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

Nexcess offers customer service and technical support through 3 communication channels, including live chat, phone and email. There are separate phone numbers for the US, the UK and Australia.

According to our test, the responses are fast, no matter which method you choose to contact them. Emails are usually responded within 3 hours. But you should know that "fast" does not mean good. Many users have complained that the company gives much priority to enterprise and dedicated server users. Sometimes shared hosting users get a quick response from email, but the solutions can be delayed for several days.

Nexcess WordPress Hosting Plans 2.50 of 5

There are 3 shared plans offered based on the WordPress-optimized blog platform. Named WP-OBP 100, WP-OBP 200 and WP-OBP 300, the plans include free website migration, pre-installed WordPress, R1Soft daily backups, and W3 Total Cache. Also, each plan comes with its own price and resources.
  • WP-OBP 100: $14.95/mo, including 10 hosted domains, 10 GB RAID10 storage and 150 GB bandwidth.
  • WP-OBP 200: $44.95/mo, including 25 hosted domains, 30 GB storage, 300 GB bandwidth, and 50 GB CDN traffic per month.
  • WP-OBP 300: $144.95/mo, including 50 hosted domains, 70 GB storage, 750 GB bandwidth, and 100 GB CDN traffic per month.
There is no denying that the plans are expensive compared with most other offerings in the market considering the limited monthly data transfer and disk storage. Another disadvantage is that Nexcess does not offer a commonly-used control panel like cPanel in their plans.

Also, you should note that the company does not provide enough "bridges" between the gaps of costs. For example, when you exceed the resource limitation of WP-OBP 200, you have to spend $100/mo more for WP-OBP 300. Furthermore, if your website outgrows WP-OBP 300, the next plan you must use is a dedicated server which costs a minimum of $494.45/mo.

Nexcess Magento Hosting Plans 2.50 of 5

Nexcess has created 3 shared Magento hosting plans based on the Secure Isolated Platform (SIP). All SIP plans are 100% PCI compliant. If you plan to host Magento Community Edition, SIP 100, SIP 200 and SIP 300 can be your choices, but if you want to host the enterprise edition, a dedicated server is required.

All the plans mentioned above include email hosting, 1 dedicated IP, free setup, R1Soft backups, SSH access, and 24x7 support. Their differences are:
  • SIP 100: $24.95/mo, including 10 hosted domains, 7.5 GB disk space and 75 GB bandwidth.
  • SIP 200: $79.95/mo, including 25 hosted domains, 25 GB disk space, 125 GB bandwidth and 1-year free standard SSL.
  • SIP 300: $194.95/mo, including 50 hosted domains, 55 GB disk space, 250 GB bandwidth, and 1-year free standard SSL.
Being similar to the WordPress hosting plans, Nexcess Magento hosting needs some improvements in the scalability and control panel. This product is only suitable for experienced Magento users or those online stores backed by a team of experts. If you want to try a small Magento store, there are many better choices available which are the same reliable but cost much less. Below are some of the good options.