NDCHost Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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NDCHost, founded in 2002, has been working at being a one stop shop for all hosting needs. With a long history of 14 years, NDCHost has made a great progress in its products, but it is far from being a leading web hosting provider. There still exist some disadvantages of NDCHost.

For the detailed reasons, here we will review the website hosting, which is the typical service of NDCHost. We will make a discussion from the following perspectives: the speed, reliability, technical support, price and feature. With an analysis of the five aspects, you will know more about NDCHost.
Editorial Review

NDCHost Speed Review 3.00 of 5

The speed of hosting is one of the key points which have a big influence on the users' experience. Therefore, NDCHost values speed very much. The web hosting of NDCHost is featured by solid state storage and file caching. Solid state storage allows you to access your files much faster than spinning drives, and file caching can improve the performance when caching files are repeatedly accessed.

With UptimeRobot monitoring the server response speed, we decided to test the speed of the official website. The response time for the official website averages less than 800ms but it is over 1500ms during an hour from 19:00 to 20:00. Generally speaking, NDCHost speed is acceptable for users, but if better user experience is needed, you need a better web hosting provider to meet the demands of visitors during the peak hours.

NDCHost Server Response Time

NDCHost Reliability Review 3.40 of 5

NDCHost also values reliability and tries to achieve the goal of 100% uptime. The company's network infrastructure is powered by Cisco, which allows network to stay stable and continue to perform as expected when a single piece of hardware fails.

To test the reliability of NDCHost, we have monitored a website hosted on NDCHost servers with UptimeRobot. According to the result of monitoring, a conclusion can be drawn that the uptime is 99.9% under normal conditions.

NDCHost Uptime

NDCHost Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

NDCHost claims to offer technical support with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of a year. However, whether the promise is consistent with the fact still needs to be further explored. According to the real users' reviews, there are many complaints on the support holding time and the professionalism of support staff.

Although customers can ask for help via the communication channels: live chat, phone, email, or ticket system, the support holding time is at a desperately low rate. Many users pointed out that their cries for help were often ignored because there was NO any response. They are looking to give up NDCHost due to the slow support response time.

In terms of the professionalism of support staff, users found that the support staff lacks professionality. Some of them even doubt there is only one person in NDCHost to support the whole operation on a regular basis. The staff can ONLY deal with easy problems. When it comes to severe ones, the support staff is hard to get a hold of the issues.

NDCHost Price Review 2.50 of 5

The website hosting plans includes Essential Hosting, Premium Hosting and Extreme Hosting. Because different numbers of visitors are allowed in each plan, the prices of the plans are $3.95/mo, $5.95/mo and $9.95/mo subsequently. Though the price is competitive, you still need to pay extra attention to the renewal price and money back guarantee.

Whether the renewal price is the same as the initial one? For this question, we CANNOT find the specific answers. But in our experience, the initial price is to attract new consumers. Then the renewal price is often higher than the initial one to gain profit.

Besides, after a survey of the refund policy, we found that NDCHost only provides 5-day money back guarantee. Compared with other web hosts, 5 days are a relatively short time for consumers to try and test a new hosting. Generally speaking, many web hosting providers often allow at least 30 days money back.

NDCHost Feature Review 3.20 of 5

Admittedly, there are some advantages of the web hosting of NDCHost.
  • NDCHost offers unlimited email accounts with IMAP and SMTP SSL, unlimited disk space, databases, bandwidth, and FTP accounts.
  • At the same time, NDCHost also allows users to host unlimited domains.
  • The price also covers cPanel control panel, which is a keypoint for consumers with Linux operating system.
  • NDCHost allows SSH Access to ensure information security in remote server management.
However, we find a little information on site builder in the plan description of NDCHost. Although searching through Google, we still cannot find too much information. The reason lies in that NDCHost does not provide the information on its website. So you may not be able to set up websites easily with a simple site builder like Weebly.

Better Web Hosting Choices 5.00 of 5

Given to the 5-day money back guarantee and unprofessional technical support, NDCHost is not a good web hosting provider and is not recommended for readers. At the same level of price, we have many better web hosting choices than NDCHost, like BlueHost, InMotion and WebHostingHub. All of them are leading web hosting providers with reputation in the field of web hosting.

With a longer period of money back guarantee, consumers can take less risk in trying a new hosting. Also, more professional support staff is at your service to handle the problems. More information about them can be found in the table below.